On vacation to Washinton DC and NYC

Today was our first day in Washington DC with kids and grand kids. My grand daughter is very excited for this trip. She want to see every thing, going with her list today we went to see several museums at the Smithsonian.  She enjoyed the Natural History Museum the most.  My grandson at the end of the day insisted on going on a bus, so we took the bus through Georgetown.  The weather is hot and humid we have been spoil with San Diego weather so that made the walking outside tiresome. Tomorrow she wants to see Washington and Lincon Monument, White House and list goes on. I will be posting the photos soon and tell you about my trip.On Monday we are going to NYC for three days.

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3 thoughts on “On vacation to Washinton DC and NYC

  1. Hello Manjula aunty,

    Thank you for sharing your joys. I hope you and your extended family will have great time in your trip. Looking forward to seeing your family pictures. Thank you for all your dedicated recipes. We always enjoy trying out your recipes.

    Have a safe and fun filled vacation.
    Best regards and wishes.

  2. Glad that your grandbabies are enjoying the capitol! So much history to take in at once. I do think I also enjoyed the Natural History Museum the most when I visited as a kid.

    Hope the rest of your visit is lovely…

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