My son will like me to share my Cold Coffee recipe

Cold Coffee (Iced Coffee) brings back many fond memories of my youth. In the summer months, I would often walk with friends to the nearby gas station that had a coffee shop kiosk. They would make the best cold coffee and freshly baked cookies. When I got married and moved to the US, I did not get to experience this cold coffee.

One day when my younger son was a senior in high school, he came home with a Starbucks iced coffee and wanted me to try this amazing treat. While I thought the Starbucks drink was good, I just knew I could make a better version. I decided to give him a surprise. A few days later when he was playing table tennis with his friends, I made cold coffee for them. He and his friends thought it was a Starbucks drink and were surprised that I knew how to make this drink.

Recently my son (who is now a father of two!) asked me to make this cold coffee again. He loved the cold coffee and suggested that I prepare a cold coffee video for the website. Based on his request, I am preparing a cold coffee recipe.


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