Enjoying Seattle, Washington

Our journey has now taken us to Seattle, Washington where we are staying with my aunt. They live about 2 hours north of Seattle and have a beautiful countryside home. Many of you have noticed my new surroundings in my last video posted about Zucchini Pasta. This video was taped at my aunt’s house. She has a beautiful vegetable garden and I used fresh zucchini from there. I will have to come up with a recipe using more of her fresh vegetables very soon.

Downtown Seattle is very lively and interesting. We enjoyed walking through the Farmer’s market fresh fruits and vegetable stands, spice shops and small gift shops and restaurants. It actually reminded me a little of India.

We have been doing a lot of driving and walking near the water and in the woods. Seattle is a very scenic town. Tomorrow we will be taking the ferry to Vancouver, Canada. We are looking forward to that!

I have to say the best of part of this trip is sitting down with my aunt and having heartfelt conversations about our childhood and family members back in India. We are amazed at how life has changed for both of us since moving to the U.S. We have spent many late nights laughing and crying when reminiscing.

My next video for Veggie Hash Browns will be posted very soon.

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3 thoughts on “Enjoying Seattle, Washington

  1. Hi Aunty!

    I have been making many of your recipes since a year. Thanks a lot! It is a great coincidence that my fiancee and me just started working with your son Mukesh while house hunting and he mentioned you!! Small world indeed.


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