Contest 2017 February: Healthy Appetizer

The contest is back again at Manjula’s Kitchen!! It has been a few years since I’ve done the contest, but I would like to try it again. I really enjoy seeing what my viewers are able to come up with and hope this will encourage more people to think outside the box and experiment in their kitchen. See below for details on the contest for this month:

Specific Rules for this Month

  • The recipe must be a recipe for a Healthy Appetizer.
  • You may use any ingredients for the recipe, as long as it can be considered a healthy appetizer (no deep frying, not too much sugar, etc)
  • It must be vegetarian and also egg-less.
  • Please submit only ONE recipe.

General Guidelines

In general I will only consider recipes that I feel are complete in regards to ingredients, measurement, and instruction. From there I am looking for creativity and a recipe that my viewers would enjoy to prepare on their own. I will be judging on overall recipe and presentation also.

Submission Details

  • Be Creative!
  • Ingredients should be listed with measurements.
  • Method must be explained clearly, so it’s easy to follow.
  • Please include your NAME along with the recipe (as you would like it to appear).
  • Search the web for ideas. There are many resources available.
  • Please send me a detailed recipe to
  • You must also send original picture(s) of the recipe – do not simply grab a photo from the web. Otherwise your recipe will not be considered for entry.
  • The deadline is February 25th, 2017.
  • The winner will be featured on the homepage with the new recipe and a link to their website (if available).

1st Prize: $150 gift certificate from
1st Runner up: $75 gift certificate from
2nd Runner up: $75 gift certificate from

**Anyone can join this contest**

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26 thoughts on “Contest 2017 February: Healthy Appetizer

      1. Weekend is over Madam. Are you planning to announce it next month? It is not nice of you to make the contestants beg you to announce the winners. We are not interested in your money Madam.

  1. Hi Manjula ji. Please announce the contest winner names. We are eagerly waiting. Im checking your site everyday. Thank you.

      1. Feel like it’s taking forever. I thought you are going to announce the winners earlier so you can post this month contest for us to have enough time to participate. Anyways, thank you.

  2. Mam
    I have sent recipe, but didn’t get any confirmatory can I know that you received recipe?
    When will be the winner declared?

  3. Mam
    I have sent recipe for contest how could I know that my recipe has been reached,I didn’t gt any reply regarding this..
    When will be the winner declared?

  4. Wowwwww.. I’m very big fan of you Manjulaji since I started learning the cooking! Looking forward to participate! Btw could I sent multiple entries?

  5. Oh my goodness!!! My favorite rock and roll moment is back Manjula Aunty! Thank you for bringing back the creative chef in us… Im a regular follower of ur site and here i see your contest post on time. Good Luck everyone!!!

  6. Manjulaji, I have been following your recipes for months now. It is so amazing and handy. Whenever I have guests coming over your website is the first one I go to for my party planning

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