Contest 2012 March Winners

I was happy to see so many bread recipes last month, but it was a lot more work this time to review, try and select the winners.  Thank you to everyone who participated and you all did a great job. However, I did have to disqualify some due to missing photo or copied recipes. Please make sure to send original photos in the email and if adapting a recipe from elsewhere, please don’t simply copy the recipe word for word. Here are the top five recipes and two winners from those:

1st Place: Haddas Friedman (Colorful Antipasti Bread)

2nd Place: Sapna Mehta (Indo-Chinese Bread)

Congratulations to both of you!!

Thank you to everyone else that also participated in the contest:
  • Priyanka Mathur
  • Reshma Sinha
  • Surabhi Surendra
  • Deepti Rao
  • Sneha Aralikatti
  • Lakshmi Swetha
  • Padmavathi G.
  • Priya Suresh
  • Aafreen Ansari
  • Sucharita Roy
  • Divya Kudua
  • Shubha Satish
  • Kalmi Horvath
  • Monika Zielinski
  • Vijay Boopathi
  • Trasie Sikka
  • Safia Hassan
  • Devi Parvati
  • Maria Lombardi
  • Anima Khaleel
  • Akhila Suparna
  • Caitlin Cooks
  • Shyamala Rao
  • Parul Patel
  • Ruchika Srivastava
  • Richa Gupta
  • Nav Sidhu
  • Vinitha Krishnan
  • Prachi Chaitanya Kumthekar
  • Jaya Lakshmi Yamma
  • Kavita Krishnan
  • Saurabh Kumar
  • Nibedita Das
  • Vidya Sundararajan
  • Radhika

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  1. Hi, I’m a newcomer to Mandulas web-site and just discovered the contest page. Awesome ida. Amazing attention to detail. Thank you for sharing with us 🙂

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