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Badam Burfi (Almond Candy)

Badam Burfi (Almond Candy)

Badam Burfi (Almond Candy)

Badam (almond) Burfi is a healthy substitute for candy but is rich in flavor. Almond burfi can be served as dessert or snack.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
soaking time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine Indian
Servings 10 people


  • 1 cup whole almonds
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/8 tsp cardamom powder
  • 2 tbsp ghe clarified butter
  • 1/3 cup milk


  • Soak the almonds in hot water for 30 minutes. Peel the skin off the almonds. 
  • Blend the almonds into a fine paste using just enough milk as needed to blend. Add the sugar and whip it for a couple of minutes.
  • Heat the ghee in the frying pan on low-medium heat. As the ghee melts, add the almond paste and cook on medium heat, stirring continuously.
  • Continue stirring until the mixture thickens to the consistency of bread batter and starts leaving the sides of the pan.
  • Add the cardamom powder. Remove the frying pan from the heat.
  • Whip the batter using a spoon in a circular motion for about two to three minutes.
  • Pour it into the prepared greased pan. Smooth en the surface of the mixture to about a quarter inch thick.
  • Let cool for about 20 minutes until burfi is just look warm.
  • Cut into 1-inch squares or any shape you like.


Cool to the room temperature and store burfi in an airtight container. Almond burfi has a long shelf life and can be kept outside for up to one week. When refrigerated, almond burfi will last a couple of months.
You can make burfi using almond meal or almond flour. If you are using almond meal, mix one cup almond meal with the sugar and milk and knead the mixture for two minutes. Let the mixture sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Then follow the directions above. The almond flour burfi will be a little chewy.
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124 thoughts on “Badam Burfi (Almond Candy)

  1. Hello,

    Can I use store bought ground almonds instead? If so, is the procedure and the result the same? Please reply soon because I want to make this for Diwali, which is coming up very soon.

    Tks. Marie

  2. Dear Manjula-ji,

    thank you very much for your recipes. When I moved to the US, the thing I missed the second most (after my parents and family) were awesome sweets that we’d get just round the corner in any town of India. Buying sweets regularly was turning out to be very expensive, and not as satisfying. So, I started looking for recipes, and found your website. I have made many of your recipes over the past 5 years, and every one of them turned out well.

    I married an American, and he loves Indian food. But he usually gets frustrated when he asks me for recipes because all my proportions are estimates (“andaz”), and it is hard to estimate something when you don’t have an intuition for it. So he decided to look up recipes from your website, and absolutely loves how comprehensible and unambiguous they are. He has made a bunch of stuff quite well (he is a pretty good cook). The youtube videos really help.

    We usually use ghee for the recipes where you call for butter. But we make Ghee at home, and hence it is easily accessible, and not expensive.

    The first sweet I looked up was Badam burfi, and hence my comment is on the page for this sweet.

  3. Hi aunty

    I have tried this recipe 1st time (with ghee) came out superb

    For the second time I used butter but burfi went sticky I could not able to cut itself

    Can u share me the reason

  4. Hi. I love almonds and this recipe sounds great for the Indian evening I have planned. I’ve got plenty of slivered and flaked almonds in the pantry. Do you think I could use these instead of whole almonds? Thanks.

  5. Hello Manjula aunty, i tried making badam burfi and it really turned out so well……i always refer your website for recipes since you give accurate quantity of the ingredients and your method is also very easy. My family and friends enjoyed it…

  6. Dear Manjula Aunty,

    Very very very thanks for your recipe. I tried so many sweet recipies but i never get proper end result. So i quit making sweets. but today i tried your badam burfi and it was amazing.

    Really thanks for your recipe. It is really easy way of doing badam burfi. as you said badam flour makes burfi chewy. only thing i observed is we don’t need 1 cup milk for 1 cup badams.

    once again thank you so much aunty for the wonderful recipe.
    Can we make cashew burfi also in the same way. please let me know

  7. The recipe and the video don’t match. In the video, she blends the sugar with the blanched almonds. This step will add water to the almond paste so make sure you reduce the amount of milk you add. Otherwise the paste will become too soft and won’t harden enough, ending up as badam halwa instead of burfi!

  8. Manjulaji
    I am 69 and retired . I saw lots of Badam in my daughter’s kitchen so tried your ” Badam burphy” reciepie it is cooling now, but tastes good hot. I am sure my little grand son will enjoy it. The process was simple for amature cook.

  9. Manjula Madam,

    I like your receipies very much which are very easily taught and done. Can you tell me how to make dry gulab jamuns.


  10. Hi aunty, i want to try your recipe nan or pizza but i dont have
    pizza stone i have normal oven..can this possible in normal oven…if possible then whats the temperatve i have to maintain before and after???

  11. Hey manjulaji,I wanted to ask wat brand kitchen appliance do u use.like food processor,blender….coz I want to know wat is best for making cilantro chutney a food processor or blender…pls reply….

      1. Hi Manjula! I made this recipe tonight. I’m not the best at making candy and expected to make a mess of this. Actually, it was really great! It helped to be able to watch a video of you making it. Thanks so much for your awesome recipes and videos!

  12. Dear Manjula,

    I followed your recipe exactly except that I used 1/3 cup of sugar instead of 1 cup. It came out too soft. What ingredient could I add to make the burfi harder, more stiff, like from the Indian grocery store ones?

    1. Burfi – the only way to make it properly is to use the correct amount of sugar. The reason yours came out so soft is because of this. I don’t think there is any substitute or ingredient to compensate.

  13. Dear Aunty,

    I have recently been married and have relocated to US 6 months back. When I got married I couldn’t cook anything apart from rotis. I came across your website just 2 weeks back n I have already made naan, veg korma, almond burfi and tandoori roti from your recipes. Everthing always turns out absolutely delicious!! I’m a Punjabi so I never thought food without onion and garlic could taste this good.

    Thanks again!!

    You are my saviour here :))
    Love you aunty,

  14. Thank you so much for this recipe. When my son is too stressed before exams and doesn’t want to eat anything – this one is always a saviour.
    And your moong daal kachories are the best ever.
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful recipes.

  15. Hi,

    your recipes and tips are great and easy to follow.

    Is Almond flour, course , looking like rough sooji? or a dry powder ?.

    Is Almond meal just like corn meal and you get them in bulk stores ?

    And If I want to use Almond meal, is it the same amount as whole almonds, 1 cup ?


  16. This was a wonderful recipe!! I made this for my friend, Saroj, for Diwali. She thought I bought it from a store in New York that specializes in Indian sweeties! So good! Thank you!

  17. I tried this burfi. It was awesome. The measurements are just perfect. It was not too sweet. The only thing that happened was it was like halwa even after cooking it for five minutes. So the next day I cooked it for another five minutes. It worked pretty well. Really good.

  18. Hello Aunty,

    I am beginner to play with Desserts. I tried your Badam Burfi recipe and it turned out great and everyone loved it in our family !!! Your measurements are just Perfect one.

  19. Manjulaji, I tried out this recipe for badam burfi. It turned out great and my family loved it. I love all your recipes as they avoid onion and garlic. Thanks for posting such simple and great recipes.

  20. I made this recipe for a presentation of India for school. I have not tasted it yet, but I will repost after everyone in class has had a chance to try the candy.

  21. Manjulaji,

    I picked this recipe from your website last year for Diwali. Since then I have made it so many times and everytime I get tons of compliments from my friends / family. This is such a simple and perfect recipe. I have pointed many of my friends to your website. Thanks much for the wonderful recipe. Keep them coming!

    Happy Diwali!


  22. Hi Aunty,

    This recipes looks yummy…I want to use almond meal to make the burfi…do we need to heat the dough after kneading it?

    Has anybody tried making this burfi with almond meal? Plz reply back….i really want to try it.

  23. Hi aunti ji,
    I tried this recipe and I was very happy with the result. The barfi tasted really good. I want to thank you for sharing these wonderful recipes with us.
    Also Do you have a recipe for fruit custard, If you do, can u please put that on your site.

    Thank you aunti ji

  24. Could I make this using Gur instead of sugar?? Gur is so much healthier and I have substituted it successfully for brown sugar in chocolate cookies

  25. Dear Manjula Aunty,
    Thank you so much for the wonderful website. I made this sweet and it tuned out really good. Every one was asking for the recipe as they loved it and no one had ever tasted it before. Thank you so much.

  26. This came out geat, even better than the ones i tried in india. I cant believe how easy it was. Thanks 🙂

    (P.S. I’m only 16 so if i can do it anyone can 😀 )

  27. Hello aunty ji,

    I am trying out this recipe today. Can i use 2% milk instead of whole milk or even half n half would do?

    All your recipes are great and gives me encouragement to try something now

    Thanks a lot!


  29. it’s really good !!!!!!!i have learnt a lot since i started watching these recipes.my husband wants something new everyday!!!!!!!!!!thanxx a lot !!!!u r like my mother

  30. Hi Manjula

    Your recipe is really good.The only thing, it does not come out in pieces well.
    I cooled it for long hours, but it stiil moist.
    But it taste really good…!!! 🙂

  31. Thank you for the wonderful recipe in easy-to-follow steps! I made one modification that I wanted to share, for any vegans or people with dairy allergies: this seems to work just as well with coconut milk in place of the milk, and coconut oil in place of the ghee. Came out delicious!

  32. Hello Manjula Aunty,

    Your receipes are just too good and too easy to make. Saw your Badam Burfi receipe, would definitely try this out and my son who is 8yrs would definitely like it.

  33. Hi Manjula Aunty
    This is a truly excellent recipe. My father-in-law said that it was not just good – it was VERY GOOD!
    I found a really easy way to peel/blanch the amonds:
    1. Put almonds into boiling water for just one minute.
    2. Transfer to cold water and drain immediately.
    3. The skins will be loose – you just need to hold the almond (broad side) between two fingers and squeeze – it pops right out – like magic! And so much fun!
    Thanks for a truly great recipe!

  34. Hi Aunty,
    this is the first recipe I’ve tried to make of yours, and it turned out awesome! I love burfi… and now I’m happy that I can cook my own burfi as well. Thanks wholeheartedly to you! 🙂

  35. Hi Manjula aunty,
    Thanks for helping newlyweds because we r the ones who r more eager to become kitchen queens infront of our hubby n i tried lots of veggies n naan n it turned v good. aunty pls give us some more new recipes to reach till our hubbies heart .
    sneha 🙂

  36. Hi
    I tried this recipe the taste was good but i was not able to cut it properly as it was too soft dunno wht went wrong. but the taste was very good Thankxx

  37. Hi Manjula Aunty…

    Wish you & ur Family a verry Happy & glorious New Year.
    I have tried ur Almond Candy Recipie and it has come out so well.Thank u soooo much aunty for ur brief explination in your


  38. Hello Manisha,
    Syrup has to be one thread if syrup is less then that burfi will not dry, but you know it happens, don’t get discouraged there is always a solution to fix
    Example for this burfi you could have cooked little more because cooking more changes the texture instead making burfi make small ladoo. We will discuss this some time in blog. How to fix these burfi?

    1. hello Manjula Aunty,

      My mixture came out dry too.
      Please let me know how can I fix these bufi?
      I could not find this on your blog, as you mentioned.

      I need to have these ready by Diwali. I can make laddu out of the mixture, instead of the burfi, but I don’t know how to fix the mixture? Please let me know.


  39. hello aunty,

    I tried this recepie but it was a dissapointment as the mixture did’nt froze and hence i was not able to cut them into pieces.rather we had eaten them as halwa.can you please tell me where i went wrong.

  40. hi
    I made it just now and it turned out awesome!!!!!!!
    thanks soooooo much and keep posting more delicious recipes
    i am starting to make more recipes only when i am 14 years old.

  41. Hello Manjula-ji,

    Just made Badam burfi for Durgashtami..It is just perfect and I am so glad I tried it..my kids love it too ! So easy to make.. and the way you make it, makes cooking so much fun and interesting. Thank you

  42. Hi Aunty, I made this recipe today altough its very tasty. its come out like halwa (even after sitting for more than 2 hours). But I understand from yr replies to someone with similar experience, I will reduce the amount of milk the next time and also perhaps let it cook for a while longer.

  43. Hi Manjulaji,
    I made Rasgulla and kachori, it came out to be very well.
    I liked your Almond burfy recipe. I would like to ask you that can I use Cashewnuts instead Almond so it becomes KAJUBURFI. My son likes kajuburfi a lot. OR is it possible to give Kajuburfi recipe so I can make this for my son.
    Thanks once again.

  44. hi manjala anty,
    i just made Badam Burfi today. Its been sittings for hours but still has not stiffened. Should i re-cook the same batter a bit more..or just let it go and try better next time?

  45. Auntyji,
    I have watched all ur videos and thanks a ton for this noble venture. Can you please post a video on how to make a simple cake or biscuit? My husband loves cakes and biscuits and I want to make it at home hygenically

    Thanks in advance

  46. Hello, I’m French and am very interested in Indian recipes. I watched your recipe of Badam Burfi: Could I use Almond powder for this recipe (instead of whole almonds)?

    Thank you in advance for answering me,
    Have a nice day,
    (Feel free to correct my English)

  47. Hi Aunty,

    Thank you so much for your recipie. I made badam burfi ,pani puri,and samosas on my Husbands birthday. The samosas and pani puri turned out very good.
    I was able to get good taste of badam burfi but they didn’t become very stiff and is very soft even after setting aside for one whole day. Please let me know how can I make that stiff to do it perfectly next time.
    Thank you

  48. Thanks so much for your recipie.. I made mine with Almond Meal (bought from Trader Joe’s – makes it soo much easier) and substituted the 1/3 cup milk with 1/3 cup Evaporated milk.. It came out amazingly well! Thanks again….

  49. Hello RKM, sorry tp hear that, the only problem I see you use too much milk to blend the almonds, milk should no more then 4 spoon. otherwise add few spoons of milk powder. let me know what happend next time.

  50. Hello Manjula Aunty,

    First of all many thanks for the recipes.I love ur website and constantly looking for new recipes on ur site.

    I tried the almond candy quite a few times in the same manner as you described but it came out soft.I can’t make out what is going wrong.I can say it more becomes `Badam Halwa`.

    Any suggestions ?

  51. Hello Manjulaji,
    I love cooking especially desserts. I have read many recipes which talk about butter. Which obviously means unsalted but i didnt find any in the supermarkets(in hyderabad, India) till now. Any idea which company has got unsalted butter?
    And in the other recipes you have metioned butter(clear butter) is this same as cooking butter? Are cooking butter and unsalted butter same?
    Kindly reply


  52. Hi Manjula,
    I love your recipes and your personality. You have such a friendly and down -to-earth manner. I love to cook vegetarian food from different parts of India and the world and am always learning from my friends even though I have been cooking for 30 years. Your recipes turn out fantastic and are easy as you do not use onions and garlic. Do you have a recipe for Tandoori Naan that you mentioned? I did not find this on your site.

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