Babysitting Duty!!

I have been babysitting my grandkids for the past week as my son and daughter-in-law went on a short 9 day trip to India for a family wedding.

Because the kids are in school with many activities, they decided to leave the kids with Alex and me. My granddaughter Mansi is 8 and my grandson Raghav is 5. They have stayed with us before, but this is the longest they have been without their parents!

Alex and I have been responsible for getting the kids ready for school, taking them to their many after-school activities, and of course keeping them entertained! I have also enjoyed feeding them! Their schedules are so busy that we have to make sure they are prepared!

It’s definitely been challenging, but we are enjoying this quality time with our grandkids. Of course with two kids in the house there’s bound to be some challenges. For example, both Mansi and Raghav have certain television programs they enjoy watching…then there’s Alex, who hasn’t been watching his usual news programs. It was also been a challenge feeding Raghav as he is a very poor eater. Plus, both of the kids are missing their parents. We are doing our best to keep them entertained.

Today, Mansi and I made strawberry short cake. She was the chef and I was her helper. We had a great time doing that!

Mansi enjoys visits from her Chacha (uncle), Chachi (aunt) and their daughter, Rhea. Raghav, on the other hand, loves his chacha and Chachi, but he is still very jealous of Rhea!

Mansi has been a great help. Before sleeping, Mansi will take out both her and Raghav’s clothes for the next day. Before bed, both the kids love to jump in my bed and climb over me!

I was taking Mansi to her dance class the other day and she was being mischievous as usual. I jokingly told Mansi that her Mom’s friends always tell me how well behaved she is and why don’t I see that? She proudly informed me that with others she has to make a good impression. She then said “Dadi, (grandma in Hindi), that will never happen with you!”

 Now they are both asleep and the house is very peaceful. I can now enjoy a cup of tea with Alex!

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