Urad dal

Urad Dal

There are three types of Urad Dal:

  1. Whole urad
  2. split black urad with skin
  3. and split washed white urad

Urad dal has black skin, while the inside is creamy white. This white lentil is rich in protein and the iron content is good for improving hemoglobin count. Urad dal is great for vegan and low fat diets.

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19 thoughts on “Urad dal

  1. I usually call home in India, if not very sure about anything in Kitchen. But I have to say your website and videos won’t be far behind in terms of my reliance to get reliable information..

    You are great and we love you for that..

    Regards and warm wishes..

  2. Thanks for showing the difference I was so confused with the term Whole Urad Dal and was going crazy which one I am suppose to pick at the grocery store. Thanks for the pictorial description.

  3. Dear Manjula….thanks for educating people like me! I love dal, but was always confused with the wide variety available! The pics made a lot of difference!

    Many thanks!

  4. Dear Ms. Manjula,

    I have been experimenting in the kitchen and find your website a very useful guide. However, please share recipes for toor, masoor, chawli as these are not listed here.

    1. Arham, this is just a photo to show the different ways this dal can be found in the grocery store. By seeing the pictures, you will know what the different types look like. There’s nothing to video for this.

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