Start of 2018

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Happy 2018!

2017 ended with a gala celebration. We enjoyed our unforgettable 50th anniversary party with our friends and family. This beautiful event was planned by our sons and their wives. After the holidays and this lovely celebration, I knew it was time for me come back to work! I must say 2017 was a relaxing year.

I must confess that 2018 didn’t start out as I had hoped it would. I ended up sick with the flu! My elder daughter-in-law and her mother visiting from India also got sick. Finally we all are doing well after almost a month of recovery. We are all healthy and feel much better thankfully. Now that these challenges are over I am ready to take on 2018!  I am bored and tired of resting. This is the first time I have felt well enough to think about what I can do differently for “Manjula’s Kitchen” from previous years. I know that I would like to get more comfortable with social media and use it more effectively. Stay tuned this year for more of the recipes and videos you love!

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8 thoughts on “Start of 2018

  1. Hi! Recently became interested in vegetarianism and I love Indian flavors. My friend recommended you! Question- in your recipes requiring oil, what kind of oil do you recommend for cooking? Thanks! Hope you feel better!!!!

  2. So sorry to hear that you were sick! I hope that your recovery continues to go well and look forward to new videos in 2018.

  3. Congratulations on your 50th anniversary – how wonderful! Thank you so much for your work and obvious caring. I know I am far from alone in valuing your videos and recipes. Best wishes to you and all your beautiful family!

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