Moong Dal

Moong Dal

There are three types of Moong Dal:

  1. Whole moong
  2. split green moong with skin
  3. split washed yellow moong

Moong dal is rich in protein and used in a variety of traditional vegetable dishes. They have a nutty flavor and are easy to cook. Moong is relatively easy to digest.

11 thoughts on “Moong Dal

  1. I sent message – but must have misspelled my email. Question: Our split mung beans look different than these photos. Mixture of yellow and green – green is bright green even in the middle. Are these not split mung beans? Are they not ripe and should not be eaten?

  2. In my supermarket I can choose yellow split peas or red split peas (lentils) – which dals can they be used for? And are they any different although the name is western? ta
    I look forward to using your advice and techniques to gain confidence.

  3. Hello Mrs. Manjula,
    I do not have a pressure cooker at home and the only time i ate dal (all types) was when i was home and now i am far away from home; i am craving for some homelike food. Is it reasonable to use a rice cooker to cook dal?


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