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Jalebi (Sweet)

Jalebi (Sweet)

Jalebi, Crispy Juicy Sweet

Jalebi is a warm crispy, delicious treat. It can best be described as funnel cake. In my home town jalebi was served for the breakfast treat like pancakes. It was a treat to have jalebi and kachori for a hearty breakfast. Jalebi was mostly eaten by themselves, but some time we soaked the jalebi in warm milk and that tasted delicious. I know jalebi is mostly served as dessert but for me jalebi still makes the best breakfast treat.
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Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Fermenting time 1 hr
Total Time 25 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine Indian
Servings 3 people


For Jalebi Batter

  • 1/2 cup all purpose flour maida, plain flour
  • 1 tsp besan gram flour
  • 1/2 tsp yeast
  • 1/2 tsp oil
  • 1/2 tsp sugar
  • 1/3 cup lukewarm water (as needed)

For Syrup

  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/8 tsp crushed cardamom
  • few strands saffron
  • 1 tsp lemon juice

Also need oil to fry


    Making the Batter

    • Dissolve the yeast in warm water and let it sit for about five minutes.
    • Mix the flour, besan (gram flour), oil, and sugar together. Add the yeast solution to the flour and mix to make a smooth batter. Set the batter aside in a warm place for one hour.
    • Make sure the batter is fermented, but do not over-ferment. After fermenting the batter will be a little lacy.

    Making the Syrup

    • Boil the sugar and water together. Add the lemon juice and saffron and turn off the heat. (The lemon juice keeps the mixture from crystallizing).

    Making Jalebis

    • Heat the oil in a flat frying pan about one inch deep. To test, put one drop of batter in the oil. The batter should sizzle and rise into a ball without changing color right away.
    • Fill the Jalebi batter into a piping bag with a #3 nozzle. You can also use an empty ketchup or mustard bottle.
    • Squeeze the Jalebi batter out into the hot oil in pretzel shapes about two inches in diameter. Fry the Jalebis until light golden-brown on both sides.
    • Transfer them into the warm syrup. Let the jalebis soak in the hot syrup a few seconds, then take them out.
    • Serve hot. Enjoy! 


    Try sprinkling cinnamon powder or drizzle melted chocolate over the Jalebis for a creative touch.
    Serving Suggestion
    In North India Jalebi is a breakfast treat accompanied with Urad Dal Puri and Methi Chutney.
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    221 thoughts on “Jalebi (Sweet)

    1. 5 stars
      I have been making your jalebis since 2009 and almost every year since… It has given so many people so much joy… Wish you all the best!

    2. Hi Manjula Ma’am,

      I am regular follower of you. Its been 7 yrs since I am following your recipes. Everytime when it comes out well, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
      You are an amazing cook and a coach too.
      Today I tried your jalebi recipe , was successfully. Jalebi is my husband’s favourites, I was so happy to see it come out so well. Thanks a lot.
      I especially love your small tips and tricks. That really helps a lot. Thanks a lot for helping so many ppl like me to bring out awesome dishes.

      Remya Praveen

    3. Thank you so much for wonderful tecipe.About how many Jelebis will make with these portions?. Would like to make these for Diwali.

    4. Dear Manjula Aunty
      I am from Sri Lanka and came across your website today.
      Love your way of teaching and it made me want to try your Jalebi recipe .
      I did two batches, one batch with treacle and one batch with your sugar syrup.
      Added lemon and cardamom to both.
      Came out really well.
      Thank you!
      Warm regards

    5. Made this a few months ago for Eid and took it to an aunt’s house. Left out the cardamon powder and saffron as I didn’t have it.
      It was a huge hit and another aunt who doesn’t like store bought ones as they’re too sweet for her, loved these.
      Thank you!

    6. love the recipe
      but will you please give me some substitute to yeast or how to make it at home please
      waiting for your answer…..

      1. Hi Uma,
        Yeast is pretty easy to find. You would find it in Tesco. Tesco has home brand as well as other brands too. Look for it in baking section.

    7. Dear Manjuladi,

      Thanks for uploading all the great but easy to do recipes. I just did your jalebi recipe with success. I added some rosewater as well. Thanks again.



    8. Hello aunty, I tried this recipe and it turned out to be amazing!!! very crispy.. We are staying in malaysia and was missing jalebi in dussehra so made it….This just made our day.

      1. Nafeeza u can use yogurt but u have to keep longer may be overnight. It’s batter u use yeast . So Jalebi is ready in 1 hr and 30 minute or may be less then that time. Hope this answer is work for u.
        Have a nice day!
        – nasrin

    9. DEAR MAAM ,

    10. Thankyou for the recipe!!it turned out to be a hit…My family requests me for this and it dissappears in no time….I love it too!!

      Thanks again for the recipe.

    11. Thank you auntie for your wonderful recipe! Yesterday was the first month of Ramadan and I made jalebi with your recipe for Iftaar (breaking fast). They came out real jelabies and were very delicious! I love your recipes and thanks again for sharing them with us!


    12. good recipe manjula aunty, but wanted to know whether there is an alternative used instead of yeast while making the dough, because i’m not use to yeast so please let me know about an alternative that can be used instead of yeast

      thank you

    13. Hello Manjulaji,
      I love your recipes and detailed style of presenting.
      Just wanted to ask if I can prepare the Jalebis one day in advance and thn dip them in sugar the next day.. will they turn soggy if I fry them one day in advance.

    14. Hi,thanks a lot aunty,,made wonderful jalebies with your recipie,could you tell me about the consistency of the jalebies
      Thanks in advance

    15. Hi manjula aunty,
      i will surely try dis at home bt in your recipe you didn’t use curd…
      Jalebi can be made without curd..

    16. I would love to make jalebis at home. However, I was wondering which type of yeast you have used. It seems you have used active dry yeast. I have only instant yeast at home. Can I use that instead ?

    17. Hi Manjula Aunty. how are you? your recipes are so good. I just love them. I made Jalebi for the first time today,from your receipe and My jalebi’s turned out very well. Thank you soo much Manjula Aunty.Love u soo much.

    18. With reference to the above questions, I am Amtul and I proofed the yeast for 5 minutes and mixed it with the batter and got better results. Thanks a lot!!!

    19. Hi aunty. Are you are using the rapid rise yeast or the active dry yeast? I am from India (Hyderabad), so did not find the rapid rise yeast in the grocery store. I proofed the active dry yeast and the batter u know kind of got very thick and my jalebis did not come out very well.
      I would like to ask that if i proofed the dry yeast, then it should be how much time and how much yeast should i use for 2 cups of maida? Thanks a lot. Your recipes are great!

    20. Hello Manjula,..
      Your recipes are mouthwatering!..
      Just wanted to know..ie, that if I want the jalebis to be coloured, then how and when should I do it?…
      Thanks..please do reply..
      Take care…

    21. Hello manjula aunty. Lovely website and your recipes are so great. I just love them. I would liket o know if aunty used instant yeast for the jalebis. Also the list of ingredients for the syrup shows 1 tsp lemon juice but the video says 1 tbsp. I would like to know how much lemon juice is it. thank you for such great recipes

    22. Thank you sooo much Manjula Aunty !!!
      My jalebi’s turned out very well..Luv all you recipes…

      Thanks !!

    23. Hello from Romania and are especially fond of Hindi movies, which treats heart problems.
      So I learned a lot about your country. so I found and Jalebi. Because the recipe that you posted it and with a little cardamom and saffron running after day one to do it. Thanks and wish you God bless

    24. Hi aunty can we i dont have yeast can we omit the use of yeast or replace with anyothr ingredients plz reply

    25. hi aunty,

      the jelabi looks yummy, i need a tip i like to send my jelabis to my friend thru courier, it will take only one day to reach .does jelabi gets spoil while sending ?.kindly help me to know that please

    26. Hi Aunty, these jalebi’s were awesome.
      Thank you so much.
      One doubt I want more orange color in my jalebi. Can I use Orange food color in this?

    27. Hello Aunty,

      Is it necessary to soak jalebi’s in hot syrup? I tried to make jalebi..but it was all messy. Please let me know.

    28. Hello Aunty,

      I like your all recipes,they are simple and easy.Aunty I have one question
      can i use wheat flour instead of all purpose flour.



    29. hi aunt i am from egypt but ilived in bombay for a while and i really miss indian food so thanku for giving me the chance to be able to make it at home. I have a question most of the other recipes add yoghurt to the jalabi recipe but u dont so does that make a difference i mean does it tase better when u dont add yoghurt?? Thanks.

    30. Hi Aunty………………….
      I am from Mumbai……..I just love your receipes. your receipes are easy and simple……..
      Thanks alot……

    31. Hi, I tried making jalebis, when I fried them they came out perfect but after soaking in syrup when I tried it wasnt crunchy and tasted dried. Would you tell what have I gone wrong.
      Thank you

    32. Anjum,
      Yeast will have a big impact on the flavor and taste of such items / recipes.
      In this regard, it’s probably always best to follow the recipe accordingly and not to substitute.
      Good luck and I suggest trying again.

    33. Hello Aunty

      I have tried jalebi 2 days back.. Actually my recipe taste gud, but didnt taste like shops jalebi.. I added baking soda instead of yeast.. the other things i just followed the same as urs.. I was really disappointed cos of this… Will yeast has so much impact on this recipe…?

    34. Manjula aunty this is an awesome recipe… will try it today and let u know..:) thanks for sharing… Can u share the recipe for making choorma… my friend who is from kutch…made it and i loved it. Please share when u can

    35. Radha – are you using fresh / new oil when you are frying the jalebis? Sometimes if you are using “old” oil that has been stored in the refrigerator after using it for previous frying – that might be the reason why or maybe the oil was rancid perhaps because you had it stored outside or it might have just gone bad?? …. just a thought. I hope this was helpful.
      I’ve had an occasion where after I’ve fried something in my deep fryer – I stored the oil in the refrigerator – then after reusing the oil on another ocassion – it didn’t taste right. Although I never would fry pakoras or veggies and then use that same oil to fry something sweet…..

    36. Hello Aunty

      I just tried your jalei recipe. Came out very gud. Just one query, it has taste of oil. Could you pls tell why ?


      1. Radha… it may be due to the type of oil u used. Always use vegetable or canola oil… and fresh one only. Dont overheat the oil….

    37. hii aunty. i have one question. if i want to kept the jalebis for some time without adding it in sugar syrup…. for how much time dese kept good

    38. Hello aunty! I LOVE your site!! You really explain everything in detail, which helps new cooks like myself try out delicious recipes. THANKS a lot and I hope you continue adding new videos on here 🙂

    39. hello aunty
      i have tries the recipe of jalebi. it comes out very tasty and crispy.its really yummy. god bless u aunty.

    40. Hi,
      using yogurt to ferment the batter sounds great. can you tell me if wholewheat flour instead of plain is going to work?

    41. Bless you Manjula! Ive been wanting a Jalebi recipe for ages! Wonderful! YUMMY! Namaste to you, from Lapland, in Finland! x

    42. hello Aunty, i tried it for my family it came very good, just wanted to know if i have to make more how much more yeast and lemon juice do i have to add. thanks so much. waiting for your reply. 🙂

    43. that’s a wonderful recipe! I want to try but have a question…If I fry the jalebies and keep it for few hours. Then soak it in hot syrup before I serve them, will they taste the same as compared to freshly fried?

    44. Hi Aunty,

      I used your base receipr but i used curd and baking powder instead of yeast or rising the batter.
      I fermented the batter for 2 hours.
      Jalebis turned out excellent!.
      People like me who do not like the smell of yeast can try this variation.

        1. Hi Jaya,

          You can use 1/4 cup plain curd mixed with 1/4 cup cold water.Just add 1 pinch of baking powder.Beat the batter so that all lumps are removed. Even instant results are quite good if u dont have time to ferment.

          1. Hi Tanavi,

            I recently came across this blog. I want to know that can I substitute baking powder with soda. Please guide.


    45. Greetings–I just wanted to let you know that this Jewish girl is making her family jalebi for the last night of Chanukah! Thanks for the recipe and the excellent video.

    46. Hi aunty,
      All ur recipes r awesome i tried many…Could u pls tell me can i make the jalebi without yeast also…..

      Thanks a lot

    47. Hi Manjula aunty,
      one word for this recipe:AWESOME.
      My friend and next door neighbor suggested your website and made it too for me. I never thought I could make such good jalebis..Thanks to her for shring and tons of thanks to you too.

    48. Dear Aunty
      i made jalebi recipe n used yeast for first time…all i had was brown colored like mustard seeds n i fermented for 1n1/2 hour but jalebi came out soft…plz plz tell whr i went wrong

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