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How to make Paneer

How to make Paneer

How To Make Paneer

Paneer is a homemade Indian cheese. Paneer is used many different ways making desserts, appetizers and main course dishes.
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Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 1 hr
Total Time 1 hr 20 mins
Course Main Course
Cuisine Indian


  • 8 cupa milk, half gallon
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice


  • Mix lemon juice in half cup of hot water and put aside.
  • Boil the milk in a heavy bottomed pan over medium heat, stirring occasionally, making sure not to burn milk.
  • As the milk comes to a boil, add the lemon juice gradually and stir the milk gently. The curd will start separating from the whey, turn off the heat.
  • Once the milk fat has separated from the whey, drain the whey using a strainer line with cheesecloth, or muslin cloth. Wrap the curds in a muslin cloth, rinse under cold water, and squeeze well. This process takes out the sourness from the lemon.
  • To take out the excess water, press the wrapped paneer under a heavy pan for about 1 hour.


If paneer will be used to make any dessert dish:
The most important part of making paneer for dessert is how much water to take out from the paneer.
To check if right amount of  water is out of the paneer, take a little piece of paneer on your palm and rub with your fingers. After rubbing the paneer for about 15-20 seconds, you should be able to make a firm but smooth ball.
For making sweets, paneer can be refrigerated for 1 to 2 days.
Paneer from half-gallon milk will make about 15 to 20 rasgullas.
I suggest 2% milk for rasgullas, ras malai, chamcham or any other dish in that category.
For sandaish, burfee or any other such dish use regular milk.
If paneer will be used for making main dishes:
Before Pressing the paneer knead it enough so paneer is not crumbly.
Press the paneer instead one hour, two hours making firmer.
Cut the paneer to desired shape. Paneer can be refrigerated for a few days or kept frozen for months.
Add salt to the paneer, if you like with your choice of spices one or more, including black pepper, roasted cumin seed, chopped green chilies, chopped cilantro (Hara Dhania) or to your taste.
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312 thoughts on “How to make Paneer

  1. I live in Canada and recently bought paneer. However its not like a block. Its sorta mixed with a bit of left over curd from the preparation process – probably to increase shelf life (to get am image of what I’m saying google neilsen cottage cheese haha). I was wondering if I can drain it out and use it or use it directly in cooking paneer bhurji? Or are there some other useful recipes?

  2. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve visited this
    website before but after looking at many of the
    posts I realized it’s new to me. Regardless, I’m definitely happy I came across
    it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back often!

  3. Ma’am , can we use UHT milk for making Paneer or we use the full fat milk. Which option is better to use lemon juice or vinegar for making paneer.

  4. I had got fresh paneer from india,had frozen it before keeping in the bag. On arriving home we refrigerated it. But then it started crumbling n was a total waste.
    How do u freeze paneer to save it fr long term use n how to defrost it?

  5. We are in Kullu India now and have tried CURD which is really very runny lemony yogurt and love the flavor. The recipes I see here make hard cheese. How can I make the runny stuff? Just drain, don’t squeez?

  6. I too make paneer just like you but rinse the milk solids under water before putting a weight on it. I noticed that you didn’t do that. I am wondering if paneer sets better if you don’t wash the milk solids?
    BTW- Great pictures and lovely blog.

  7. Love your recipes. Am both gluten and dairy free. Have tried a few of your recipes containing yogurt and have successfully substituted them with coconut milk. Have you attempted to make paneer with coconut milk?

  8. Thank you for this video – very well done! and i made the paneer successfully. Can you please tell me what you mean by 2% milk?
    Also i don’t think you mentioned what you did with the whey (unless i missed that). I hope you don’t throw it away! It is very nutritious and high in protein – i use it for soups or just drinking
    Thank you Manjula
    Regards Caroline

  9. Hi Manjula,

    What kind of milk can I use if I live in the states? I believe you live in the United States too, right? Isn’t all milk here pasteurized? I just tried making the paneer and got a sliver amount and after reading your comments on youtube saw that it will not work with ultra pasteurized mik. I don’t know if mine is ultra pasteurized but it is pasteurized. What are my other options for making paneer? My husband LOVES paneer and I did have a lot of fun making it just now…just yielded hardly nothing for all of that milk. Please help! 😀 😀

    1. Hey, just wanted to answer your question, as I don’t see any other replies. I live in Canada, so our milk is the same. I have made this recipe before with 3.25% milk, which is a lot fattier, and it worked perfectly. Maybe try that?

    2. Ultra pasteurized milk is also known as “shelf stable” or UHT milk. It doesn’t require refrigeration before use. If you purchase milk from the fridge section of your grocery store you should be fine.

  10. I’ve tried a few recipes for making paneer but this is the best. Works out beautifully. I’m British but lived for a long while in India traveling the country. The best paneer I had was in Rajasthan but your paneer, Manjula, is perfect 🙂

  11. Thank you!
    I’ve just tried the recipe once, and it worked fairly well, but it seemed that I produced an awful lot of whey, and relatively little curd. Do you have any suggestions about how to encourage more solidification? Perhaps adding more acid?

    1. Yeah, it does that, but the whey is great for so many things. Don’t see it as a bad thing, or pour the whey down the drain. Use it wherever a recipe calls for water. It works wonders. One of my wife’s favorites is to make bread and stuff it with the cheese. You want the whey to make that bread, for instance.

  12. Hi I would like to make my Paneer with “soy milk” not the regular milk, for vegan. but my soy milk is not separate with adding lemon jounce then what should I do please help me with that, thanks a lot 🙂

    1. That would make tofu, not paneer! You can make tofu/”soy paneer” with lemon juice as solidifier, but I think it is easier to use apple cider vinegar. The resulting “cheese” will not have the same properties as paneer made with milk, of course. Do a search for “home made tofu” and you will find a plethora of sites to help you!

  13. hi…. i am about to make chum chum and i have made it b4 by following ur video and they came out a little flat… now my question is that can i add baking soda to paneer? or in the milk for making the paneer?

  14. Hello ,

    Can u please tell me “Paneer” should be best made out of which Milk?
    I mean
    1) Whole Milk
    2) 2% Fat Milk
    3) 1% Fat Milk
    4) Half and Half Milk

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