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Besan Ka Ladoo

Besan Ka Ladoo

Besan Ka Ladoo

Besan ladoos are rich, sweet dessert-snack made from gently roasted gram flour (besan). Ladoos can be served any time of the day. Traditionally in Indian households ladoos and burfis are served as cookies and chocolate.
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Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 30 mins
Total Time 40 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine Indian
Servings 9 people


  • 1-1/2 cupa besan gram flour
  • 2 tbsp fine sooji samolina
  • 1/2 cup unsalted melted butter ghee
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 4 tbsp sliced almonds badam
  • 1/4 tsp coarsely grounded cardamom seeds ilachi

For Garnishing

  • 1 tbsp unsalted melted butter ghee
  • 1 tbsp sliced pistachios


  • Put the besan (gram flour), sooji, and melted butter in a large frying pan and mix.
  • Turn the stove on to medium heat and begin to roast the basen mixture until basen becomes light golden brown in color. Stir the mixture continuously with a spatula to prevent burning. Cooking on high heat will not allow the mixture to fully cook.
  • When the color has changed you will also start to smell the sweetness of roasted besan. This should take about 7 to 10 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and let the basen cool to a warm temperature. don’t let it become to room temperature.
  • While the mixture is warm add and mix cardamom seeds, almonds, and sugar.
  • To make the ladoos, take about 2 tablespoons of warm basen mixture into your palm. Gently press the mixture between your palms to form a smooth, round ball. The ladoos are usually about the size of a ping-pong ball, but you can adjust the as you prefer.
  • When you have finished making all of the ladoos, take one ladoo at a time and dip the ladoo a quarter inch into melted butter or ghee. Then lightly touch the part of the ladoo with the butter into the sliced pistachios just enough so some pistachios stick to the ladoo.
  • Put ladoos back on the plate with the pistachio side facing the top.
  • Leave the ladoos on a plate to cool to room temperature before putting into a covered container. The ladoos can be stored in an airtight container for 2 to 3 weeks.
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205 thoughts on “Besan Ka Ladoo

  1. Hello Manjula Ji,
    My husband is lactose intolerant, so I can not put ghee in began laddoo..
    Is it possible to use oil instead of ghee?
    If yes , then in what quantity can I put oil in place of ghee while making began ladoos?

  2. Dear Manjula I love these laddoos, now people request them from me. To make them gluten free I have always skipped semolina and used some finely ground psyllium (bought in Indian groceries) later to help me form the balls. I think though (but I have never tested it) that you could sub glutinous rice (also known as sweet rice) flour in place of semolina, it helps things stick together. I am not sure but I think this should do it. Glutinous rice flour is widely used in south east Asia so it is easy to find and cheap in Asian grocery stores. If you have to be strict about gluten contamination I think you can buy the Mochiko brand in the US which is certified gluten-free. Next time I make these ladoos I will try.

  3. Hi Manjula,

    Please tell me if I can use brown sugar instead. I was told that white sugar is not strictly vegetarian.

    Please respond as soon as you can.

    Thank you

    1. You can, I have always used some form of brown sugar with besan based sweets, I think it compliments the taste. The result might be a little more watery but that’s easy to fix. I use approx 3/4 honey-tasting brown sugar and 1/4 muscovado sugar. Or use pulverized jaggery.

  4. I tell my daughters that there is no excuse to not cook when you have manjula’s kitchen at the press of a few keys on your device. I tried your besan Ka Laddos for the first time today with the help of my 88 year old mother, whose favourite Indian Mithai is Besan Ka Laddos. She is visiting me from India. Am pretty pleased with my efforts, except I used grainy brown sugar. So you can taste the sugar crystals in the Laddos. Also they are not as soft as the ones you get in India from the best Halwais. How can I improve on this? Am going to try your Mirchi Ka achar soon. Hope it can come near my mother’s Lal mirch stuffed Achaar which has come down the generations from mu mothers side from the awadh region. By the way we share the first name. I am Manjul. Would love to meet you if you ever come to Adelaide.

  5. Hello,

    I want to make the ladoos again but I don’t want them to get hard like before. Please tell me if the besan flour should be coarse or fine and the same for the sooji.

    Tks. Marie

  6. Hello,

    I followed the recipe but my laddu became hard after a while. Please tell me what to do to make it so that it can melt in your mouth.

    Tks. Marie

  7. hi manjula like to thanks you for all recipes that you show all of us and i am sure who want to learn and cook can just learn by openning your page cos with videos make it much easier i also lovd cooking and can get great ideas from your recipes thanks god bless you

  8. Happy Diwali Aunty! I wanted to make a quick and easy mithai today, and this was perfect. I just tasted one… bachpan yaad aa gayi… ๐Ÿ™‚

    (For anyone else planning to make this: I didn’t have sooji, so I left it out; and 1/2 cup of sugar worked just fine)

  9. Hello Manjula,

    I tried to make Besan ladoo and they come out good but still feels some blank taste or missing something. Please advise what to add to get rid of blankness and get some flavor?


  10. I made these ladoos for the first time in my life and they turned out really good. This is my first Diwali after marriage and my MIL is not with me. Thanks Manjula aunty. I loved your video, it feels like I am right there with you in your kitchen ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Hello Manjula Ji,

    Many many thanks for sharing this recipe. I was missing the laddoos prepared by my mom and mon-in-law but did not know the exact quantity of ingradients used in this dish. It was a Diwali time and I was planning to give surprise to my husband. I followed the video shown by you and it turned out to be really very well !! :)… My husband was really very happy to eat those (he emptied the container in just 2 days!) …

    Thanks again.

  12. I made the ladoo mixture, but not able to make the balls out of it, its going flat. I think I added more ghee. Can I roast some more besan and add to the mixture? How to correct it? My daughter was waiting for me to finish making the ladoo but unfortunately i could not. I felt very bad. Any solutions please….

  13. Hello Aunty,

    I tried making besan ladu.. as i finished them, they looked really nice.. but dint taste good.. i think i dint roast the besan well..! i can taste besan flavour in the ladu.. can i still do something about this? Pls help..

  14. Thank you for your recipe, I loved them so sweet and tasty perfect. I just watched my daughter who is 22months old devour 1.5 ladoos in a matter of minutes. I think they are a hit.

    Although next time I will leave out the sooji and make them all from besan.

  15. Hello aunty,
    I tried one of your recipe yesterday ( chana masala), it came out well. My husband and my son enjoyed it and said its different in style and good try. So I am delighted. So plan to try all other recipes of yours aunty. Thanks for reading my comments and thanks for your recipes.
    Take care,
    Mrs. Manjula Rajarajachozhan.
    United kingdom.

  16. Dear Manjulaji,

    I plan on making this soon. Did you use Ladoo besan or regular?
    Did you put it through a sieve ?

    Going by others’ comments I may just powder the sugar.

    Many thanks

  17. Hi,

    We made this laddoo and it came out great, except for one thing – very tiny sugar crystals were still present that made it a little crunchy. We mixed the sugar to the roasted besan when it was just warm but this still did not melt fully. I used the regular sugar.

    Please advise.

    1. Hi Faiza. You could try making them with powdered/confectioner’s sugar next time. I have made them with both regular granulated sugar, as well as confectioner’s sugar and there is a big difference in the texture. Hope that helps.

  18. Thankyou very much for your recepie of Besan Ladoo, i enjoyed making it, i was a little nervous when teh mixture got watery, but later it was perfect. My friends at work, loved it so much that each time they ate they were calling it HEAVEN. THANKYOU very much.

  19. HI Manjula mam
    Your recipes is so good, i tried lots of ur recipes, its came out very well …
    But this time i tried this recipe today it was very good but slightly melted, u have any opinion.
    Thanks mam.

          1. Hi Manjula. I just wanted to let you know that I made basen ladoos today, and I set some of the mixture aside to test how it would be with jaggery instead of confectioner’s/powdered sugar. It did change the consistency slightly, making the ladoos a bit harder and somewhat gritty, and also darker in color, but overall the flavor was good and I was able to shape them into nice little round balls with no problems. This is a wonderful recipe you posted and one of my favorite sweets. Thank you :-).

  20. Hi Aunty – I tried the ladoos with the proportions you gave. I used ladoo besan which is a little coarser than regular besan. After Step 5 (i.e mixing suagr etc), the resulting powder was not very wet but just powdery. The balls that I made would not hold shape. I sprinked some milk and then made the ladoos. Hope the milk does not make the ladoos spoil faster. Thanks for the recipe ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Hi Auntie,
    I have the same issue of laddo’s are soft on the day I make but the next day they get hard.
    We made the ladoo the other evening. Tastes great, but they are very hard. When we added the sugar to the warm besan to roll dough was still soft and sticky and basically we just rolled in to ball. Didnโ€™t squeeze because dough was so soft and wet feeling. Any tips on what went wrong and what I should do to remedy it next time? Besan seemed to take a long time to roast. Thank you !

  22. I love ladoo! Co-workers started my love by bringing leftovers from their children’s weddings…what a joy to find they can be simply made and not a naughty, empty calorie treat for me as previously thought. No more trips{still will be going to Coney Island Avenue for other Indian goods} to the Gourmet Sweets in Brooklyn. Thank You!

  23. hi aunty
    i make ladoos it’s very good.but it did’t look like your ladoos. mines look like dryand yours look like wet.please tell me where i wrong.

  24. Hi Auntie,
    We made the ladoo the other evening. Tastes great, but they are very hard. When we added the sugar to the warm besan to roll dough was still soft and sticky and basically we just rolled in to ball. Didn’t squeeze because dough was so soft and wet feeling. Any tips on what went wrong and what I should do to remedy it next time? Besan seemed to take a long time to roast. Thank you !

  25. hello dear auntie,
    I am a korean, regular visitor of your website and a big admirer of you. My ladoo has been turned out great! can’t thank you enough!

  26. Hello aunty,

    First of all thanx a lot from bottom of my heart. I tried besan ka ladoo and they came really well. i got all the praises and my son he was soooooo very happy. thanx once again.

  27. Manjula aunti this a great recipe the ladoos were great. My friends couldn’t believe I made them. I’m getting in the cooking game now thanks to you, I love the YouTube videos as well.

  28. Thank you Manjula Aunty for having this website…I am an american wife to a God fearing man from India…and your videos and recipes…I cannot explain to you how thankful I am for them and how much they help me. Thank you and God bless you and your family and the work of your hands.

  29. Hello aunty,

    First n foremost thanks for opening this website..its so helpful for beginners like me..I’ve tried many of yu’r recipes and the basen ladoo came out really well than i expected. I was so happy and all enjoyed at home. Iam basically a south indian and have a great taste for north indian food. Your website has created lot of interest in me for cooking and now it has become one of my favourite hobbies.. I have a collection of my own food preparations n posted pics of it on facebook. Thanks a heap. Though there are loads of websites for cooking I am very comfortable watching n trying yu’r recipes. Thanks once again..!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Hi Manjula aunti
    I made laddoos but they were really dry – I couldn’t make ladoos.
    Is half cup ghee melted quantity or is it melted after measuring solidified butter/ghee. Please clarify what other reason could be for dry ladoos.

    I used half cup melted butter, 1.5 cup besan and 2 tbsp sooji

  31. Hi Manjula Aunty,

    I made this laddoo today n going to give surprise to my hubby. This is my first sweet I made at home. It came out well. Everything became easy for me just becoz of ur clear explanation in the recipe.
    I really like ur way of explaining the recipes with exact proportions of indegrents used. Ur videos make me feel its easy to cook and also encourages me to try out new dishes!!
    Hope we will get much more recipes, especially easy ones ๐Ÿ™‚ , so that it will be helpful for people like me who started to cook just after marriage!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you again,

  32. Dear madam,

    I am so happy to watch most of your recipes….and thank u so much for sharing all these recipes to us…

    Keep on posting more…
    warm regards,


  33. thanx so much madam for your great recipes.
    my friend and i made these lovely ladoos on new years eve (we also made gajar ka halwa, badam burfi, paneer burfi and mathris on the same day :-)) ) and presented them to our husbands the next day since they had to work on new years eve. our husbands were so happy so my husband grabbed a few and took them to his work place. after his boss tasted them he called me up and said, they tasted so good, he didn’t believe we made them ourselves, he thought we had bought them somewhere :-)) i will go and make some more to take to the temple on the weekend.
    bless you and have a great year ahead!

  34. Dear Manjula,

    I’ve made this dessert, not only this but many others of your recipes. I’m very happy because I’ve learned a lot from you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    Sylvia from Hungary

  35. Hello Mrs. Manjula,
    Thank you for the Besan Ladoo video. Your method was vey easy to follow and it is a fool-proof recipe which you presented in a step by step manner. The ultimate result is a plateful of tasty ladoos even our local indian store guy would be envious off! You made my Diwali special!! wish I could upload my ladoos picture..


  36. Hi Manjula,

    I made Besan ka laddoos as per the video and it tasted really good !!
    I and my kids really loved it !
    Thanks for the video and keep going !!!!


    Beena Jose

  37. Hi Aunty,
    the laddoos came out very well, considering i made it for the first time.
    Just wanted to confirm was it sugar powder or raw sugar.?
    I used sugar powder and tasted nice.
    Thanks. looking forward for much such yummy receipes.

  38. Dear Aunty,

    Thanks for this recipe. I tried making this last weekend and it came out well. The recipe says 2 Tblsp of sooji and the video says 4, so I landed up putting 3 :). Can you please suggest which would be the right amount of sooji.

  39. Dear Aunty,

    I just did the besan ladoo for the first day of Navarathti Pooja.It came out very delicious.Thank you aunty for this wonderful recipe


  40. Dear manjula Aunty,

    Thank you so much for the ladoo recipe. i love cooking and i got to know abt your website only this friday ilive in india and now i am your big fans and will try everything…
    Warm Regards

    1. It has also perplexed me as to why they will post measurement questions here when they can just Google it and get a whole table for it. Thanks for the info. I hope they use it!

      1. Hi Jaya,
        I know – if Manjula was asked every day how to convert ounces to grams, etc… she wouldn’t have time to maintain her blog and to post cooking videos. There are a million websites to give you conversions.
        Besides the one I’ve already listed here are a few more….



  41. Hi Vic,
    I have always thought the same thing but what I do in the meantime, Is just cut and paste onto a word document and then print. You can usually adjust the print type / size or adjust to make it fit on one page by then. It’s what I do and I have all her recipes for the most part on a single page. I make sure the recipe name is at the top of the word doc and it works out fine this way for me but I do agree – that feature would be great.

  42. Thanks for your wonderful recipes. Could you please make the recipes on your page “Printer friendly” so I can print them on a single sheet?
    Many thanks.

      1. I made and they were perfect the first time. I made them yesterday but I am unable to bind into ladoos. What do you suggest I should do to form into round Lacoste.

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