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Vegetable Cutlets

Vegetable Cutlets

Vegetable Cutlets- Mixed Vegetable Cutlets

Vegetable cutlets are great blend of vegetables and spices. These are great as an appetizer, afternoon snack with tea, or as a side dish with dinner.
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Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
Total Time 40 mins
Course Appetizer
Cuisine Indian
Servings 4 people


  • 2 medium potatoes boiled peeled and mashed
  • 1 cup chopped mixed vegetables green peas, carrots, green beans, corn
  • 2 tbsp chopped cilantro hara dhania
  • 2 finely chopped green chilies
  • 1 tsp chopped ginger
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp mango powder amchoor
  • 3 tbsp all-purpose flour plain flour. maida
  • 1 cup bread crumbs

oil to fry


    • Steam the chopped mixed vegetables. Squeeze the vegetables to take the excess water out and Pat dry.
    • Mix all the ingredients to mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, cilantro, green chilies, ginger, salt, and mango powder.
    • Add 4 tablespoons of water to the All Purpose flour to make a batter and keep aside.
    • With oiled hands, divide the mixture into 10 equal parts. Shape into flat round patties about 1/2 inch thick.
    • Dip each patty in the flour batter and roll the patty in breadcrumbs and set aside.
    • Heat the oil on medium high heat in a frying pan. Frying pan should have at least 1 inch of oil. To check if the oil is ready, put one drop of batter in the oil, the batter should come up right away.
    • Fry a few cutlets at a time until they are golden-brown on both sides. Repeat this until all the cutlets are done. Serve hot.


    If the oil is not hot enough, the patties will break.
    If the vegetable/potato mixture looks wet, you can add some breadcrumbs.
    You can always change the shape of the cutlets to your desired shape.
    Make them day before and heat them in oven at 350 degree F before serving, or heat them over skillet.
    Serving suggestions:
    Vegetable cutlets are best when dipped with Cilantro chutney, or tamarind chutney.
    Vegetable cutlets also make great veggie burgers, adding cheese lettuce, tomatoes, and chutney.
    Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

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    157 thoughts on “Vegetable Cutlets

    1. Your recipes are nice and super. cutlet was awesome. I have one question Is there any food recipes/snacks for lupus patients?

    2. Dear Manjula. What do you do with your cooking oil, after use? I don’t know if it should be discarded or stored for future use. I love everything I’ve tried from your recipes. Thank you for offering them.

    3. Dear Manjulajee,

      I tried your recipe of vegitable cutlet it was awsome – tasty and crispy. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    4. Hello Madam Manjula the very first time I learned of your cooking channel on Youtube I saw you make this recipe. Tonight I made this for myself but I must say I made a one change. I used a cornmeal flour resembling polenta in place of the cooked potato. I followed the rest of the recipe as is. What a delicious meal! The spices popped in my mouth and the golden crust and color of the patty was beautiful and crunchy. Thank you for sharing your skills and good taste with the world Madam you are truly a gift from God. Namaskar.

    5. Hello

      I am very happy to watch this videos, i really like your recipies. i like your recipie as they are very simple and delicious.
      i have seen some of recipies those are really tempting me alot. Please share more recipies over time.

    6. Thank you Manjula Ma’am for a wonderful way to incorporate veggies. My 3 yr old daughter loved it so also my husband! I made these today as per your recipe. I did not have breadcrumbs. I got an idea and used cereal corn flakes cum almond flakes coarsely crumbled as a substitute for breadcrumbs. I got very nice crisp cutlets and healthier too! Freezing the cutlets is a brilliant idea before frying. While I got all the batches perfect, the last one did fall apart a bit. Also remember not to overcrowd the patties in oil, that may sometimes lead to crumbling.

    7. I have seen this vegetable cutlet video. The recipe seems to be very easy… i will be trying this tomorrow.


    8. hi mam i m ur regular viewers of ur site i loved ur veggy cutlet but i just want to ask u that can i use corn flour insted of maida cause i have corflour avalaible at my home so is it possible?

    9. I am in USA and I buy frozen mixed vegetable chopped in food processor and follow ur receipes.delicious.

    10. i made vegetable cutlets on holi using ur recipe.it was very delicious and everyone praised it a lot!i read a few other recipes also where they first ask to roll the cutlets in batter but i dnt think that is required .my cutlets came out very crispy.also the corn used made it very yummy and a bit different from others.initially my mixture became very wet and one of the reasons for it was that i used mixer to mash the potatoes.never do it !mash them with ur hands!but after rolling them in breadcrumbs i kept them in chiller and it helped a lot!thankyou for sharing such a wonderful recipe!

    11. I must tell you, I followed your recipe for the first time and Me and my friends whom I shared with all commented positively.
      I will continue to try your recipes and enjoy so much.
      I think you have given me the tools after so many years to compete with my wife’s cooking for the last 25+ years!!!!!.I work abroad so i can try many recipes now.
      Keep up your good work of teaching and passing on your knowledge Manjula – May god bless you. I am ONLY 62 years Now… 🙂

    12. Namaste Aunty, how are you doing? hope good

      i just wanted to say that i tried to make some veg cutlets today and i followed all your instructions correctly, the oil was hot enough, but still my patties broke, i dont why it happened, but any how it still tasted good.

      Thanks for uploading delicious recipes, i am really a great fan of yours.

      1. Hello my friend I tried for the first time too, to hold the cutlet before frying , I coated with bread crumps and left in the freezer compartment for 10-15 mins , which holds the potatoes and the crmps firmly, then take it out and fry it when the oil is hot. Please let me know.. it definitely it will work.

        Good Luck

      1. I think your suggestion is cool, when i tried fir the first time i felt it needed some tangy tast. I will follow your advice next to make it more enjoyable.

      1. Shashi,

        Breadcrumbs is nothing but crumbs of bread or bread ground in to crumbs. Just use bread slices and toast them a bit in a toaster, let them cool and then grind them to a coarse mixture. This is breadcrumbs. A slightly stale bread can also be ground with herbs and spices to make seasoned breadcrumbs. (this is just a way to add all purpose flour to your mix to bind the mixture, since bread is made of all purpose flour) Hope this helps.

    13. Auntyji,

      I tried this recipe but it came out soft and absorbed alot of oil.
      For the vegetables, can we use frozen vegetables, do I need to boil them?

      1. K. Murti,
        If mixture is too soft that will absorb extra oil and cutlets will be soft. You can use frozen vegetables but make sure after you though the vegetables squeeze out the extra water.

    14. Hi manjula aunty
      thank you for all the wonderful recipes. I would like to know if you can freeze the cutlets after putting the crumbs and then fry as needed?

    15. Hello Ma’m,

      Amazing and simple recipe.
      I jut tweaked a llittle by using cumin poder (roated jeera) instead of cumin and lemon juice instead of mango powder.

      My husband loved it.


    16. Hi Manjula,

      I enjoy learning new recipes from your site. The presentation is good and inspires me to try out new dishes. Thanks.

      I am looking for the recipe, “Ragda Pattice” but I could not find it here. So could you show me how to make this dish.

      I will truly appreciate if you could help me out with the above request.

      Thank you once again.



    17. Good morning, Manjula. Just wanted you to know that I made this for my friend last night, along with channa masala, and she was very pleased, as was her husband. We used the basen flour and it worked wonderfully. Thanks, again.

    18. Hello, dear Manjula.

      I would like to make these for a friend who has an allergy to gluten. Would I be able to substitute besan flour for the wheat flour?

      1. Besan is made from chickpeas. Calling is “flour” is a little misleading because it could imply there is wheat in it, but besan is safe AND very versatile for baking and cooking. You can use it as a thickening agent instead of wheat flour and there are many Indian dishes that use it.

        1. Hi, Jaya. I have used besan flour before and like it very much. As my friend is gluten intolerant, I thought to use it, but was worried that it might affect the flavour/texture of the recipe. I call it flour as that is what it is called here. Thank you for your comment.

    19. hello manjulaji..
      i have become a good cook jus bcoz of ur recipes..
      i love love love d way u cook n teach.. reminds me of my mom 🙂
      can u plz tell me wat kind of potatoes to use for cutlets batata vadas etc.. i hav noticed sum potatoes dnt bind very well n break apart while sum stick well for frying.. plz help me..

    20. aunty i tried the cutlet.itz very tasty …
      one doubt mam shall i add crushed cornflakes along with bread crumbs……
      it make so cripsy na?

      1. raji,
        Try adding couple of teaspoons of sooji [semolina flour] or rice flour.It will make them super crisp! These two will work better than cornflakes in my opinion.

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