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I am behind schedule in producing video recipes. Today, we finally recorded the video recipe for Moong Dal with Spinach. I am hoping the video will get uploaded to You Tube later tonight. Last week I was really busy entertaining guests that were visiting from out of town. Also we had a wonderful baby shower for my daughter in law. I have two grand kids from my older son and for my younger son this will be his first child.

I am working on a few new recipes including:

  1. Paneer Potato tots
  2. Namak Para which is a saltine finger snack
  3. Apple Oat crumb will be the next dessert, my grand daughter enjoys this dessert a lot and she thinks I should do this next for sure.

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29 thoughts on “Upcoming videos

  1. hi Manjula
    i am always fond of your recipes they are so delicious and easy to make.
    congrats for the baby shower your grandson.
    I look forward to watching your upcoming videos and will make some more of your recipes and that oat crumb id love to try!

  2. hi manjula auntie…

    i think i had mailed you before..i really enjoy your recipes.

    i have a request..i had eaten 2 delicious things at a party…

    one was “patwadi ‘ it;s a maharastrian curry .made with besan cubes and cocount n onion spicy gravy.

    also ..one was karanjee but it was mango karanji ..could you do a video for both these recipes.
    thank you

  3. Hello Manjula Aunti!
    Thanks for all your great recipes.
    I made samosa before, and there was pretty good, all liked it.
    I just love Indian food. So jammi…………

  4. Hello Manjula aunty, thankyou so much for all the fantastic recipes. You make all the recipes look so easy and that encourages us to make them,Good Luck and keep going…..

  5. Hi manjula ji
    thank you so much for you recipies. My husband like the tandoori roti, after watching ur video i have been made tandoori roties soo many times.if i want to try something new first of all i prefer to watch your video to try it.i have been made the chocolate cake after seeing ur video of pineapple cake.

  6. Dear Madam,
    Thank You very much for starting this web site. I have one problem to make paneer at my home place. I am not
    able to remove complete water from paneer result that I am not able to prepare small bowls for ras gullas. I know to keep
    paneer under heavy vessel, but I want to know that in same cloth in which I have wash – out paneer or I have to use fresh cloth
    to remove excess water out of it to make small bowls for ras gullas.


    Himanshu K. Shah
    (India, Mumbai)

  7. hi Manjula
    i am always fond of your recipes they are so delicious and easy to make.
    congrats for the baby shower your grandson.
    I look forward to watching your upcoming videos and will make some more of your recipes and that oat crumb id love to try!

  8. Dear Manjula Aunty,

    I have alway’s been fond of your unique and delicous recipes and so have my parents but today I am requesting you to post a video on Chena Murgi,


  9. hi unty
    congratultion for ur third grand child and thanks to you all video which you have given becuase mostly i tried all ur recepi in my house
    i m from spain and i like to cook different recepie so thaks for each and every recepie today i will be trying ur jelabi recepi as today is hoil and in india we eat jelabis and many more so from my side happy holi to you and ur family
    please unty i want to know how to make khakhara because my husband likes and i do nto know how to make please show ur video of khakhara if you can thank u

  10. Hai Aunty,
    First of all congrats!!! for the third grand child to come. I love your website and all the recipes that I have tried from website were great.My family and friends liked it too. Thank you and keep up this good work.

  11. first of all congratulation aunty. (for third grand child to come)

    i really liked the recipe of urs…… with video that makes it more lucid as we can visualise & understand it faster…. thanks to ur video recipe since i m a newbie in the kitchen…

    one thing aunty i tried rasgulla but in indian cooker with whistle….. so if u can also provide the guidelines for other type of utensils used will become more easy for all the newbies using complete indian utensils.

  12. Hi Manjula Aunty, Dec 27, 08
    My name is Padma and I live in Pennsylvania. One day I was searching for a recipe and I found your website. Ever since that day I go to your site regularly and enjoy watching your videos. I have tried some sweet dishes and every one of them have come out very well. You have many good recipes on the web. Keep up the good work. Wish you a Happy New Year!!!!!

  13. congratualtions manjula so happy for you another grandson. please do not forget the video on how to roll the dough for samosa and roti,im anxious for that one the most.

  14. hai auntyji,
    i have been a regular viewer of ur videos. i have tried out many of the recipes. earlier i couldnt even think of making any curry without onion and garlic. now i know its possible to make good dishes minus onions and garlic. can u post a recipe of how to make kashmiri naan(veg)

  15. Auntieji, thank you so much for taking the time to post your wonderful videos. I have successfully made many of your recipes. My husband is very fond of vegetable jalfrezi and kichdhi, but he doesn’t like any of the recipes that I’ve found. Could you please consider these dishes in your future videos? Thank you so much!

  16. hi manjula aunty
    can u please please please please post ‘VADA PAO’ for me?
    also can you post ‘DABELI’? They are both veg items so i hope you won’t have any problems posting them. please do reply if you can or cannot post them.

  17. Hello Aunti,
    Jai Jinendra. Congrates u become grand mother againe. I love your all videos. and i tried most of them. but can u please put the video for Vada,Puri and other Jain sancks.
    Thanks a lot.

  18. Hello Manjula ji
    First of all add me in the list of your viewer. Itried your recepe of khatai’s which reults better as I cold’nt learn form any where thanks a lot . I’m fond of cooking and also made pickles on demand. Please tell the funda of keeping the biscuits in the fridge before baking. Please send some “Chocolate recipes videos and Chena Murgi video” . Also give me “YOUR TYPE” of MIx Veg Pickle.

  19. Namaste Manjula ji,

    I have been trying your recipes and they turn out be really good.Thanks a lot for your videos.It is so convenient to make the dish while watching your video.I have a small request which I hope you will fulfill.My husband likes or rather loves Besan Burfi very much.I have seen the recipe for that on various sites,but I am really not convinced with them.If you can post a video on how to make it,I’ll be really grateful to you.

    Thanks and keep up your good work,

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