Taking Care Of New Moms

As I mentioned before, my younger daughter-in-law is pregnant and is due at the end of January. Everyone in the family is very excited about the new baby!

The postpartum period begins after the delivery of the baby and ends when the mother’s body has returned close to its pre-pregnant state.

I am looking forward to taking care of my daughter-in-law and of course taking care of my future granddaughter! New moms deserve special attention to rebuild their strength after giving birth. Nutrition and plenty of rest are essential to new moms to help their bodies recover.

Eating light, easy to digest food is important. Green vegetables, vegetables from the squash family, moong beans (dal), and whole-wheat bread are all good choices. Avoid cabbage, beans and lentils are considered harder to digest and create gas in the body. Also avoid anything sour, like tomatoes, tamarind, lemon, and oranges.

I am compiling a list of remedies that will be useful after coming back from the hospital. My list is based on these traditional beliefs, which may help new moms below are some of the home remedies:

1) Turmeric helps heal internal wounds – Take a half-teaspoon turmeric powder every day with lukewarm milk or water. Turmeric has many other health effects.

2) Fenugreek seeds are great to help prevent and ease back and joint pain. Fenugreek seeds or fresh fenugreek are also taken to help nursing mothers increase their breast milk supply. Fenugreek is also available at many health food stores.

3) Ajwain (carom seeds) helps soothe pain due to gas or indigestion. Every morning boil four glasses of water with two tablespoon of carom seeds (ajwain). Let it cool down to room temperature and drink this water throughout the day. Add ajwain as an ingredient when making roti or cooking vegetables.

4) Dry ginger powder also known as sauth; take with food. Ginger offers health benefits, including anti-inflammation effects, and can also be found in health food stores.

5) Gaund (or Gond) is an edible gum resin that is extracted from the bark of the tree. Gaund provides heat to our body and is usually eaten in cold winter months. Gaund and whole wheat ka ladoo is normally prepared for the nursing mother to help with lactation and provide nutrients for the baby. The main ingredients are whole-wheat flour, butter, nuts, gaund, poppy seeds, and sugar.

6) Lastly, I will be making “Panjeere”, which is a mixture of nuts and a variety of ingredients. Panjeere and whole-wheat ladoos are a must for new moms. Stay tuned, as I will be posting both of these recipes in the near future.

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70 thoughts on “Taking Care Of New Moms

  1. hi manjula my normal delivery was done on 7th June now almost 3 months has been passed. now I have developed consipation problem alssir my c-section delivery was done on 5 July now one month has been passed dr people advise me to take balant kada all 1, 2 & 3 in equal quality shall I take now.Dr I have developed back pain problem also it is very painful please advise some foods to eat for back pain.

  2. Hi Manjula,

    I am expecting in OCT.I dont have any help from family.I need to appoint cook to prepare the food.Can you Please suggest on what should be taken for breakfast ,lunch and dinner .So it would be great help ,If you can suggest as I dont have any knowledge on what should be taken post delivery.

  3. Hello manjula Ji, My sis is due in December …. Plese send me sme Nutritious food recipes after delivery…… which will help us a lot…. I’m looking forward for your gaund and panjeere ladoos….. recipes… thank you so much……….

  4. Hi
    my wife is pregnant and she is very weak. She is not eating properly and she is not able work. She rests whole day. Am preparing everything for her but still she rejects to eat saying not able to eat.
    Please suggest me with some tasty recipes and nutritious too for a pregnant woman.
    Please upload some recipes specifically for a pregnant woman.

  5. Can i take turmeric milk after one month of my delivery as i did not know this fact earlier and i still haven’t recovered completely from my stiches.


  6. Very informative and necessary ingredients being provided by u. Pse add more State wise receipt after pregnancy which are being prepared in traditional ways.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing these valuable tips Manjula… I’m sure going to try them.. my baby is just 15 days old and I am taking your advice of resting seriously to keep my body fit for the rest of my life…

  8. I am due in June. can i take panjeere and gaund ke laddo in summer as these are specified as winter foods. what should be the quantity i can take daily?

  9. hi,
    Before a month ago I’ve givven birth a baby girl and it is proud to being a mother.Can you please send me some healthy and delicious recipes for me?

  10. Dear All,

    I’m due on Jan2012… So as everyone here.. I’m Oso serching for postnatal recipe… lets share good once among all of us..


    All The Best ..


    1. Hi Aarathi,

      I am due in January 2012 , my email ID is anisri04@yahoo.com. i am also from south India. I would be very helpful if u could share with me some tips and recepies that u have been advised by your aunts to have during nursing….

      Thanking u in advance!!


  11. Manjula didi, I came across this website when I was looking for Indian recipes to increase breast milk and also nutritious food after delivery. I am due to deliver in Dec2011 and I am so much looking forward for your panjeera.
    Thank you so much for compiling this list. I am book marking your page and will be returning soon to find out more about post pregnancy. Any suggestions would surely help new moms like me.

  12. Manjulaji, namaskar! mujhe aap se yeh poochna hai ki during pregnancy, aurat ko daily food ke saath aur kia kia khana chahiay aur jab baby paida ho jaye tau kia kia khaas desi cheez khani chahiay jis se sahet aur body theek rahe aur kia kia avoid karna hoga!! Thanks!!

  13. Dear Manujula Aunty,

    I just delivered twomonths back,pls suggest me what all required for my daily diet & i need ur recipes for lactating mother,Pls help.

    Thanks & Regard,
    Anju Anish

    1. Anju,
      Congratulations, I am sure you checked out the Whole Wheat Gaund Panjiri, gaund is one thing I know it is very helpful for nursing mothers. Taking milk and milk product, green leafy vegetables, and high protein food such as lentils will help.

  14. I’m in the second trimester of my pregnancy and am loving it! Being pregnant is a delightful experience. There’s gonna be not one thing more cherished in this entire world than holding my new born child in my arms for that very first time. I cannot wait to meet her! My dreams of parenthood is actually finally coming true.

  15. hi manjula anty,
    i m 39 weeks pregnant. i m leaving in london with my husband. will u plz show me the recipes of food are good for me after birth of my baby.
    i always follow yr recipe guid for me and my husband, because u never use onion and garlic. because we also not eat that.
    plz reply me as soon as possible, bcoz i have to go hospital any time now…..
    thank u very much…..


    1. Hi Bhargavi
      My name is lata.
      I was reading Manjulabens wen and came across your email
      me and my friens has prepared a book of recipes for new mother the indian way. if you are in London and if you would like this book you can contact me on my email.


      1. Lata ji ,please could you kindly advise where should I purchase the book and what is the name/title of the book as we had baby and I would like to cook food for my wife .thank you and please write to me -santhosh.kumar@ hotmail.co.uk best regards -santhosh

  16. dear Madam,

    My Wife has recently undergone Caesarian.
    Can she use turmaric as part of dialy food..
    Will that Cause any problems?.

    Please reply to my mail id.

    Thanks in Advance

  17. Manjula.
    Im half latina and the other half american,and I love to cook, cooking for me is a way to show your family that you love them and care for them.I want to thank you for sharing your recipies,they are truly the best,I have wached food net work for years but you are the tops,your foods is not only healthy but taste great,my family loved the chola,battura,and the eggless pineapple cake just out of this world,I cant get of of the spieces,I live in Miami but have some,anyways thank you for putting your love in my kitchen and my family keep them coming

  18. Hello aunty i m expecting my baby in month of march 2010 which is going to be planned c-section…just wanted to know like u mentioned above turmeric helps heeling up internally …so i can take that after my c-section also..or it is just to take after normal delivery??and after how many days after c-section i can have gondh ke ladoo???…thanks n waiting for ur rely.

  19. Dear Manjula Aunty

    I have just delivered a baby 16 days back through C-section. As you would be aware because of the operation i am not allowed to do any exercise for the next 3 months and i am scared that my tummy will stay bloated throughout life.Kindly advice me if there is any homemade remedy that i can use to flat my inflated belly? Thank you a lot in advance?

  20. Hello,

    I m 39weeks pregnant n expecting baby next week , could u pls send me d recipe of gaund n wheat ladoo via email as soon as possible , sothat i can prepare them on time.

  21. Hi Manjula Aunty.
    I am 7 month pregnent & I am looking forward for you receipe of ‘Panjeere’. I one think i want to ask that Is all ingredients are easyly available? Or I have to get it from India?

  22. Dear Aunty,
    Panjeeri is one important thing mu dadi used to make whenevre her daughters or granddaughters are about to deliver.No one in my relatives knew the recipe,except a few.I was surprised to see it on your site.Thanks a lot for the recipe.I will keep it safely so that it will be helpfulfl for my daughter!!!

  23. Hi Manjula aunty
    Congratulations for your website.You truly deserve to be given an award for the perfection in your presentation & the tiny yet extremely important details in a recipe.i may have browsed over hundreds of websites & read sooooo many cookbooks but yours is a 1 stop place.All your recipes taste very good a thing which even top chefs cant boast of.Its a pleasure & a source of great satisfaction to follow your recipes.It helps me to progress as a cook as a homemaker everytime.With you around I dont miss mom & relatives to help with recipes & cooking facts.You r a gem.We love you.Thankyou so very much for your service.

  24. Hi manjula aunty, i am 8 months preganant and as u mentioned above the list of things to do after i come back from hospital ( after the delivery). now how i can consume methi dana …here in toronto it is little difficult to get fresh methi. i have also read somewhere that fresh methi helps in lactation is it right???

  25. Hello aunty,

    What is the shelf life for gaund laddoo ? My sister is due in May end, but she lives in the US. I thought of making some and sending it to her through my father. But I’m not sure if they will last that long ?

  26. its my first time i m writing to someone my baby is due in feb please can u tell me some more recepies to use for energy and strength after labour bcause i have a back pain already and i did not had a very good experience i will b so thankful if ucould help me

  27. Hi Manjula Aunty,

    I am regular visitor of your site. Your posting are really good.

    I have a request could you post how to make Karachi Halwa?

    Thanks in advance,

  28. You are so caring and thoughful. I was searching for some reliable information about pre natal and post natal diet. I’m fond of the traditional methods which many people have forgotten. So I had no help or source for correct recipes and thats when I found your blog. Thank you soo much, hope ur granddaughter and daughter in law is in good health.

  29. Respected Aunty,
    It is amazing to go thru the tips you have posted for,to be moms. Aunty if you cud kindly post the recipes for the panjeere and gaund ladoos, will appreciate it. My due date is very close and wanted to prepare this before baby’s arrival. Thanks again for all the help. I love your website as it is a source of inspiration for me…please keep up the good work.
    Warm Regards,

  30. Namaste Aunty,
    Thanks a lot for such a helpful post. I m too pregnant,due date is in april and this will be my first baby.As i am in singapore with my hubby,i miss India and my parents too much.In-laws are no more in this world,still confused what is good for me to deliever a baby over here or in india.
    Nways Dal Bati is one of my favourite dish.Bati doesn’t come out well.can u post the recipe for this.Thanx in advance.

  31. Hi Manjula,

    First, let me wish you and your family the best for this year and congratulate you on your soon-to-come grandchild. About your article, would you recommend taking turmeric this way in general?

  32. Hi Manjula ji, Happy New Year. Thank you for the list, it will surely help the new moms. Well you have mentioned ginger powder, please also mention the quantity and the method how it should be taken because I know that it is actually hot for the body and so should not be taken in large quantity. This would also help.
    Thank you.

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