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Bean Sprouts Salad Spring Roll

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This Bean Sprouts Salad Spring Roll recipe is Vietnamese cuisine inspired salad. I give credit to my very dear friend Anaya for this recipe and she in turn gives credit to her friend and food network. No matter what changes we make, this spring roll is tasty, healthy, very filling, very colorful, and easy to make. It has always been a very big hit whenever I have taken to potluck. Hope you all enjoy it. This versatile spring roll can be eaten with mint sauce or cilantro. I have used mint dressing in this recipe. I especially like this since it is not fried, tasty and a healthy salad which I like to skip a meal and eat this instead.

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Vegetable Kathi Roll – Frankie

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Vegetable Kathi Rolls are a popular Mumbai street food. Vegetable Kathi rolls are the perfect meal for any time. These are also a great vegan treat. This recipe is super easy to put together and it makes for the perfect lunchbox or tiffin meal. Also, this is my version of Spring Roll.

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