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Contest November 2009

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Beginning this month of November, I will be having a Monthly Contest. Each month will feature a different contest with great prizes!! For November, your Objective: Take my recipe for Gulab Jamun and create a unique variation of it. Be Creative! There are many ways to adapt the Gulab Jamun recipe into something truly unique […]

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Contest November 2009 Winners

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FIRST PLACE: Smita Srivastava from India created Kesariya Gulabjamun Pulao. The full recipe is listed below. SECOND PLACE: Spoorthy Prasad from Minneapolis created a variation called Snow Ball (also listed below). Other top contributions are also worth mentioning here. Thank you for participating: Menaka Seshakumar priya Suresh Vidya Lakshmi Keerti Prathak Pratima Adam Hall Seema […]

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Contest November 2010

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For this month, I thought it would be festive to make holiday eggless cookies. You may make any kind of cookie as long as no eggs are in the recipe. I look forward to see your creations! Check out my recipe for whole wheat almond eggless cookies as an example. Below is my checklist: Ingredients […]

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