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Menu Suggestions for Lunch/Dinner

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What’s for lunch or dinner? This is a question most of us struggle with on a daily basis. When I ask my husband Alex what I should cook for our meals, his answer has been the same for the past 45 years! It’s that I should give him some choices and he will then select his preference. So I have decided to come up with some great, easy, and healthy choices for lunch and dinner. It’s a long time overdue and no more excuses! I would love to get your thoughts on these suggestions and if you find them helpful.
Check out the below menu for one week’s worth of lunches/dinners. I have also provided some tips and suggestions to make it easy. It may be helpful to read the entire menu before and make a shopping list for the ingredients you need. Plan to do your shopping the day before you cook.

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Summer Lunch – Meal Plan Suggestions

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Summer lunches with good friends are the best! Today, I hosted a lunch and card party.

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