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Cold Coffee (Iced Coffee)

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To help beat the heat on a hot summer day, there’s nothing like a tall glass of cold coffee.

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Frozen Chocolate Frappuccino

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School is back in session and summer is pretty much over, but it’s still hot enough to enjoy “Frozen Chocolate Frappuccino”. It has been a huge hit with my grandkids this summer. Of course, they enjoy traditional hot chocolate as well. One day my granddaughter asked me if I could make a delicious cold version of a hot chocolate and call it “Frozen Chocolate Frappuccino”! It was a really hot day and we decided to experiment with different versions of cold frothy frozen chocolate. We came up with the perfect recipe together. She was so excited about this recipe that she wants to create more recipes!

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My son will like me to share my Cold Coffee recipe

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Cold Coffee (Iced Coffee) brings back many fond memories of my youth. In the summer months, I would often walk with friends to the nearby gas station that had a coffee shop kiosk. They would make the best cold coffee and freshly baked cookies. When I got married and moved to the US, I did not […]

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