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Almond Brittle (Almond Chikki)

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Almond brittle also known as Chikki in India this is quick and easy recipe to make. This old fashioned candy every body will enjoy.

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Holiday Gift Snacks

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  The holidays are around the corner and this time of year is all about family, friends, and good cheer!  I love the holidays as they create positive energy, happiness, and gives us an excuse to get in touch with friends and family.  I like to visit friends […]

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Squash Ice Cream on Warm Squash Halwa

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My contribution to this month’s recipe contest using squash is a low fat spiced squash ice cream served on warm squash halwa with squash seeds brittle wedge. This is a hot/cold dessert recipe here which I came up with and prepared during the thanksgiving weekend. It was a big hit with our friends- kids, grown-ups and people from all cultures. Hope you enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed planning, making and serving it.

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