Moong Dal Vada

Appetizers, Chaat, Gluten Free, Snacks, Vegan

…p baking soda 1 tsp salt Also need oil to fry Instructions   Wash and soak dal in about 3 cups of water for four hours or longer. Grind dal coarsely using very little water. Add all the ingredients to the dal batter, potatoes, cilantro, green chili, ginger, cumin seeds, asafetida and salt, beat the batter for 2-3 minutes this will make the batter light. Add the water if needed, batter should be soft. If batter is too thick Vadas will be hard. Heat…

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Urad Dal Puri (Bedmi Puri Kachori)

Breads, Diwali, Vegan

…alt 2 tablespoon oil Oil to fry Instructions   Method Wash and soak urad dal four hours or more. Drain the water. Blend dal coarsely into a thick paste, preferably in a food processor, using as little water as possible. In a bowl mix all the spices. Add to the flour and mix well. Add the dal paste (pithi) to the flour and form into a soft dough using lukewarm water as needed. Dough will be a little sticky. Grease your palm. Spread one teaspoon o…

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Carrot and Moong Dal Salad

Gluten Free, Lunch Box Suggestion, Soups and Salads, Vegan, Winter Recipes

…soak it for about 2-3 hours. After soaking Moong Dal will be double in volume. Drain the water. In a small bowl mix lemon juice, ginger, salt, black pepper and sugar to make dressing and set aside. In a sauce pan heat the oil over medium high heat. Add the cumin seeds as seeds crack add the moong dal. Cook for 2-3 minutes stirring continuously. Don’t over cook that will make dal dry. Turns off the heat and remove the pan, let it cool for few minut…

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Dal Pakwan (Sindhi Breakfast)

Breakfast Recipes, Snacks, Vegan

…chutney for serving, check the recipe on my website Instructions   Cooking Dal: Wash and soak chana dal for at least 2 hours in 3 cups of water. Drain the water and in pressure cooker add dal, 2-1/2 cups of water, salt, turmeric, green chili, and ginger, close the cooker and cook over medium high heat. As the pressure cooker starts steaming turn the heat down to medium and cook for about 4 minutes. Turn off the heat and wait until steam has stoppe…

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Moong Dal Fingers

Snacks, User Submitted Recipes

Recipe submitted by Jyoti Moong Dal Fingers Moong Dal Fingers are a quick & easy to make delicious snacks. Crunchy on the outside and spicy on the inside, it is sure to be a hit with everyone! No ratings yet Print Recipe Pin Recipe Course Appetizer Cuisine Indian Ingredients    1 Cup Split Skinless green gram Moong Dal 1 Onion (chopped) Ginger-green chilli paste (small piece of ginger and 2 green chillies) 1 Tsp Lemon juice 1 Tsp Chaat Mas…

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Dal Paratha (Stuffed Indian Flat Bread)

Breads, Breakfast Recipes, Lunch Box Suggestion, Vegan

…ving the access water if needed. consistency of soft dough. Consistency of dal is very important for this recipe. If dal is too soft it will be difficult to make the filling, so stir fry the dal to bring it to the right consistency. If it is too dry and crumbly add a little water. In a bowl mix dal with salt, fennel powder, chili powder, and asafetida. Adjust the pepper and salt to taste. Set it aside. Making Paratha Divide the dough and filling i…

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Moong Dal Khichdi

Gluten Free, Low Fat, Quick & Easy, Rice

…gurt and papdam. Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was! Delicious Moong Dal ki Khichdi Recipe: An easy step by step preparation Moong dal ki khichadi is a traditional gluten free, low fat, quick & easy Indian dish renowned for its simplicity, versatility, and nutritious profile. At its core, it comprises moong dal (split mung beans) and rice, which are cooked together to create a wholesome and satisfying meal. Thoroughly Washing and Soaking for…

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Masala Khichdi (Rice and Moong Dal)

Gluten Free, Low Fat, Lunch Box Suggestion, Quick & Easy, Rice

…he pressure has dissipated, carefully open the pressure cooker and mix the dal khichdi masala well. The dal and rice should be very soft and slightly mushy, creating a comforting and hearty texture. Tempering the Spices: Enhancing Flavor In another saucepan, heat clarified butter over medium heat. Test the oil’s readiness by adding a cumin seed; if it crackles right away, the oil is ready. Add cumin seeds, black mustard seeds, and asafetida, and s…

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Urad Dal Kachori

Appetizers, Breads, Diwali, Holi, Party Recipes, Snacks

…rbs to customize the flavor according to your preference. Benefits of Urad Dal Kachori Urad dal, the main ingredient in urad dal kachori, is a rich source of protein, fiber, and various nutrients. Including kachoris in your diet provides you with essential nutrients and energy, making it a wholesome snack option. Moreover, homemade kachoris allow you to control the quality of ingredients and avoid unhealthy additives commonly found in store-bought…

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Dal Puri (Indian Fried Bread)

Breads, Breakfast Recipes, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Holi, Karwa Chauth, Lunch Box Suggestion, Makar Sankranti, Navaratri, Party Recipes, Vegan, Yugadi

…ried puffed bread), which consist of puris filled with mildly spiced moong dal. This delicacy is delicious and very festive. Dal Puri is an excellent option with any meal as it is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Serve these incredible dal puris with spicy squash, or potato curry with yogurt gravy. No ratings yet Print Recipe Pin Recipe Course Bread Cuisine Indian Servings 4 people Ingredients    1x2x3x For Dough 1-1/2 cups all-purpose flour – plain…

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Dosa (Rice and Urad Dal Crepe)

Breads, Breakfast Recipes, Gluten Free, South Indian Recipes, Vegan

…n Servings 3 people Ingredients    1x2x3x 1-1/2 cups rice 1/2 cup urad dal washed 1/2 teaspoon fenugreek seeds 1 teaspoon salt 5 tablespoons oil or clarified butter, ghee Instructions   Wash rice and dal changing water three to four times. Soak rice mix and fenugreek seeds in about 4 cups of water for at least six hours. In a blender, blend the rice and dal mix to very creamy texture. Use only as little water as needed to blend. Using to…

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Moong Dal Ladoo

Desserts, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Gluten Free, Navaratri, Snacks

…nd transfer into a plate and let it cool to the room temperature. Once the dal comes to room temperature, grind it to a fine powder. In a bowl mix roasted dal powder, sugar, cardamom powder and crushed almonds. All the ingredients should be mix well. Keep aside. Melt the ghee, ghee should be warm, pour the warm ghee over dal mixture and mix it well. Take 2 tablespoons of mix in your palm and make them into balls. If the laddu is not holding shape,…

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Dal Pakwan Chaat

Appetizers, Snacks, Street Food Recipes, Vegan

…e pakwan instead of frying them and use less oil in the preparation of the dal. Benefits of Dal Pakwan Chaat Rich in Protein: Moong dal is a good source of plant-based protein, making dal pakwan chaat a nutritious option, especially for vegetarians and vegans. Balanced Meal: With a combination of lentils, grains (pakwan), and fresh vegetables, dal pakwan chaat provides a well-balanced meal with essential nutrients. Satisfying Snack: Whether enjoye…

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Chana Dal Sweet and Sour Paratha


…extra water drains most of the water. Stir continuously, and keep pressing dal, until water from dal has evaporated. Note: dal should be moist, not be powdery. Turn off the heat. Let the filling cool to room temperature. To make Parathas Take the dough and knead it for a minute. Divide the dough and filling in 10 equal parts. Dough balls and filling should be the same size. Take one part of the dough and with your fingers flatten the edges and mak…

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Moong Dal Halwa

Desserts, Gluten Free, Vegan

…this recipe?Let us know how it was! Indulge in the Richness of Vegan Moong Dal Halwa Moong Dal Halwa is a classic Indian dessert known for its rich flavour and indulgent texture. This vegan version of Moong Dal Halwa is a perfect way to enjoy the traditional dessert while adhering to a plant-based diet. In this article, we’ll explore the essence of this delightful vegan moong dal halwa recipe, its origins, health benefits, and tips for making it a…

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