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Naan – Oven Baked Flat Bread

Naan - Oven Baked Flat Bread

Naan, the most popular Indian bread in the Western word. Naan can be the main attraction going to an Indian restaurant, naan directly coming from the clay oven “tandoor” taste heavenly. The texture and the earthen aroma from naan! It is so easy to just fall in love with Naan. My naan recipe uses a regular home oven and a clay pizza stone to give the naan same exposer as a clay oven.
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Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Total Time 20 mins
Course Main Course
Cuisine Indian
Servings 3 people


  • 2 cups all-purpose flour plain flour, maida
  • 1 tsp active dry yeast
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • tsp baking soda
  • 2 Tbsp oil canola, vegetable
  • 2 ½ Tbsp plain yogurt curd, dahi
  • ¾ cup lukewarm water use as needed

Also needed

  • 1 tsp clarified butter (ghee) to butter the Naan
  • ¼ cup All Purpose flour for rolling


  • Dissolve yeast in lukewarm water and let it sit for 10 minutes or until the mixture becomes frothy.
  • Add sugar, salt and baking soda to the flour and mix well.
  • Add the oil and yogurt to make crumbly dough. Add the water/yeast mixture and additional water as needed to make into firm dough. Note: The dough will soften as it rises.
  • Knead the dough until smooth. Cover the dough and keep in a warm place three to four hours, until nearly double in volume.
  • Heat the oven to 500°F with pizza stone (baking stone) approx. thirty minutes, until stone is hot. Using a baking/pizza stone will help to give the naan close to same kind of heat as a clay tandoor. Next turn the oven to high broil.
  • Knead the dough for about one minute. Divide it into six equal parts. Roll each piece of dough, into eight ovals. Dust the surface lightly with dry flour to help with the rolling.
  • Lightly wet your hands and flip the rolled naan between your palms. Place two naan on your baking/pizza stone and put it into the oven.
  • Bake the naan two at a time. The naan will take two to three minutes to cook, depending upon your oven. The baked naan should be golden brown on top.
  • Take naan out of the oven and brush lightly with clear butter or ghee.
  • Wait two to three minutes before baking the next naan to give oven a chance to regain lost heat.


If pizza stone is not available, use baking sheet. If using baking sheet, once the top of the naan is cooked, turn them over to cook on the other side.
Serve naan with popular dishes like Dal Makhani,  Palak Paneer or any vegetable dish.
Keyword Popular Indian Bread, Resturant Bread, Tandoori Naan
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572 thoughts on “Naan – Oven Baked Flat Bread

  1. Pizza stones are expensive– cooking on a large, unglazed terracotta tile is a very cheap alternative. Go to a big landscaping store (like Lowe’s) and go to the garden section to find one for about three dollars. Wash it , let it dry, and you’re ready to go. As long as it’s unglazed, its safe for food (it will be all clay). Glazed tiles not meant for food sometimes have lead in the glaze that can leech into the food, so don’t use a glazed tile unless it’s clearly for food use.

  2. Hello Manjula Aunty,

    I want to know how we can clean pizza stone…as mine has some stains of cheese and oil..please help me out!!
    Thanks a lot!

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for your wonderful recipes… Has helped me a lot..
    I had a question- I have a party at home and wanted to make naans..Is it possible to prepare the naans beforehand? Or they will become hard? Or do I have to prepare them when I serve the food?

  4. Hello……….. Iam Olena from Ukraine….. Was living in India for more than 10 year. Thats why missing Indian food very much. Thanx for ur videos….. I feel like iam back to my luved country

  5. hello manjula aunty…i m a married lady not so frank with cooking…i saw ur videos some mnths back too but i just started to follow them bcoz i was very comfortable with italian chiense etc and thought that indian food is so hard to make…but now i follow u and make everything so delicious…now i m not missing indian food as well as my mother’s hand made food that much as i was missing before….i cant show u how much i am thankfull to u…u are helping lots of peopole like me who dont know how to make indian food so easy n delicious…..thanks for ur video n recipes

    1. Naan and tandoori roti must be baked. Do you mean to use the frying pan in the oven? You would have to have a heavy grade metal frying pan with no plastic handle to use it in the oven.

  6. Where should the baking stone be placed in the oven, like whether in the middle rack or close to the flame ?

  7. Never tried baking before. Followed your recipe and instructions for Naan bread.
    Vey nice results from the mixture. No problems with the mix being too wet or sticky. Baked in a fan oven on a steel tray. Good results. Will try the next batch with an oven stone if I can find one.
    Yahoo, I’m hooked on baking! Need to plan the next project. Thank you for explaing everything so well. My retirement is going to be full of creative backing and cooking.

    Best regards Chris Corrigan

  8. hi,
    i tried your recipe today.the naan came out so soft after being set aside for just 1 hour.i guess it would be even better after 3-4 hrs as you mentioned in the recipe.
    thanks a lot for sharing u’r recipe 🙂

  9. The dough did come out to be very sticky… had to add much more flour as well as an increased heating time. Could you recheck the ingredient amounts to make sure they are correct?

  10. Hi Aunty,

    I am repeating my questions as I have not received a reply. I don’t have a pizza stone, what can I use instead? and my oven’s maximum degree of heat is 260 degree Celsius. In Australia all ovens made for homes their maximum temperature is 260 degree Celsius for safety reasons.

    In Australia we use Celsius not Fahrenheit do you mean Fahrenheit in your recipe?

    I eagerly wait your reply.

    1. Aunty’s recipes are in Fahrenheit. 260 degrees C. is the same as 500 degrees F, so your oven is adequate.

      In place of a pizza stone, use a good quality, heavy weight cookie sheet. You can line it with aluminum foil to help with clean up.

    2. Hi Jaya, francisco and Meethu.

      Thank you for your replies, and no francisco I don’t mind you intruding the more ideas the better. I have brought a pizza stone however from Victorias basements as advised by francisco. I didn’t find that the cookie pan worked as well all the same thanks meethu for your input. So I am going to try the recipe again in a few days and I will let you all know how I went.

      Once again thank you all your replies are been greatly appreciated.


  11. Hi Aunty,

    Can you tell how Naan was traditionally made and what was the average production of naan by Indian resturant.

  12. Hi Aunty

    How are you?

    I don’t have a pizza stone what can I use instead? and my oven’s maximum degree of heat is 260 degree Celsius. In Australia all ovens made for homes their maximum temperature is 260 degree Celsius for safety reasons.

    In Australia we use Celsius not Fahrenheit do you mean Fahrenheit in your recipe?

    I eagerly wait your reply.


  13. hello aunty , you r simply great i tried yor naan recipe naam was awsome my husband said i am naan vala choootu lol but this is all bcuz of u .all of yor recipes r great thanks alot GOD BLESS U .

  14. Hi Manjula ji,

    I tried a couple of you recipies specially your coriander chutney, loved it.I made nan however the dough was very sticky and the nan did not look the way that you showed. they were thick as I coulnt roll the doug at all. I did use instant yeast.
    What can I do to prevent this next time.


  15. I love you videos. It’s the best instruction on Indian cooking that I have ever received. Thank you!

  16. Manjula ji,
    Thank you for all your great recipes and how you make them look simple. You have inspired me to try new things every weekend and I as well as my family as loving it. I do have a quick question about Naan recipe?

    Can I make the dough a day in advance to cook next day. Do I have to leave it in the room temperature or be in the refrigerator?

    Thank you once again.

  17. I was searching for a naan recipe & came across your video. I was very impressed with your clear & very precise instructions & decided to try your recipe. I do not have an oven stone, so I used a heavy tray. I wrongly used the bake mode instead of broil – it turned out hard and crispy (more like a flatbread) but the taste was very good, our guests enjoyed it anyhow. So the very next day, after more reading up, I tried with my cast iron pans turned upside down in the oven with broil mode on. This time, the naans turned out perfectly & my husband was extremely pleased (he’s addicted to naan!). I’m definitely going to get an oven stone. I am also eager to try your other recipes. By any chance, would you have a recipe for the heavenly apom? Thank you Manjula for sharing and blessing us with your wonderful recipes and skills.

  18. Hi Manjula Ji

    I love to see your videos.i am a working girl and recently married,before marriege i never
    joined any cooking classses and i was borried about that but after watching your video it is
    so easy to make dishes as per your recipes.its a great pleasure to found you and your
    cookery videos.thank u very much for spreding your knowledge for all.

    Thank you


  19. Hi Manjula Auntie,
    I tried most of your recipes and all came up really good. Thank you very much for that.But I tried to make Naan, and the dough came up very soft, hard to make ball
    so I added litle flour in it. the Naan did puff, but it was not soft enough.The Naan suppose to come out crispy or soft ? Please advise me on that, Then I tried on skillet on stove it came up soft but not puffed

  20. Manjula
    I’m watching your videos on Youtube about a year now.
    I have a feeling that you are a member of my family…
    Thank you for being with us!

  21. Hi Manjula aunty
    I am a fan of all your recipes….so when i thought of Tandoori roti , http://www.manjulaskitchen.com was my first thought. If I want to make the same can I substitute maida with atta/whole wheat flour from the Naan recipe? or in some propotion of the both…

    Please reply n thanks a lot

  22. Hi Aunty,

    Thanks for teaching us easy ways to cook. In this recipe, what can we use in place of a pizza stone?

    Thanks in advance for the reply.

  23. love u manju aunty!! thnx so much …ur like a mommy to girls who have their moms back home in india and need desperate help with their cooking skills…thnx so much for teaching all these wonderful recipes in such easy, perfect ways with detailed measurements and descriptions!!! kisses

  24. Hello Auntyji..
    I dont know about the pizza stone… can I place non stick tawa or any wooden sheet in the oven for making nan or pizza… ?
    I tried most of your paneer items…they were too good….. Now need to serve nan with them….
    Please reply…..

    Thank you

  25. I am so very grateful for your teaching. I am able to treat my family to even more ethnic dinners and they also are grateful. You have a very easy to follow way of teaching. Thank you Manjula!

  26. Hello Manjulaji,

    I don’t have a pizza stone, can I bake them in Cookie tray??? Or I have a thick Tava which I got it from India can I use that to bake??? Plz let me know.

    1. Hello Manjulaji,

      I don’t have a pizza stone, can you plz tell me the alternative. Thank you in advance.

  27. Hello Aunty,

    I followed your naan recipe as it is but they turned out very crispy. Should I do anything differernt?


  28. I’m having a company for dinner and was wondering whether this recipe can be doubled, or is it better to make 2 separate batches? I made it for the first time yesterday and it turned out beautifully! One batch will definitely not be enough!!


  30. I tried your recipe twice already but I am encountering a problem; my dough is too sticky and it won’t allow me to knead. It keeps sticking to my fingers. Am I doing something wrong or should I just reduce the amount of water? Thank you in advance for a response.

    1. Try running your hands under cold water, drying them then powdering the with flour. The dough doesn’t stick quite so much when your skin is cold.

  31. Aunty,
    I have a bread maker which I use to make dough for pizzas. I have used the same dough to make bhaturas and they come out pretty well. Do you think I can use it to make dough for the naan and then follow your recipe with the pizza stone etc? Your opinion would be really appreciated.
    PS I first stumbled upon your website while looking for a naan recipe. Since then I have tried many of your recipes but have not had the courage to try the naan yet 🙂

  32. We tried your naan recipe tonight and the aloo masala recipe too. They were both wonderful! Thanks for sharing your website with the world!

  33. Hello Manjula Ji
    We tried your Naan, it comes good, but my problem is how
    do we keep this soft after 2 hours?
    Like Restaurants when we order it will be soft, we have to eat the
    moment we make the naan at home.
    Is there any thing that keeps it soft even after 3 hours?


    1. Hi Jasmine,

      I bought my pizza stone from Target, the one Manjula aunty uses i could not find a one like that, but i found a round pizza stone with rack at Target for only $10. And When i made my naan i could easily fit 3 naans at a time. they came out wonderful.


  34. Hi,
    I am staying in new jersey.Mam where can I get pizza stone?how much price it is?I want to try this receipe.

    1. Hi Sutapa,

      I also live in New Jersey and I bought my pizza stone from Target, the one Manjula aunty uses I could not find a one like that, but I found a round pizza stone with rack at Target for only $10. And When I made my naan I could easily fit 3 naans at a time. They came out wonderful.


  35. Hallo Aunty ,

    Will You plz poat the recipe for suji Halawa . My husband love it & Moreover We have to prepare at the time of satyanarayan pooja & other festival.thanks.

  36. Hallo aunty,

    I know how to prepare yogurt at home but i wanted to know which brand of yogurt I should Use ? I am in USA (Eastern)

    1. I’m in New England and use Dannon yogurt (regular style, not the low fat or non fat). There are other popular brands like Columbo and Stonyfield, but I like the flavor of Dannon over the others.

      It’s all personal preference. Just try different brands. I use only the regular because it’s creamier and more authentic tasting.

      1. Hi Jaya ,

        Thanks for ur reply . Regular style yogurt means plain Dannon yogurt ,Right. plz clarify me about this.


  37. Hallo Aunty,
    Which brand of butter u used for paneer butter masala? Or u prepared it at home .Plz tell us the recipe . I dont like american store curd .thanks

  38. Aunty
    I have made this recipe several times already and it has come out perfect each time.Thanks for the wonderful recipe. I had a question. Could I substitute all purose flour with whole wheat flour. Please let me knw.Thanks

      1. Thanks Auny
        I tried half wheat and half all purpose the results were excellent. It was very easy to roll the dough and also it was much softer….thanks again…..

  39. Hi Aunty,
    I just wanted to ask you if you don’t have a pizza stone could you like foiled oven rack and cook the naan little bit longer. do you think that might work? If you could please let me.

    Thank you

      1. Hi Aynty,
        I’m sorry…I did not specify my self. I was talking about baking the NAAN. If you could please let me know. Thay will be a great help.

        Thank You

    1. Broil and grill use much higher heat than baking. Keep watch of the oven while anything is in there cooking under these modes. You don’t want a fire!

    1. A convection oven just means that there are fans to move the air around inside the oven while cooking, so that’s not a problem.

      I don’t know why your oven doesn’t have a “broil” feature. If it’s a newer oven, ask the store you bought it from. If that’s not possible, Google your oven brand and style and look up the information from the manufacturer. If you happen to have the instruction manual that came with the oven, look in there regarding how to broil.

      I suppose it’s possible your oven simply doesn’t have that feature, but without knowing any specifics of the brand or model I can’t help you any further.

      Good luck.

      1. thanks so much for the reply.
        well i hav LG convection oven… it has a microwave mode, grill mode, combination mode and convection mode. i use the last mentioned mode for all the baking purpose… like cakes, pizzas, pies n all…
        the instruction manual dsnt mention the word “broil” anywhr…
        for what other recipes is this mode required??
        also… what abt the pizza stone?

  40. Thanks for the recipe. I make naans on tawa and they turn out pretty good but I really want to try this recipe.
    I have one question… my oven has convection mode… i usually make pizzas on that mode only but there is no mode called “broil”… what do i do?
    also… i dont hav a pizza stone… shud i invest in one or make without that only??
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi,
      I am just about to make this Naan for the first time and had never heard of a broil either, but when I searched it
      on the net it says that it is to grill under a high heat. Hope this is of help to you.

  41. We went out for Indian food at a pretty nice restaurant last night and had leftovers for dinner tonight. It felt wrong to have Indian food without naan, so I made this recipe. Comparing it to the stuff we had at the restaurant last night, this recipe is a total knockout! Just as light, fluffy, stretchy, all the good things that naan is. Thanks for the recipe and the video!

  42. Excellent recipe! I did reduce the quantity of water a little because the dough was too wet. Also, because I use a gas stove, I cook the naan in the broiler, not the oven. The naan cooks wonderfully when I preheat my 12″ x 12″ stone in the broiler at 500 degrees and then cook the naan, in the highest level of the broiler, after turning the setting to “broil,” which keeps the burner ignited throughout the process. The results are wonderful. Thank you Manjula Auntie!

  43. Dear Ms. Jain:

    I love your very natural Indian accent in your videos.
    Do NOT change your Indian accent in your delivery even if people ask you to change.
    Your cooking style is also very down to earth. ghar-ka khana.

    K S Venkataraman

    1. Alka, a pizza stone is an unglazed ceramic slab about 1 inch thick and about 18 to 24 inches in diameter. It’s used in an oven because once it becomes hot it hold the heat longer for cooking things like pizza dough, naan, etc.

      It’s the same effect as putting naan dough on the inside of a tandoor, except a pizza stone is flat and goes on the bottom rack of your kitchen oven.

  44. Thank you so much for publishing these recipes. I just discovered you today on YouTube and your demonstrations are ver well done! I lived in Malasia for several years and loved the mogul food there. Have made roti, but never naan. Will try that soon, thanks to you!

  45. Just pick one and buy it – the shape doesn’t matter as long as it suits what you are baking on it. If in doubt, go with a high end cooking store like Williams Sonoma. The purpose of the stone is that they can get very hot and retain that heat for as long as you are heating the oven.

    The biggest thing to remember is they can chip and break. Once they are cooled down, handle with care when you take it in and out of the oven. Store is flat when not in use.

    Don’t store the pizza stone in the oven while baking other things. Keep it in the oven for cooking only when actually using the pizza stone.

  46. Auntie
    I have been trying to buy a pizza stone but they are so many on the market…What brand have you got or what brand would you recommend ????? Please let me know…Thanks again !!

  47. Hello Auntie jee
    I made nan 3 times already and each time they have come out better than the previous time….The last time I made it I sprinkled some sesame seeds on them before I put it in the oven…..they were fabulous……thank you so much for sharing this recipe….I had a question…..Can I substitute whole wheat flour instead of all purpose flour????…..awaiting for your reply……thanks again

  48. Hi Manjula,

    Do you use baking powder or baking soda in this recipe? The text says soda, but you say powder in the video. I believe the question was posted before as well, but I don’t see an answer.


  49. Dear Majula,
    Thank you very much for your wonderful recipes. Your step by step instructions are so easy to follow. And to top it all you have a wonderful sense of humour. God bless you.

  50. Hello Manjulaji,

    Your cooking site is very useful and I use to cook most of your recipes and it came out very well. I tried naan with the help of your recipe…i dont have any words to tell…it was awesome and delicious. My husband commented that I am a good cook.But the credit goes only to you. i also suggested many of my friends in UK and US to how to prepare naan…everyone tried that and now they are not going to any restaurant to eat naan….good for us, bad for the restaurant owners :-). Well i am a pure southindian girl and now im preparing delicious northindian dishes….Thanks a lot for your recipes. Keep adding new recipes so that we all will try.

  51. Dear Manjulaji,

    Thanks for the great recipe! I tried them and they turned out great for family and guests.
    Could you please suggest some variations like garlic naan or methi naan etc?

    Best regards,

  52. Hello Manjulaji,

    I have tried many other recipes of yours.I plan to try this today. I don’t have a pizza stone but will try it on the baking sheet as you’ve suggested down below. What I wanted to know is I need to make atleast 12 – 18 of these naans, so do I have to increase the yeast also accordingly? Please let me know. Also, is it ok if I make the dough & leave it overnight? Will that change the result of the naans? Please let me know in the earliest. Thank you & I love your recipes! The best part is that I get to see it & not just read it.

  53. I have tried to make these naans about 5 times now and i used the baking stone and i set the oven to 500 and followed all of the directions precisely and my naans are not puffing up and are not browning. they are rubbery and sometimes crispy 🙁

  54. Hi! Great looking recipe, will try tonight to accompany a curry.

    Can you tell me if the Yoghurt is 100% necessary?


  55. Do you have access to a large, commercial sized oven to bake 100-plus naans?
    Your oven size/capacity will make a difference in how far in advance you need to start making them.

  56. I would like to make your Naan bread for a dinner where we are serving over 100 women. How far in advance can I make this bread? How do you recommend keeping it until serving?

  57. Hi Megha,
    There is no substitute for yeast. For this recipe you must use only yeast.
    If you have further questions about yeast, please reply back.
    Jaya 🙂

  58. Hi Manjula Aunty,

    I have a question in this recipe, can i use baking soda instead of yeast, if yes then in what proportion… thnks…

  59. Hello Manjula Aunty,

    I tried out your Naan recipe and it came out really nice! 🙂 My husband and I had it with Dal Makhni (again made following your recipe). The naan didn’t puff up completely but I think it’s because I pre-heated it to 475 degrees and not 500 as you said. But it still tasted wonderful!!!

    I had a small doubt though – do we need to turn the naan over for the lower side to cook too?? I did not turn it but it still came out looking and tasting great!

    Thanks once again and please do keep the recipes coming!!!


  61. Dear Manjulaji,
    I am vegetarian like you, and couldn’t find gelatin free yogurt here in my area. Which brand of yogurt do you use?


  63. hi auntiji!
    i have tried making baturas after following your recipe and they turned out pretty well..so this time i went a step ahead and tried making naan…it turned out nice but dint fluff up completely..i was happy with the taste though.as i wasnt sure how they would turn out so i used exactly half of the measurements.i used a normal tray as i dint have a pizza stone…since my oven is small and the highest temp. was only 250 degrees..i preheated it at the max for about 15 mins…and turned the naan after a minute.wanted to thank you and wanted to share this with others !
    thank u sooo much!


  65. Hello Aunty,

    In the above recipe you have asked the oven to be turned on “high broil”. What does high broil mean?

    I look forward to your reply.


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