My Mom

While reading the viewer’s entries for Mother’s day, I felt that I also wanted to share a little about my mother. It has been 15 years since she passed away, yet I constantly feel her presence around me, guiding me and mostly, putting a smile on my face.

I am a mom of two and a grandmother of four. But while my mom was alive, I felt very much like a kid around her. She would every now and then, remind me to “grow up” and I miss that very much. Some would say that as you age, your mom becomes more of a friend. But for me, I wanted her to be my mother, always! No matter how much I aged, I cherished and loved the feeling of being a child in her company.

She was an amazing mother; very loving, caring and giving. She had an air of magic in her as she spoke. Her greatest talent was that she would make you feel really good about your own self. One touch or look from her, and you felt something very special inside. I try very hard to be like my mom, but it’s a tough act to follow.

I love you mom.

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9 thoughts on “My Mom

  1. your post about your relationship with your mom is so touching and reminds me of my mom who left us almost a year ago now. But its amazng how I too feel her presence around me all the time. She is always there when I want to talk to her and she often comes in my dreams.

  2. Dear Manjula,

    I love your website and your recipes. My heart was so touched when I read about how you love your mother. You are very lucky to have been blessed with such a wonderful mother. Love you and I love to watch your recipes, it helps to make Indian cooking easier for me to understand, and a joy to try your recipes! THank you so much!

    Mary Beth

  3. What a beautiful post about your mum. Thank you for sharing.

    Talking of mom’s…I was wondering if you could make a series for
    Moms-To-be…Indian food recommendations and recipes.
    Girls who are far away from home will really appreciated that.

  4. Hello,
    Only someone who miss their mom knows, feels and understand the spiritual relationship. My mom and I did not have a great relationship as she was too busy and tired to take care of us. After she passed away, and in reflection, I begin to understand and I miss her dearly. Your article reminds me of this affection, and I think and wish her to be relax and happy, wherever she may be. I love her too and it is too late to hear her response, but I tell her anyway when I go for walks in the woods, I talk to her and wish her well.
    Faye Lim

  5. Like you, my mother made her transition over 10 years ago. She laid the foundation for my spiritual development. A woman whose kindness, love
    and compassion saw no boundaries. A woman who never had a bad word
    for anyone. I once read, “GOD made mothers so humans would know
    what unconditional love really means.” I thank GOD for allowing me to
    get a glimpse of his never ending love through my mother.

    Ms. Manjula, your wonderful words honoring your mother reflects her
    continued presence in your life. I am sure she is pleased. Peace

  6. Manjula,
    I feel about my mom like you feel about yours. She has gone 31 years ago, and I feel she has never be far from my spirit.
    Thank you to share this lovelly feeling between you and your mother!

    We are nice “children” of them, of course, too. If not, we wouldn’t have so this atention and care by them.


  7. Loved reading abt ur mom…She must b very talented n creative person,and that dweels in u too…moms r real jewels,they always sparkle our life…thanks for sharing aunty…how hard we try we can never b like our mom…I feel I m nt even 0.000000001% of my mom…moms r the best..

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