My Blunders For Diwali

I had a great time with my family. We all had fun. It was a hectic week. We took lots of photographs of our family but they all got deleted by mistake except a few.

My blunders for Diwali preparation! Three days before Diwali, I decided to make all my deserts and appetizers and do my laundry on the same day as I have an old bad habit to do multiple things. Not a good idea you are asking for disaster. Nothing came out as I planned by end of the day I was in tears. My husband smiled and said hopefully one day you will learn to do one thing at a time.

I was making boondi ladoo which I served just as boondi and served them in cup cakes cups. The same thing happened with coconut burfi. I had to shape them differently and again serve them in foil candy cups. Gulab jamuns turned out hard which I still have sitting in my refrigerator for next get together. I will cut them in pieces and before serving I will mix them with vanilla ice cream.

The end result was that every thing tasted well and every body enjoyed it.

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7 thoughts on “My Blunders For Diwali

  1. Dear Manjula Auntie,
    I am a true fan of your recipes and this Diwali, I made Ras malai and Badam Burfi from your recipes. You will be happy to know that they turned out pretty well for a first attempt. I really want to thank you for posting your videos and helping us learn to cook. I had never thought that one day I will try to make sweets at home.But you make it look so easy.Thanks once again.

  2. Hi Manjulaji

    Great to receive your newsletters. Multitasking can be stressful but your hilarious problems show that we all have our days when things just
    dont turn out right. But alls well that ends well. Look forward to more exciting recipes.



  3. You are a true cook. Able to make mistakes and still go on and make something with them. In the manner of all great cooks, you recover and go on. This is a good lesson for us all. . . . and it is nice to know that wonderful cooks and teachers like you cope with disaster like the rest of us.

  4. Namaste Manjula aunty,

    Belated Diwali wishes to you and your family. Though i have been following your recipes for some time, this is the first time I am posting a comment. I had invited 2-3 families for Diwali and i followed your recipes to make chana, butter paneer etc. One of the families dont eat garlic,onion and potatoes, so your recipes were just the right ones. They all came out very well and i told them about your recipe collection.
    Thanks you very much for posting these wonderful recipes.


  5. Hi Aunty,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Its nice to know that no one is perfect. I too sometimes do too much multitasking and it messes things up. Hubby always discourages me but I think I can handle it all.

    Good to hear your Diwali turned out nice 🙂


    Meena 🙂

  6. Manjulaji,
    you are so sweet sharing your Diwali actions turned into a delicious dessert… I love Boondi ladoo, it’s powerful.
    But, your way of writing makes me laughs, just imagining how your husband are very tranquil to inform you with a smiling face, may you do the duties in a calm way some day… you are lovely.
    with love and respect,
    cecilia from Brazil

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