I Have Been Busy

It has been awhile since my last post because I have been busy with family and with cooking classes.

I feel very energetic and very satisfied doing these cooking classes. I have wanted to share my cooking experience for years, and now I am able to do that through classes and videos.

It is a good feeling.When visitors to the site make a comment that I remind them of their mom, to me that’s the best compliment someone can give me. Many years back my close friend told me I should stop being a mother figure to people, but the other day she called me after reading one of the comments on the blog and said with a smile now it is the right time to be a Mom.

I don’t do much baking but many of you have requested an egg less cake so I have been trying different recipes. After trying a few and making a few changes, I think I have come to a recipe my husband and I agree on. So let me give it one more try and then I should be doing posting it on the site in next three to four days.

I love to do all the recipes you ask about. But many of the dishes I have never heard of and some I only know by name. Slowly I will try to learn more recipes.

Don’t forget when we cook we try to use the ingredients we have on hand. For example if I wanted to make matar (green peas) paneer but at the last minute I find I don’t have green peas so I use instead a bag of mixed vegetables, or I don’t have tomatoes so I decide to do a yogurt gravy. Experiment and share and do come up with a fancy name for the dish.

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11 thoughts on “I Have Been Busy

  1. Hello aunty
    Let me first say thank you for all the thinks I have learned watching your videos and trying your amasing and very authentic recipes.
    I have been looking everywhere for a good dhudi recipe but failed to find one.
    So I find myself at your mercy…plzzzzzzzzzzzz aunty.
    My husband loves dhudi but I only add it to plain daal.
    What else to do with it?!
    I am sure you must know some really tasty way of cooking it.
    Thank you so much aunty
    kind regards,cosmina

  2. Dear Manjula Aunty,

    I have been following your recipes for a while now, and each one of them was as wonderful as the previous ones. You make cooking so easy to understand and so very easy to prepare. I never thought I would make so many dishes myself, as I was very bad at cooking when I started off.
    Many thanks to you!

    I love cakes, and I’m going to try out the egg-less pineapple cake in some time. And I can already imagine myself relishing it 🙂

    Hearty thanks to you and your husband for this wonderful website – for all the effort, patience and time that goes into it!

  3. Honestly saying auntiji ,i had not gone through any of those recipes totally ,but it’s a great thing that internet has gone further than text to video tutorials .

    thank you

  4. Dear Manjula ji,
    I have recently come to US.This is the first website that i have browsed for recipes after coming here. I would love to try the different recipes that you post( especially without onion and garlic and can be served as Prasad too). Incidentally one of my aunt is a great cook and she is winning 4 awards for her series of cookbooks she has published last year.So I am all set to become a great cook in the future.

  5. Manjula, I have been watching your videos and reading your recipes for two days now. I am so excited to have found your website! I can not thank you enough. I have been searching and searching to find Indian recipes that are straightforward and delicious. I love all things Indian…especially the food. However, I have been easily overwhelmed trying to follow most recipes. Your spirit towards the food you are preparing and your audience is one of gentle kindness. I am just so happy you are doing this! I will be cooking many of your dishes as soon as I buy some spices! Blessings to you!

  6. Hello, dear Manjula. It has been difficult to find tasty recipes that do not include onions and garlic, which I am not allowed to eat. Everything I’ve made from your recipes has been delicious. Thank you so much for your recipes.

  7. Hello Mrs. Jain,
    My name is Anchal Jain (Male – obvious a lot of people would think with the name I get mistaken for a female)…I have already tried few of your recipes, and they are just wonderful. For instance, before going through your Aloo Paratha recipe I tried it so many times, but always failed to get it just right. One time it even happened that I was rolling it and all the potato came out while I was rolling …:D :D…but finally everything went fine and came out great boleto Amazing.
    Thanks a lot…
    Please keep up the great work…

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