Happy Holidays!

Wishing you all Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year! It doesn’t feel like it has been four years since I began posting on YOUTUBE and three years for my website. I am having a great time making these video recipes.

I would like to thank all of you who have become such an important part of my life. My viewers provide so much inspiration for me through their comments and regular emails. I enjoy that interaction very much, as my husband Alex says, “That puts a smile on your face”.

A special thanks to Sateesh, my web developer. He has done an amazing job creating and maintaining the website. My husband Alex, has been the most important part of my video making. He is the stage manager, videographer, director and editor, all-in-one. He is also my biggest critic but to his credit he does taste-test all my creations, good or bad!

We’ve had a wonderful journey so far and I am really looking forward to the New Year and all its possibilities. The viewer contest will be expanded to include some topics that you have requested. These include ways to help busy families in their meal planning, such as lunch box suggestions, kid-friendly recipes, picnic menus and quick meals.

So there’s plenty to look forward to in 2011 and I hope that I can continue to bring you joy and excitement in your cooking experience.

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6 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. Manjula thank you for sharing your recipes, they taste delicious! I want to thank because thanks to you I can have variety when eating, and the most important thing that is vegetarian food. Even I can’t find all the ingredients my dishes still have the Indian flavour ^^, but sometimes it is hard being vegetarian in my country because of its culture, i don’t have many options to prepare food and I need to have variety because my boyfriend recently became vegetarian so I have to make him feel excellent by being veggie =) I really appreciate what you do thank you so much and best wishes …

    From Colombia

  2. Happy Holidays Manjula ji. Loved ur website. Thanku so much for doing this. You have changed the cooking lifestyle of so many people. Am sure all of them especially novices like me are very very happy and are making healthy,tasty dishes at home. Wish u a very very Happy and a Prosperous New Year.

  3. Thank YOU, Manjula for great inspiration. We celebrate christmas eve in our traditional way but on christmas day I´m going to cook indian food for my family for variation.

    Merry Christmas from Sweden!

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