Going on a Trip

I am so incredibly excited…. Alex and I are taking a much-needed trip. We are planning to visit family and friends across the United States and even India. This trip will begin in September until the end of the year. My husband, Alex, came up with this idea and has taken the task to plan this exciting trip. I was hesitant to go on this trip as I know I will miss my family here in San Diego (especially my four grandchildren). It is an indescribable strange feeling when I think about staying away from family. But now I have embraced this idea and I am actually looking forward to this cross-country trip.

We will stay in touch as I will be blogging along the way and share my experiences. Of course, new recipe videos will continue coming. You will see me in different kitchens of my friends and family. That should be lot of fun! As I travel, I hope I will adopt and learn to incorporate some new flavors and techniques.

 We will start the trip on 7th of September. Our trip will be starting from the San Francisco Bay Area and we will be visiting the following cities: Seattle Washington, Ann Arbor Michigan, Cleveland Ohio, Washington DC, and New Jersey. We will then head to India and then back home to San Diego.

I look forward to updating you all about my adventures across the U.S. and India.

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29 thoughts on “Going on a Trip

  1. Hello auntyji this is my first visit to ur blogs and very excited for your fun trip ahead. By the way v met outside surati farsan a couple days ago when my husband jay introduced himself to u as mayank’s friend frm San Diego state univ. I hopr u remember! Well I wish u n uncle the best in this new adventure together! See u around San Diego n I cant wait for all ur new videos n experiences! Have a gr8 time 🙂

  2. Aunty, have a great trip. I am sure you will find things have changed so much, especially in India. Hope u have enough time to meet up with family and friends. Enjoy but keep posting!

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