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Deciding on the perfect menu for the upcoming holiday of Diwali can be challenging! I have been trying to decide the menu for a Diwali party I am hosting for the last couple of days. It’s the time of year to indulge in delicious and tasty food, without a regard for calories! This year I am leaning towards a very traditional menu. I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions about this menu.

To start out the evening, I would like to serve:

Diwali Menu Diwali Menu Diwali Menu Diwali Menu

My main courses will include:

Diwali Menu Diwali Menu Diwali Menu Diwali Menu Diwali Menu Diwali Menu

Finally, for dessert, I would like to serve:

Diwali Menu Diwali Menu

I know this is a very big menu so I need to start making some preparations now!

Let me know what you think? Does this traditional menu sound good to you, or do you think I should incorporate some non-traditional items as well?


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10 thoughts on “Diwali Menu

  1. Namaste Aunty:) my love and creativity towards cooking has come from you. You have inspired me a lot. love your simplicity , may god bless you! Happy Diwali..wishes all the way from KUWAIT.

    1. Hello Manjulaji,
      These are great recipes for Diwali menus. I really love your cooking style and all recipes which you make. My mom also prepared during Diwali beasan ki barfi, karanji or gujiya and varieties of dry snacks.

  2. Great Menu! However, scary one thinking about the hard work that goes behind cooking so much variety for one party meal!!! Specially, planning so much variety and then with grocery shopping, cooking, clean up after cooking, table decoration – serving and clean up after party seems too much for the lady of the house. Also, with young kids in the house, finding undistracted cooking time is hard, thus I was quite impressed when I read the menu. So I would love to hear from you how you break down cooking / planning of these items in terms of time spent, sequence etc. How many days in advance you start preparations and pre-cooking (e.g. making gravies ready in advance, roasting mung daal for halwa in advance, grinding urad dal and keeping it in fridge for making puris on party day etc). I would love to get your experienced guidance on “behind the scene” work that goes into such a grand menu cooking in US household.

    Many thanks!

  3. Namaste Manjulaji,

    These recipes are perfect for Diwali. My Mom /MIL and I also make same kind of food for Diwali.

    Your family are going to be very happy with all delicious food that you make..

    Good luck and Happy Diwali to you and your family.

  4. Dear Manjula:

    I love the traditional recipes! Wow- now I want to come to your house for Diwali!

    Happy cooking. Your guests are going to be so happy with all that delicious food.

    Love and Joy to you and your loved ones on this happy day.

    Jen of Hens

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