December Contest Clarification

Thank you all for your comments regarding this contest. I am very pleased to see the interest that my viewers have over the entries and the winners. The website is my way of sharing my joy of cooking, just as the contest is my viewer’s way of sharing their own creative ideas. I take great pride in reading all the entries and it is always a difficult challenge to select the winners.

The recipes on my website are strictly eggless and vegetarian. There was an oversight on my part on the contest rules. The December contest rules did not specify that the recipes needed to be “eggless”. Therefore, all the entries that met the specified rules were included in my decision making process for the winner. In future I will be looking for eggless recipes.

I hope that my website is a source of inspiration for all, and that you will use it as a stepping stone to experimenting and creating your own recipes. The contest is then a great way to share your creations with the rest of us. So I really look forward to seeing more unique entries. Thank you for always supporting my passion for healthy, vegetarian cooking.

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2 thoughts on “December Contest Clarification

  1. Rita, the mithaiwala’s guard their recipes. It’s virtually impossible to get any of the sweet makers to reveal the exact method for their best selling sweets!

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