Das Lakshan Parva And Paryushan

Paryushan and Das Lakshan Parva is a most auspicious and sacred day for Jains. This is a festival of spiritual awareness. Generally this falls in the month of September. One sect of Jains celeberate as Paryushan 10 days celeberation and just after another sect of Jains celebrate as Das Lakshan, concentrating on the ten universal virtues like forgiveness, humility, straightforwardness, contentment, truth, charity, and non-possessiveness.

In Jainism fasting is considered a spiritual activity that provides self-control and strength. Fasting is not just done by not eating; it is also having control on personal behaviors, and shows personal strength, for example leaving for a day or more the activity you enjoy most, like watching television, shopping, talking to friends. The significance of this holiday is self-purification and uplifting of oneself.

Another very important aspect of this holiday is asking for forgiveness from friends and relatives for both intentional and unintentional wrongs. Today last day of celebration I will like to ask all my viewers for forgiveness if I have hurt anyone or said something hurtful.

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5 thoughts on “Das Lakshan Parva And Paryushan

  1. Dear Aunty, Thank you for reminding us of these unique human qualities such as charity, forgiveness, humility and understanding. What a blessing to read wise words and how inspiring that we can all take concrete steps towards peace truth and contentment in our life!

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