Creating a new Tofu recipe!

Recently my husband Alex mentioned that while he enjoys my usual tofu dishes, he would like me to prepare a new tofu dish. He wanted something with Asian-inspired flavors. I was ready to take on this challenge, as I am not too familiar with Asian cooking. He wanted to try a tofu dish that had more flavor and pizzazz!

So what did I do? Of course, I googled it! I searched under “tofu recipes” and liked the recipe for Sweet and Sour Tofu. However, I wanted my dish to be made with Indian flavors. I then tried out a tofu recipe with bell peppers, cabbage, mixed with tamarind and a blend of spices. To my surprise, it tasted great! Alex and I really enjoyed it. He thought it was good enough to be posted on this website.

Coming up with the perfect recipe is a matter of trial and error. Adding and taking out ingredients to come up with just the right taste is indeed a challenge. In fact, it took me about four tries before I was satisfied with my version of Sweet and Sour tofu! More importantly, Alex seemed to be satisfied with the taste. I will be posting the video soon. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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3 thoughts on “Creating a new Tofu recipe!

  1. Namaste Aunty, as i live in Thailand and i am familiar with tofu’s recipes very much.If u want me to add or give the recipes to u pls tell me i’ll try to send u some tofu’s recipes to u. As in Thailand is more popular with thai and chinese food and mostly tofu r added…so i’ll wit for ur reply..Bye Aunty

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