Contest November 2009

Beginning this month of November, I will be having a Monthly Contest. Each month will feature a different contest with great prizes!!

Gulab Jamun

For November, your Objective:

  • Take my recipe for Gulab Jamun and create a unique variation of it. Be Creative!
  • There are many ways to adapt the Gulab Jamun recipe into something truly unique and different. You can search the web for ideas.
  • You will be judged mostly on creativity, since I cannot taste the outcome.
  • Please send me a detailed recipe of the variation to Explain how you came up with the ideas for the variation.
  • You must also send picture(s). Otherwise your recipe will not be considered for entry.
  • The deadline is November 17th.
  • The winner will be featured on the homepage with the new recipe and a link to their website (if available).

1st Prize: Gift basket courtesy of Manjula’s Kitchen (Manjula will personally cook a selection of her favorite desserts and  appetizers)
2nd Prize: $25 gift certificate from

**Anyone can join this contest**

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5 thoughts on “Contest November 2009

  1. I love gulab jamun and was very surprised that the recipe is very straightforward and not too complicated. I think I may try making some chocolate flavored–or with ginger!

    I recently found your website through youtube and I am so excited to try many of your recipes!

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