Contest 2013 May

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Mother’s Day. For this month’s contest, all you have to do is share something special about your mother. You can share what makes your mother so special to you. And/or something valuable that she has taught you over the years. Feel free to share anything else about your mother.

All you have to do is post your Mother’s Day story to the discussion forum on the Mother’s Day topic that I have created.

The winners will be selected randomly from all the forum post entries.

Below is my checklist:

  • You will not have email me anything this time. You can simply leave a posting on the Mother’s day forum topic.
  • If you are creating a new account for the forum, please enter your email address so that I can contact you after the contest is over. Don’t worry, your email address will not be public (only I will be able to see it).
  • The deadline is May 31th.
  • The winner will be featured on the homepage and a link to their website (if available).

1st Prize: $100 gift certificate from
2nd Prize: $25 gift certificate from

**Anyone can join this contest**

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16 thoughts on “Contest 2013 May

  1. Hi Manjula ji
    Just a query…..for these contests do you give preference to only blogger’s entries???? as I have seen in the past contests….hardly a regular participant bagging it at all….

  2. Now that I have recently experienced the privilege and blessing of becoming a mother do I better understand just how special my own mother is. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always felt that my mother possesses all the positive qualities great mom’s do but now that I know what labor is, what dirty diapers and sleepless nights are, now that I know the true sacrifice and selflessness that entails motherhood can I honestly say that my appreciation for my mother has grown tenfold!

    One word that comes to mind when I think about my mother is resilience. She was raised by a single mother who did not speak English and who worked hard at factories to put food on the table. My mother also worked hard to instill values in my little brother and I. Her hard work has paid off, I am the first in the family to earn a Bachelors degree and my little brother is in college.

    Despite the obstacles we have faced in life as a family we made sure to give it our all and that’s primarily due to my mother’s efforts and teachings. She lives by example, is honest, loyal and she helps me to see the lessons in lifes challenges. My mother is beyond special to me and I take the time to relay that message to her as much as I can.

  3. This may seem an odd tribute. I have a selfish, self-centered mother who taught me a lot in how NOT to be a mother. Because of my upbringing, I became acutely aware of how damaging a mother can be to her children in her thoughts, words, and actions – and how powerful a loving mother can be. I recognized early on that I did not want to inflict that harmful behavior on my children. Through observation, I soaked up all I could of what I saw from loving mothers I came across and consequently learned a lot. There are many hurts and pain my children did not experience because I was aware of what the receiving end of that behavior can do. I may never finish grieving the loss of a mother of my own when I read the positive tributes everywhere at mother’s day; however, my family and I are ultimately better for her existence. I do not fault her – it was our path together and I learned from it.

  4. You held my hand and showed me the world
    You did everything that made me look up to you
    You taught me to stay strong and believe in myself
    I may not have said this often but
    You are the best Mom anyone could have
    And I am blessed to have you!
    There are ample stories to share with
    But why do I have trouble deciding which ones to share,
    the memorable moments that I have spent with you!


  5. My mother taught me all the basic useful things in life: How to cook, clean, sew, garden, diaper babies, take care of children. She also taught me to love music, dance, read, pay attention to my elders, work hard, and be brave. And to “never leave the house looking less than decent, because you never know who you’ll meet.” She most surely prepared me for life!

  6. My 89-year-young mother lives w/ us and inspires me daily by her love for reading, people, and new foods. She is confined to a wheelchair but “travels the world” through her Kindle! She shares new ideas, scientific research, and the lives of those in her books with me, allowing me to experience what she is reading and learning!

    Mom welcomes others into our home through her beautiful smile and loves sharing stories of her early years. She encourages others when she picks up her cell phone to call a friend and say “hi.”

    Because of her, I’m learning to slow down, be more patient, and listen more closely.

    1. I would have loved to have a grandmother like yours! My parents moved from the East Coast to CA when they were married in 1948 and I never knew any of my relatives! You are blessed-her loving influence has affected you and future generations!

  7. I would like to share the story of my father’s mother . . ‘grandmother’ in my heritage language is “sittoo”. My Sittoo was the personification of unconditional love. She was married at the age of 12 in the old country, had 12 children, lost 6 of them at childbirth or shortly thereafter. She and my grandfather came to Canada just before my Dad was born (he was the youngest child). They settled in a small French Canadian town in Quebec where I was later born. My Sittoo never spoke English or French, but she didn’t need to. She communicated by the language of love. Love oozed out of her . . her gentleness, her warm smile, her loving eyes, and her delicious food! My younger sister and I would visit when we were young before she passed. We would climb up very high steep stairs to her apartment where she was waiting for us at the top of the stairs, with a slab of homemade bread slathered with homemade cheese called labneh in each hand. She would gather us close to her and we would get lost in the folds of her long cotton dress that smelled of her special essence of rosewater and spices. Then she would give us the bread, put her hand under our chins and say something that we knew meant we were loved because of the warmth of her smile and the energy pouring out of her eyes to us. Everyone loved her, you couldn’t help it . . especially her husband, my Grandfather. They were married for 89 years when she passed away. My Grandpa missed her so much, she was his beloved. After two years, he told his children “I miss your mother too much”, put on his best suit and a hat, got into bed and never woke up. That is the most romantic story of true love that I have ever known. Their love nourished each other and many generations that followed. My Sittoo taught me about unconditional love, and when my own child was born, I remembered that love and made a promise to God that I would pass that kind of love on to my own child. I don’t think anyone could live up to my Sittoo’s quality of pure love, but in her honour, I did my very best when I mothered my son. I thank my Sittoo for showing me the true meaning of love by the way she lived and treasured people.

      1. Hello Manjula Anti, When i login from my credentials i could not see anything. its is giving error. when i do not login, i can see the forum. what shall i do ?

  8. Hi manju chechi,

    When i tried to open “Mother’s day forum topic”, i couldn’t see anything posted in that..Can u explain the contest in detail…Nice event…But there is nothing posted under the link “Mother’s day forum topic”…


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