Contest 2012 October

October contest is an easy one. You just have to share any Vegetarian Restaurant Dining out experience. I would like to hear  what your favorite vegetarian restaurants are in your area. What items on the menu are especially appealing? Did they inspire you to try new recipes at home?

All you have to do is post your story to the discussion forum on the Vegetarian Restaurant Experiences that I have created. The winners will be selected randomly from all the forum post entries. Below is my checklist:

  • You will not have email me anything this time. You can simply leave a posting on the Vegetarian Restaurant Experiences.
  • If you are creating a new account for the forum, please enter your email address so that I can contact you after the contest is over. Don’t worry, your email address will not be public (only I will be able to see it).
  • The deadline is October 31st.
  • The winner will be featured on the homepage and a link to their website (if available).

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12 thoughts on “Contest 2012 October

  1. I am not a Vegetarian so I often choose to enjoy Non-Vegetarian food when I am dining outside. However there are some restaurants that we frequent were we get excellent vegetarian choices that make an ardent non-veg like me to visit these places again and again.

    The first one I would like to mention is Priya Restaurant (Schaumburg, IL) which is famous for its spicy Andhra cuisine. They serve a vegetarian Dosa buffet every Thursday evening that we love to visit. Apart from ordering various dosas from their list we enjoy the 5-6 types of chutneys and other offerings of the buffet. I particularly like their ginger chutney, corn chaat and upma from their buffet. I have tried to make upma and corn chaat but the texture of their upma and some secret ingredient of their corn chaat is unattainable.

    The second worth mentioning is a vegetarian restaurant and sweet/snack shop called Sukhadia Sweets (Hoffman Estates, IL). I love their Samosa Chaat and Village Thali which includes Undhio and Bajra Rotli alongwith lot of other curries, farsan, sweets. They also sell Bajra Puris that are small softer puris that taste excellent with a cup of chai. These puris are savory, slightly sweet’n’sour’n’spicy. We love them!

  2. being a vegetarain is amazing. i live in the Uk and enjoy all kinds of vegetarain food. I love vege Wrap from a restaurant called Chai pani. The wrap is so tasty. Its a tortilla wrap with which is heated on the machine. inside it has graed carrots, grated cucumber, sweetcorn, potoes which have have salt and red chilli powder and pepers in, onions and letuce and cheese. it is so tasty and so filling. they also have a toasty called pizza sandwhich which is very good for kids and i tried it at home. they put green peppers, red peppers, yellow peppers sliced in small peices. they put sweetcorn, cucumber sliced in small peices and onions, and tomotoes in small peices. is very tasted you put the filling in the bread and grill the sandwhich. easy and simple recipe. thankyou for your wonderful recipe

  3. Hi Manjulaji,

    I stay in California and my all time favourite restaurant in PF changs…Love there Veggie lettuce wraps.They just melt in the mouth.The crispyness of the lettuce and the exotic taste of the filling inside is a wonderful combination.I tried the same with sprouts filling .Toss some half cooked sprouts and carrots,cabbage strips in soya and sweet chilli sauce and add some crushed peanuts,salt,cilantro leaves,lime juice/vinegar.Wrap the filling in the chilled lettuce and enjoy the cripyness of lettuce ,crunchiness of peanuts and goodness of sprouts/veggies.Its very healthy and delicious.Kids love it too and its a easy and exciting way to make them eat the sprouts n veggies 🙂

  4. Dear Manjula Ma’am,

    I live in San Jose, Ca, USA. My favorite Veg restaurant in my area is Hotel Saravana Bhavan. I used to go to this restaurant very often. They have branches in many places in India as well as USA. The specialty about this restaurant is they maintain the consistency in the taste of the dishes. My all time favorite dish in Saravana bhavan is “Paneer Dosa”.

    They put specially prepared dish using Grated panner as filling inside the dosa. Even Non-veg lovers love this dosa. It is worth for the money we pay as the dosa will be filling as they put panneer inside. When guests come to my house, I used to prepare this dosa for then and they all love this. This is a very easy recipe as we have panneer at home always. Just grate Paneer and cook along with onions, add some green chilies and chilly powder and salt for taste and garnish with coriander leaves. Now filling is ready. Prepare masala dosa as from instead of aloo masala put this paneer filling. Serve hot with coconut chutney and Sambar. The taste will be ultimate.


  5. i am from the uk and live in leicester and am a pure vegetarian. there are many good vegetarant restaurent but the best restuarant is called indigo. No matter how much times you go there you will never get bored. they have a wide selection of chinesh, indian, mexicon and different items. i love their jags hakka noodles with schewan sauce. i tried it at home. they had mix vegetable, baby corn, and diffrerent types of sauce which made it nice and spicy. i tried it to at home and come out nice. i also love their crispy chilli which is made from califlower and has a nice and sacuy taste.
    another popular take away shop in leicester is called pau bhaji. you will see it busy no matter what day or time it is. the pau bhaji is the best pau bhaji i have tried and no restarant can ever make the same. even if you try it at home you cannot get the same taste. the quality and the style they make it in is wonderful. vegetarian food is the best and there are so many different varities to eat. thankyou Aunty for your wonderful recipies. you should open your own restaurant!! it will do very well

  6. I am from Tampa,USA.
    Udipi Cafe is the Pure Vegetarian Restaurant in our area.
    ” CHANA BATURA ” is very Good at this place.

    Once i have been there for Lunch buffet , there is an entry called “Bottle Guard Poriyal” . After searching in internet i prepared at home with red chillies , Sambar powder and little Rasam powder , it came out very well.

    It is simple refreshing , not too dry recipe , it goes well with rice and roti .

  7. Not an ardent fan of Vegetarian food I have recently started eating out Vegan and to my surprise found out that “Paneer” dishes are not the only good thing to vegetarian food :)The below restaurants and menu items reviewed are from Bloomington, IL vicinity.

    1.Minestrone Soup – Olive Garden: A hearty soup made with zucchini, tomatoes, shell pasta and more.

    2.Lasagna Rollata Al Forno- Olive Garden: This dish is no longer on the menu :(. The lasagna rolls are stuffed with ricotta, mozzarella, asiago, Parmesan, and Romano cheese. It’s then topped with mozzarella cheese and seasoned bread crumbs and baked in a five cheese marinara. The pasta had a nice crunchy top to it and the lasagna filling was creamy and delicious. May be one day Manjula Ma’am can help us with an easy recipe.

    3.Shahi Paneer – Little India: No one can beat their Muglai style rich creamy sauce with super soft paneer.

    4.Mango Medley – Little India: This dessert is similar to Mango Mousse with the exception that it is not set with gelatin. The texture is more like custard and topped with dried cranberries. A sure hit with kids and adults!

    5.Palak Paneer – Puran Indian Restaurant – Now this is their signature dish and is different from other Indian restaurants as it is very creamy in texture made with loads of butter milk, authentic Punjabi style. Yummy!

    Being from a small town I do not have too many options of restaurants serving vegan food but we try to make the best of what we have. Thanks Manjula Ma’am for helping us with your awesome recipes.

    Happy Cooking !

  8. In my opinion Annalakshmi is one of the great vegetarian restaurant because of its ambiance. The food served there was really tasty and did with care & love. Especially alu parrata & Rasam was good. there.

  9. the best vegetarian restarant is in Artesia Califs Little India. Jay Barat I can still taste the vegetarian Talle lunch and go to Jay Barat when ever I Am in town.

    1. In Recent times i am a pure vegetarian,the best veg restaurent i seen in kumarakam(keralam),the name of restaurent is ‘GOKUL’.In this hotel i tasted the magic recipies made in peanuts.’PEANUT SOUP’ made up of many ordinary ingredients such as peanut,milk,salt,chillyetc.,

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