Contest 2011 August

The contest for this month (August) is to create any original recipe using coconut as one of the ingredients. You can submit any type of food (appetizer, desert, main dish, etc).

As usual, you will be judged on creativity, and presentation (in addition to the recipe as a whole). I will be selecting the top five best entries and two winners from those.

Below is my checklist:

  • Send the name of the recipe along with photo to
  • Be creative with the recipe!
  • You must send an original picture(s) of the recipe – do not simply grab a photo from the web. Otherwise your recipe will not be considered for entry.
  • The deadline is August 25th.
  • The winner will be featured on the homepage with the new recipe and a link to their website (if available).

1st Prize: $100 gift certificate from
2nd Prize: $25 gift certificate from

**Anyone can join this contest**

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20 thoughts on “Contest 2011 August

  1. Pardon me for my silliness but still i wanted to be double sure.
    25th august means recipes can be submitted till 25 right ?

    I have a little suggestion, from next month onward while posting the monthly contest along with date if you also specify time( standard eastern time ) then it will be more convenient for the participants.

  2. hi
    manjula madam,
    h r u?
    my name is suneetha. i am staying USA.
    i prepared soo many food items from ur site.
    thANK YOU for ur site nd u madam.

    In INDIA , WE prepare for festivals coconut rice.
    i can introduce for u my home recipe.

    grated coconut (1cup)
    basmati rice (1cup)- clean with water nd keep aside 15 minutes.
    green chillies (4)- cut straight and remove stems
    jeera/cumin seeds(1tsp), coriander leaves(hand full chopped), salt, water for rice, oil(2 tsp), channa dal(1tsp), urad dal(1tsp), hink(pinch), greenleaves(6 leaves), lemon juice(2tsp)


    in basmati rice , add 1cup rice = 1 1/2 cup water and boil it nd kepp aside.
    take a pan , heat in low flame, add oil, jeera, green chillies, chenna dal , urad dal, hink nd fry in low flame.
    next, add grated coconut, salt , coriander leaves , greenleaves nd boiled rice .
    next, mixwell , heat low flame 2minutes.

    if u want garnish with dry fruits.


    this is first time i am sending 2 u mail. that what , i dont know how 2 register in contest .just i send my favorite food.
    my baby name is shriyans.

  3. Hallo Manjula Aunty,
    I have participated in August contest and already send a photo along with the recipe name. I am not sure if you got my mail? I am taking part in this contest for the first time.

  4. I’ve always seen the rules for your contests, but never joined. Now, I have the time to join, so I’m excited to finally come up with a recipe to enter.

    Your generosity is so great and your site has been a source of endless information and inspiration. Thank you so much!

    St. Louis, MO

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