Contest 2010 December Winners

I decided for this month to choose the top 2 winners rather than the voting. We’ll continue next month again with voting. The winners are below:

The first place winner is Ayeesha Riaz (the sponge looks great!) and the 2nd place goes to Sangeetha Jagan for a healthy treat.

I would like to very much thank the other participants this month:

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14 thoughts on “Contest 2010 December Winners

  1. Hi everyone ,
    I’m Ayeesha who won the contest for December. Initially when I read few criticism about eggs and for selecting the recipe, I din’t want to comment anything but now I can see so many how doubts about the originality of the recipe, it really bothers me a lot.
    I blog in the name of Umm Mymoonah @
    The recipes in that blog and the pictures are my own recipes and the photographs are taken by me in my home after I make a recipe and edited by me personally. If I have used any recipe from books or any other site, I have given the reference, that too only the recipe but the photographs are mine.
    This particular recipe, there may be millions of different type of sponge in this recipe world, but the one I sent was my own recipe with my own combination and measurement of ingredients, it was not copied from anywhere, I just want to make this clear to everyone who have doubts about this.
    And about the eggs, since it was mentioned anywhere in the contest rule, I used eggs and I thought It was ok…. that’s it.

  2. Dear Manjula,

    I am a british born indian and this website with its recipies has helped me to reconnect with my father in a way that i have not done since i was a child. His memories of food from Kolkatta get him so animated!

    I really like your website and contests and as it is a free site with many very interesting recipes, i would like to thank you for sharing and teaching us all (your readers)

    People who visit your site should take it in the spirit it is created and not be so quick to judge what is right or wrong – it is for us to read the recipes and choose which ones we like – whether they are orginial or not. It is just great to have a site where so many recipes and food ideas are shared!

    Oneday when i am feeling brave i may even enter your competition!!

    Thank you once again.

  3. I’m not trying to be rude or disagreeable in regards to all of the comments regarding eggs for the December 2010 contest but I have read Manjula’s instructions for the contest and no where did it say not to use eggs. Yes, on Majula’s website there are many recipes that are eggless and yes, Manjula is vegetarian like many of us on here here. BUT However, not everyone viewing this site is vegetarian and some vegetarians that I know do eat eggs (my husband being one of them). Unless I am missing something on this site somewhere, I do not see anything that specifically states that something can not have egg in it – I think people assume it shouldn’t but it doesn’t say anywhere that it can’t. So, I do not think the fact that the winning recipe has egg in it should immediately disqualify it.

    What I do have an issue or comment about though has to do with the originality of the recipes on this site. Jaya commented on this above as well but then recanted her comment – I am making no judgements about any of the winners but MANY of the recipes featured as winners are common recipes found on websites. I would be curious to know if there are others who feel the same way that I do. A lot of criticism has been directed at Manjula Auntie for how she chooses her winners but the fact is – it’s her contest and she can pick and chose who she likes. No questions asked. Yes, someone might have had a recipe on their own blog but does that make it “their recipe” where did they get it to put it on their blog? Did they create it themselves? My understanding about the contest is that entries are to be ORIGINAL and something that people put some creativity into and not copying something and then changing a minor ingredient and calling it their own. I’ve never participated in the contests but I pay close attention to them and I am an avid home cook with some professional experience as well. I have seen many original recipes on here – you can tell which ones are = and then you can also tell the ones that are copies out of recipe books.

    Again, just my comments and thoughts but I am betting there may be others who feel the same way since there are usually many comments regarding selection and who and how it was done so after all these months, I thought I would add my own comments. My apologies as well, in case I have offended any winners – that was not my intent at all. Thanks for understanding.

  4. Hurray! I have won. Thank you so much for selecting my recipe as the winning one. This is really a lot to me.
    I also tried your rasmalai, for the first time I got it perfect, thank you for your detailed and clear version of recipes.

  5. Thank you for all your recipes. They are great. I was referring your website to learn to cook many things without eggs as I am a pure vegetarian. But I was surprised to see this recipe with eggs.

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