6 thoughts on “Butternut squash Badam Halwa

  1. I steamed my squash whole and then I did not have to purée because when well done by steaming the squash cones out as if it was puréed. I also use cream so that it gets done fast
    I also did not use 2 cups of sugar I just started with a cup and added just how much I want it to be sweet
    I added lots of nuts and used pistachio and almonds

  2. how do you make almond paste. when i soak almonds , add a little water and use a coffee grinder to make a paste, it does not work. little bits of nuts are still left intact and i dont get a paste. please help.

    1. I used almond flour and determined this recipe requires 1/4 cup almonds and if you look up 1 cup of almonds will make 11/4 cup of flour so I figured 1/3 cup of the almond flour is made with 1/4 cup of the whole almonds

  3. I made a big mistake, though I verified twice. Usually Capital T is used for tablespoon while small t for teaspoon – when I read Tsp Cardamom – I double checked it and read again Tbsp – so I used a full table spoon – well, the result is not so bad since I like cardamom… But the cardamom is obviously there above all other ingredients!! Love your recipes, Manjula. Thanks for sharing.

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