Black Cardamom (kali elaichi)

Black Cardamom

Black cardamom is originated from southern India. Black cardamom is an important ingredient of the Indian spice mixture Garam Masala. Black cardamom is also used in dal and rice dishes.

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2 thoughts on “Black Cardamom (kali elaichi)

  1. OK. I used, in place a black cardamom seed (which I hadn’t) in the Vegetable Pulav recipe (delicious!), 1/8 teaspoon of ground (green?) cardamom. Manjula says the taste is somewhat different, but usable. In any event it was the first time I made this recipe (leaving out the garnish, and the green chillies as I had none, and no cilantro nor fresh tomato) and despite the omissions and change, it was downright delicious! My wife said I could make it again any time. Thanks for another great one, Manjula!

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