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Besan Ka Ladoo


Besan Ka Ladoo

Besan ladoos are rich, sweet dessert-snack made from gently roasted gram flour (besan). Ladoos can be served any time of the day. Traditionally in Indian households ladoos and burfis are served as cookies and chocolate.

Course Dessert
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Servings 9 people


  • 1-1/2 cupa besan (gram flour)
  • 2 tbsp fine sooji (samolina)
  • 1/2 cup unsalted melted butter (ghee)
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 4 tbsp sliced almonds (badam)
  • 1/4 tsp coarsely grounded cardamom seeds (ilachi)

For Garnishing

  • 1 tbsp unsalted melted butter (ghee)
  • 1 tbsp sliced pistachios


  1. Put the besan (gram flour), sooji, and melted butter in a large frying pan and mix.

  2. Turn the stove on to medium heat and begin to roast the basen mixture until basen becomes light golden brown in color. Stir the mixture continuously with a spatula to prevent burning. Cooking on high heat will not allow the mixture to fully cook.
  3. When the color has changed you will also start to smell the sweetness of roasted besan. This should take about 7 to 10 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and let the basen cool to a warm temperature. don’t let it become to room temperature.
  4. While the mixture is warm add and mix cardamom seeds, almonds, and sugar.
  5. To make the ladoos, take about 2 tablespoons of warm basen mixture into your palm. Gently press the mixture between your palms to form a smooth, round ball. The ladoos are usually about the size of a ping-pong ball, but you can adjust the as you prefer.
  6. When you have finished making all of the ladoos, take one ladoo at a time and dip the ladoo a quarter inch into melted butter or ghee. Then lightly touch the part of the ladoo with the butter into the sliced pistachios just enough so some pistachios stick to the ladoo.
  7. Put ladoos back on the plate with the pistachio side facing the top.
  8. Leave the ladoos on a plate to cool to room temperature before putting into a covered container. The ladoos can be stored in an airtight container for 2 to 3 weeks.

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204 thoughts on “Besan Ka Ladoo

  1. I tried this and turned out delicious, as some other have here have felt. i found it a bit hard to make balls, but they were just right when i left them for about half a day, ,thanks for this recipe.

  2. Hi

    Thanks for the recipie. I;ve tried it and its great. Thanks aunty i’ve followed lots of your other recipies. Do you have a recipie for Moodak?

  3. I tried this recipe yesterday, doubling the quantity. It was perfect!

    I had to stir the besan-suji-butter mixture for almost half an hour though. That might be because of the increased quantity of ingredients. Other than that, it came out just perfect! I really liked the texture and taste that the sliced almonds gave. I might increase the quantity of the almonds next time.

    This recipe is a keeper. Thanks for sharing, Manjulaji.

  4. Thanks for this easy but great recipe. Like doma pointed out is it 2 or 4 tablespoons of suji? Your list says 2 but you said 4 in the video.
    Suggestions anybody? preferably from Manjula herself.

  5. hello aunty how r u??

    i made besan ladoo but when i removed the mixture from the heat it was not that dry rather moist which made me difficult to roll them into ladoos.

    please reply..

    thanking u.

  6. Nazneen, if your ladoos are dry, you may need to add more ghee. Besan soaks up ghee like a sponge. But, you don’t want to add too much ghee so that they will not form into balls. If your sugar granules are too large and coarse, you can try grinding them a little.

  7. Aunty I made the ladoo but it was dry. Can I add mao powder. And instead of adding sugar and we make the syrup, or can I grind the sugar.

  8. I tried the laddu but it did not turn out nice
    it was very dry should I add more butter
    as like yours I see its wet when you fry the besan and mine was too dry

  9. hello aunty.. tried out tis recipe… it turned out gr8..
    jst wanted to confirm d proportion of semolina, in d video u’ve siad 4 Tbsp and in d recipe u hv mentioned 2 Tbsp.. which one to follow??

    thanks a lot..
    deepal.. πŸ™‚

  10. Hi Aunty,

    I am fan of your recipes…. This time I tried Besan Laddu… though, taste was good… but laddu was soft and granular…. sugar could not melt (I think). Can we use Boora(crushed sugar) instead of sugar? Please reply, I want to try it again….

    Thanx and Regards

  11. Hi Manjula auntie,

    I tried your Besan ladoo recipe, it was so simple to follow yet very delicious, my husband loved it very much, he finished all the ladoos in 4 days :)) …I have also tried some of your other recipes and the results were awesome! Thank you so much.

  12. Hallo Auntiji,

    I tried ur Besan Ladoos, they turned out very well. Thanks for sharing this recipe with us. My husband is German, after tasting the ladoos, he said that this is the best Indian sweets he ever had & also commented that i can open one sweet shop in Germany :):):). Thanks once again.

    1. Neha, you can only use butter or ghee because they will firm up as the ladoos cool down. If you use any kind of oil, the ladoos will not form into balls. They will stay in a liquid state because oil does not firm up. Hope this helps.

  13. Hi Aunty,
    Thanks for the recipe, But when i made Ladoo according to you, i could not make ladoo out of it. Mixture was so dry. Pls help me. Thanks.

    1. Janki, you must shape the laddoos into balls while the mixture is still very warm. If it is too dry, you need to add in more ghee spoon by spoon until it is not too dry, but careful to not get it too moist either. Laddoo mixture is slightly dry, but still enough moisture to shape.

      Try the recipe again.

  14. Hi Aunty,
    I made the besan laddu just as you mentioned. It was very tasty and easy to prepare. You are my inspiration to start a blog.
    I wanted to become a follower of your blog so that I can get the updates, how do i do that.
    Many thks in advance.


  15. Hello Manjula,
    I made Besan Ladoo today but with some variation to your recipe. It taste great. Without your video I could have never tried making it. Thank you so much.

  16. Hi Manjula,
    My daughter and I made laddo today. It turned out great. Thank you. We enjoy your receipes a lot. Many thanks Ranjula.

  17. I make this Basan Laddo all the time, but i think you can add the sugar after basen cool down completly, not when its warm. The reason behind it you don’t want to melt sugar in the basen and at the same time you want the crunchyness of the sugar when you bit it.

  18. hi manjula didi, me and my daughter are very fond of your recipes. We have recently tried your Rasgoullah recipes and it has been a success. Even my husband has appreciated it. Thanks a lot. Just watch your besan ladoo recipes and we’ll try it tomorrow, as we are during Ramadan Kareem month, these sweets accomplish my Iftaar. God Bless.

  19. Hello Aunty,

    I made basen ladoo yesterday , followed your recipe. I had earlier made it once, and it had turned out great. Yesterday when i prepared it, after mixing sugar, i was not able to roll the ladoos, i mean they were coming out a bit watery side.

    So i freezed it for 10 mins, and then i could roll it properly.

    But can you please tell me, why did the mixture become like this ? Please advise.

  20. hi manjula aunty! me and mom tried the basen ladoo recipie at home and the ladoos turned out great, this waz our second time making the ladoos. The first time we made the ladoos they didn’t turn out great, because we put less butter. When we made the ladoos the second time they turned out great!!!!

  21. Hi,
    I tried doing the ladoo, but even after 10 min the besan wont change color and as I tried to roast it longer, the mixture went runny. I used the right proportions. As mentioned 7-10 min roasting did not cook the mixture, at least it didnt look like it changed color or smelled sweet. It almost took like 20 min or so, by that time the mixture was runny. Please adviise.

    1. Hello Disorichu,
      It is very possible that it took you more time; depend on the heat and the pan you are using. Basen becomes soft as you are roasting. As you finish roasting and basen cools off it will start drying and become the right texture. Just make sure add the sugar after basen come to warm temperature.

      1. I faced the same problem as Disorichu. Even my mixture went runny, even though the measurements have been the same as specified by u. what cud have gone wrong. has it got anything to do with the qty of ghee. shud that be altered.plz advice as i am very fond of besan ladoo

  22. Thank You so much. In the video , you mention 4 tbsp of sooji, but in the recipe you wrote two tbsp. Also in the cardamom amount, its mentioned 1/4tsp whereas you mention as 1 tsp. Which is correct?

  23. I am not an indian, so thank YOU sooo much for this side…i have actaullay learn indian cooking and baking from you…i am soo glad that you are so kind and share your recipe with us..and i hope you enjoy it also<3

  24. Hi aunty,
    Tried these laddos today…Came out very well…thanks a lot for posting these recipies…Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  25. Manjula, I like your recipes. I know why you make it look so easy & simple. Its because you are good. Your recipes are simple and I love your video presentations. I just printed your recipes on Vegetable cutlets & Besan Laddoos. I plan to cook these tomorrow since its about 11 pm here in Dunlap, IL. Have you published a cook book yet ? Thanks & good night. Ramesh.

  26. Hi Manjula Aunty,

    Thanks a lot for this awesome receipe. My mother used to prepare this ame kind of basen ladoos, but, I never dare to try this until i saw your video. It came out really very good. Very tasty also. Thanks a lot aunty.

  27. I made the besan mixture today and it’s runny and when I make the ladoo, it will not hold its shape. I added the melted butter in the begiining while it was still warm, is this why it turned out so bad? What can I do now to make the ladoos hold their shape?

    1. I solved my problem!

      I just roasted some more Besan with a tespoon of ghee in the microwave and mixed in some sugar and added it to the runny mixture and now they lokk really good, I will be taking them to a party today!


  28. Hello Aunty,

    I tried Besan ladoo today. It came out well but the ladoo was too greasy and not powdery. Will it be like that? The proportion of ghee and gram flour and sooji are all as the way you mentioned. I dont know where I went wrong. Can you please tell me soon because I planned to prepare this again to bring for my friend’s house. Thank you so much for the time and effort you have taken in publishing all these wonderful recipes.

  29. Hi madam,

    I tried your Basen ladoo today. and they turned out great. thank you very much madam. waiting for more recipes. This website is very useful for us. Once again thanks a lot.

  30. Hello Manjula, I think I am same as you are. I tried the besan ke laddoo recipe but mine was too dry (after frying) to make laddoos. I followed all your instructions. Please help. Thanks!

    Rajeev Gupta

    1. melt a teaspoon of ghee…and add it to the basan mixture..
      also you have to press the ladoos hard enough to make them stay in a ball

  31. hi,
    in the vidoe you say 4 tbsp sooji..but in the recipe listed below it mentions 2 tbsps..which one is correct?please let me know

  32. Dear Madam

    I tried besan laddo. It turned out very well. Thankyou very much. I tried your recipes. We can blindly follow your instructions
    to get nice taste.

  33. Thank you so much auntie. I tried this and it was very delicious. I love the way you simplify the difficult recipes and thats why beginners like me also dare to prepare sweet!! Once again Thanks.

  34. hi manjula aunty,
    In the video(besan ke laddoo) u mentioned 4 table spoon of semolina, but the description says2 table spoon. i tried with 4 table spoon, but it didnt turn out to be good.moreover i wanted to know how we can make it dry…

  35. Hi Aunty,

    I wanted to know, can we avoid using sooji? If i dont have it is there any substitute or can we make it just with besan?


  36. Hi auntie-jii
    I made the laddoos and they were really very nice everyone liked it and they were finished before i even knew! πŸ™‚
    But even so I think I made a mistake because mine were a bit hard on the outside.
    When they were broken, the inside was nice and soft though.
    Could you please tell me what to do next time to avoid this
    Thank you so much

  37. hello aunty,

    Thank u so much for ur recepies.

    i just made ladoos. They turned out very good and delicious.
    But they are sticking to mouth.

    What went wrong? I love Besan ladoos….

  38. Hi Aunty,

    I want to try this laddoo recipe,can u pls tell me which suji u have used,is that suji coarse or suji fine.(in Nan kathai too).


  39. Dear Manjula,

    Your recipes are great. Just visited your site and was happy with your wide range of recipes. I intend trying
    them soon. Thanks. Enjoyed the video too

  40. thanks manjulajee
    for giving such an easy for this ladoo
    i never thought that this was easy for a girl like me to prepare
    but i found out that it is such an easy thing

    i prepared this for my family when there were some guests everyone was so happy with it that they still today talk about my ladoo


  41. Aunty jee I just made these ladoos last week. They turned out awesome. Can you please post recipe for Rava ladoo and Methi ke ladoo.
    Thanks and keep up the good work…..
    Can’t wait for the peda recipe….

  42. hi manjulaji,

    i made these laddoos last evening & they are simply delicious..

    if you have a good recipe for rava (semolina, sooji) laddoos, pls post it on your website..

  43. hi manjula aunty…..ur videos r soooooooooooo good ..dont have to trouble my mom for recipies……god bless u……wish to meet u someday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Namaste Manjulaji,

    I made Besan Laddoo for the first time today using your recipe and video. They were a great success, and I am very grateful to you as I really needed a mentor(guru!) for Indian desserts. I can’t wait to try out the gujjia next. Your videos are wonderful too, and I appreciate each of your instructions and comments.


  45. You MUST use butter or ghee because it firms up when it cools back to room temperature and thus the ladoos will hold their shape.

    Oil will always be runny whether it’s hot or cold and will ruin your ladoos as you learned.

  46. Hello Manjulaji, I tried the ladoo recipe (I love besan ke ladoo and yours looked delicious!) but with oil instead of ghee. The mixture was runny (not crumbly like yours) while on the stove and when I tried shaping them, the mixture just went flat! Is this all because I added oil instead of ghee? Please let me know. Thanks.

  47. To Jaya.

    Apologies for getting back late, i finally made astonishing ladoos FINALLY lol! they came out wonderful i just couldn’t believe it, i added lesser ghee as you instructed then before to control the mixture and i think that was the initial problem i was having. Thank you soo much and i hope you can help me agian when necessary.

    God bless you.

  48. hello anuty
    my son he is 4 years old he like besan ladoo very much,by watching this i will make besan ladoo . thank you for this recipe .

    thank a lot

  49. These are so easy and delicious. My husband and son love them! I was a bit skeptical (especially when I didn’t particularly like the smell of the roasting besan), but the final product was perfect. Thanks for another great recipe.

  50. Hello Aunty

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful recipe. I always loved besan ladu but couldnt get the mixture right. After seeing the video, i tried it yesterday and it came perfect.

  51. Hi Aunty,
    My husband and I just love your recipes. I am in Australia and for the first time in my life, I tried Besan ke laddo and they came out just how mummy makes them at home. I told her and she was thrilled. Thanks to your website and recipes. Your recipes are great to follow and I like your food without onions etc.; I am personally not a great fan of onion, garlic. Thanks once again!

  52. Our Auntie Manjula is doing well for our new generation as our new generation is losing interest and having more interest eating take outs and dining in restaurants, I hope all the recipes will help the new generation in taking some interest.

  53. I think Auntie Manjula is the best, her all recipes are all simple and so easy to follow there is nothing hard about her recipes everything is just straight forward and simple.

    I think Auntie Manjula is one of the best ones I have come across.

    Keep it up God give you long life and hope those who do not know how to cook learn from you and keep that Indian tradion alive.

    God bless you


  54. This recipe worked well when I made it a few weeks ago.

    The ladoos will be quite soft when you form them, but as they cool to room temperature they should firm up as the butter cools down and is less liquid.

    If the problem persists, don’t add all of the butter at once in the beginning. Start with maybe a 1/4 cup and add a spoon or two at a time until you like the consistency of the besan in the fry pan.


  55. manjula aunty , today i tried the besan ladoo
    the quantity of ghee or butter is i think a bit high beacause after roasting besan it was not hard. i was trying to make balls but the was coming like a peda .

  56. I added 4 Tbs of sooji and ladoos were perfect but I there was a little bit of ‘khatta’ taste ; then i was told that it was because of sooji because sooji when roasted gives a bit bitter taste. Is it true ?
    Actually my mom doesn’t add sooji at all and she uses a thicker besan……even they taste yummy.

  57. Hi Hina,
    I used 2 Tablespoons of sooji as written in the recipe. I don’t think that 4 Tablespoons is necessary, especially since it appears that too much ghee was the reason for the ladoos not coming out right.

    Follow the quantities in the recipe and you should have good results. I made these a few weeks ago and they came out good. Write back after you make them again.

    Jaya πŸ™‚

  58. Hello Jaya.
    Once again thank you for helping me.
    I will try to follow your procedure i think i over did it with the ghee, but can i ask about the amount of sooji? Should i stick to 4TBS?

    Thank You. πŸ™‚

  59. Hi Hina,
    Based on your description of how it went thin, I would suggest not adding all of the ghee in the beginning because that’s the only other way the mixture can go thin.

    Try using 1/4 cup ghee and start blending the mixture. Add a spoon or 2 more of ghee and mix it in. And then add more a little at a time until you think the besan has absorbed as much ghee as it can without becoming too thin. This way you can control the consistency of the mixture. You can always add ghee, but you can’t take it back out.

    The mixture, while heating, should be soft and moist, but not thin or runny. Does this sound like it might help? Jaya πŸ™‚

  60. Hi Jaya.

    Thank you for the response :). I added 4 TBS of sooji, when the mixture started heating it didn’t harden at all but went very thin like melted chocolate. So what i did i added more besan in it, it improved a little but not much difference as i took the mixture off the heat i allowed it to settle for 5 mins just warm enough for me to handle it to make the ladoos. The ladoos turned out flat and in the end looked like biscuits. πŸ™ Where did i go wrong?


  62. Hi Hina,
    It’s possible that you started shaping the ladoos while the mixture was still too warm. Does that sound likely?
    Another idea is to re-check your measurements (such as that you used a tablespoon and not a teaspoon for the sooji, etc.).
    Reply back if you still have questions. Will certainly try to help you. πŸ™‚

  63. Hi Jaya,

    I made the ladoos but they didn’t turn out well, because the mixture was very thin for some reason and i couldn’t shape them properly so the ladoos turned out flat πŸ™ I added half cup ghee and 1 1/2 cup of besan and 4 tbs sooji, i don’t understand what went wrong. πŸ™

  64. Hi Hina,
    Step #2 and #3 explain it quite well. If you use these steps and watch Aunty’s video as a guide, it should come out good. There is no “perfect” time to remove the besan from the heat, BUT the 7 to 10 minutes is a safe guideline to use. It’s not too much time or too little time.

    Don’t be too concerned. You should make the recipe following the steps above and you will impress yourself with the results. πŸ™‚

  65. Hello Aunty,

    Hope you are well since the time. I love your recipe seems like the only decent one i’ve come across so far. My question is about the heating part. Approximately how long do i heat the besan for? and is it necessary for me to constantly stir? Finally how will i know that the besan is ready and should be removed off the heat, how will i know what state it should be in to confirm that it is ready?

    Thank you once again. πŸ™‚

  66. Namaste Manjula,

    Have you the recipe of a dessert that I find in Paris indian shop : soan padi ???
    i’m going to try your basen ladoo, thank you πŸ™‚

  67. Hi Pritika, I am sorry I did make a mistake, it should be 4 tablespoon of sooji. This should not make too much of the difference, if you used less sooji ladoos should be little more buttery. May be basen was not fried enough or fried on higher heat.

  68. Hi Aunty,

    I love this sweet and was happy to find such an easy demonstation of making it. However, when I did try it was upset to see that it didnt come out the way it looks in the video. I think the problem is that the video mentions 4 tablespoons of sooji but the written steps say 2 table spoons. I unfortunately was following the written steps….it would be great if you could let me know the correct proportions.

    Thank you,

  69. Hi manjula anty,
    I like your recipes soo much. your demo is so good, I practiced so many recipes by
    seeing your web site they came in a good way , thank you very much anty,we are happy by seeing your web site.

  70. Dear Auntyji,
    I made besan ladoos yesterday and they came out very well. The pistachio garnish makes them look even better!
    I did not have almonds, so i used broken pieces of cashews and it still tasted great. Jaya πŸ™‚

  71. Hi Manjula Aunty,

    Thanks for the recipe. I made this besan ke laddoo. It turned out good. The only problem that I faced was that I did not get the same color as you did . I roasted the besan for 10-14 min and I used Ghee.

    What besan did you use.


  72. Maheen, I use the “benefit to pain” ratio in these decisions. For mixing in the nuts and sugar to a small quantity of besan, just use a spoon. The mess of cleaning up a food processor for just a few whirls of the blade means there’s too much pain for not enough benefit in my opinion! However, it all changes if you have someone else to do your dishes! πŸ™‚
    Happy Cooking.

  73. hello manjula aunty,

    WOW another grt recipe frm you.
    believe me making any mithai for me was never possible,until i stumbled upon your website.
    you make it so easy.
    you are great….GOD BLESS YOU.

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