A Brief Change in Plans

As you all know, Alex and I were having a great time on our vacation, traveling throughout the United States visiting family and friends. I have to say that this trip has really been a great experience and we have had the time of our lives. With that said, I have to admit I was really missing my family back home. Both Alex and I missed our family (especially our four grandchildren) so much we decided to come back home for a little while before continuing with our vacation.

So much to the surprise of our family, we came back to San Diego. I have been spending a lot of time with my grandchildren to make up for the time I was away. These days I have been cooking a lot with my younger granddaughter, who is 2 years old. I am trying to introduce some of my son’s childhood favorite dishes. So far we have made delicious chocolate chip pancakes and puda folded with fresh spinach and cheddar cheese. I think I may have a future chef-in-training!

I feel like I made the right decision coming back home for a while before continuing on with our trip to India. After all, what can beat spending quality time with your family?

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4 thoughts on “A Brief Change in Plans

  1. manjula ji ilike your recipe so much . i have tried it at my home every body like ur recipe . best things about you that i have notice that you dont use onion and garlic in your recipe. thanks for these recipe which my family loved it.

  2. Great going Manjula Auntie. Keep inspiring everyone young and old with your cooking skills and passsion.
    Wish you happy continuity with your vacation in advance.

  3. Dear Manjula Aunty,

    I’ve always been present and active with my boys, every day of their lives, now they are teenagers and brimming with self-confidence and caring and compassionate about others and nature. What a great gift you are to your children, grandchildren and all around you, and to us, for through you we learn not only about cooking, but about love! Namaskar and Pranam, auntyji.

  4. – as they say- cherish every moment with the little ones, for before you know it, they will be big…I also enjoy cooking with my 2 year old daughter- she has a kitchen with pretend food, although she demands real ingredients….today she has been breaking up spaghetti for they “do not fit in her small pots:)”
    Hope you are all doing great…btw, do you still have family abroad?

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