100th Video Recipe

It has been two and a half years since my first video was uploaded on to YouTube. I am looking to making my 100th video very special. I have decided that 100th video recipe will be a Kaju Burfi (cashew fudge), which is a very simple and a very festive dessert. This burfi is a universal favorite for Indians as it made in all parts of India. Kaju burfi is a staple dessert found in all sweet shops. It can be refrigerated for many months, so you can cook it now and serve later. Kaju burfi is vegan and you can never go wrong serving this burfi to your friends and family.

Whenever I make this burfi my grandkids want more and more! My husband who loves all types of nuts has an excuse why I should make more often!

I am always looking forward to preparing this video recipe!!!

By the way this is typed by my granddaughter!!!

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12 thoughts on “100th Video Recipe

  1. Hello Aunty,
    Hru? this is my first mail to you. I really love to cook. Presently i’m working in a IT sector. Whenever i get time i wish to visit the receipe’s side. I love to cook a lot. I like your receipe he way you mk it. Still awaiting for your nice next receipe. Wish you a very very best of Luck.


  2. Hi Aunty,

    Congrats! for completing ur 100th delicacies for us. It’s always an experience to visit ur site and keeps me, motivated.

    Looking forward for more and more………..!


  3. Hello Aunty, Belated Happy Birthday to you.I have tried many recipes from your site but i just dont have an habit of leaving Comments, But your recipes are very authentic and always turns out great. Your site is a great treat for Veggies like me.I am gonna try Kaju Burfi by next week. I wish to try more recipes in the future.Good luck and Keep Going Aunty.

  4. Hello Aunty,
    Belated Happy birthday. Your recipes are so delicious and easy to cook. You are really good job for those who are newly weds and don’t know much cooking. Keep it up!! You are a grandmom!! so much experience ….please post some healthy recipes for kids breakfast or snacks. Really have hard time as my kid don’t drink milk. I thank you for all the recipes you posted. I have tried almost all the recipes. I will wait for the new recipes. Thanks ..and god bless you ur family!

  5. Hi Manjula Aunty,

    First of all wish you a very happy belated birthday. I came across your website yesterday only and nothing has amazed me more before. you are simply superb.
    I also have a passion for cooking and always in search of new vegetarian recipes.
    now i will be busy for a month trying your recipes. thanks a lot.
    I was just curious where in india you belong to and where do you live in US.
    Please let me know if you want.
    Wish you all the best.

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