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Contest 2014 March

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This month, we celebrate Holi, which is the festival of colors. During this festival, the host generally offers dry snacks to guests. So the contest this month is to create any type of Dry Snack/Appetizer recipe. The specific rules are the following: It can be any type of dry Snack/Appetizer I will be judging on […]

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Enjoying the Holidays with Family!

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This holiday season was so special as I got to spend quality time with family. On Christmas Day, my family and I enjoyed a great dinner. When my grandchildren get together, there is so much life and energy in the house. They run and shout and know that they can do anything they want! Of […]

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Gift Ideas for upcoming Diwali (2016)

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Diwali is fast-approaching and I have already begun my preparations! This time of year is full of parties, fun, and celebration. So why not bring a homemade gift to the next party? Homemade gifts are truly special in that they show you really put some thought and care into it. Some ideas for simple homemade […]

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High Tea Time Snacks

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There is nothing better than a relaxed afternoon with friends enjoying a cup of tea and tasty snacks. Show your friends you appreciate them and have them over for high tea. It’s a great way to beat an afternoon slump and it’s also an excuse to enjoy life’s little pleasures with friends! These snacks below are simple and can be prepared in advance. Try these snacks as they are sure to satisfy everyone’s palate.

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Pani Puri

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Pani puris are a great snack, served as chat and found on roadside food carts all over India. They are served filled with spicy water, chickpeas and potatoes.

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