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Dal Bati (Rajasthani cuisine) Dal Bati (Rajasthani cuisin...

Dal Bati (Rajasthani cuisine)

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When you mention about Rajasthani food dal bati has to be on the top of the list, otherwise it is incomplete. Dal bati is a popular Rajasthani delicacy. Dal is simply soup of mixed lentils, cooked with spices. Bati is a baked, whole wheat bread rolls and the combination is known as dal bati. Traditionally bati is cooked over charcoal, but oven also works great.

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Bread Paneer Rolls Bread Paneer Rolls

Bread Paneer Rolls

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Spicy bread Paneer rolls are great as an appetizer and a tasty compliment for afternoon tea. This is very easy and quick recipe to make. Paneer, is an Indian cheese also known as chena that is liked by all and used in many dishes. Bread paneer rolls are made with spiced paneer rolled in bread.

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Besan Roti recipe by Manjula Besan Ki Roti

Besan Ki Roti

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Besan Roti is very flavorful and healthy flat brad, high in protein and gluten free. Besan roti can be served with dal and leafy green vegetables like spinach or with yogurt.

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Contest 2012 March Winners

Contest 2012 March Winners

contest of the month

I was happy to see so many bread recipes last month, but it was a lot more work this time to review, try and select the winners.  Thank you to everyone who participated and you all did a great job. However, I did have to disqualify some due to missing photo or copied recipes. Please make […]

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Paneer Stuffed Bun Recipe by Aparna Mallya Paneer Stuffed Bun

Paneer Stuffed Bun

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Recipe submitted by Aparna Mallya When my husband came home from office this evening I welcomed him with these hot buns straight from the oven. The look on his face was priceless!! Ingredients: For the filling: 1 medium onion 7 to 8 garlic cloves 1 to 2 green chillies 1 medium tomato 1 tsp garam […]

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Steamed Bun w/ Coconut Filling Recipe by Keshu Patel Steamed Buns with Coconut F...

Steamed Buns with Coconut Filling

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Recipe submitted by Keshu Patel The dough recipe is quiet easy to follow and the filling used here is very simple. Dough can be filled with variety of vegetable, meat or sweet fillings. This coconut filling is also very versatile and can be used to fill puff pastries or even spring roll sheets to form […]

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Aari Pathal (Rice Pathal) Recipe by Dhanya Keloth Ari Pathal (Rice Pathal)

Ari Pathal (Rice Pathal)

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This bread is called Ari Pathal (Rice bread). This is my moms recipe (from Kerala) . It is normally served for breakfast or for snack, it can be eaten as it is or with potato masala curry or with chutney.

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Indo-Chinese Bread by Sapna Mehta Indo-Chinese Bread

Indo-Chinese Bread

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We all love chinese food. I love it too. Actually chinese is one of my favorite cuisine. Chinese food is really healthy food and aroma of sauces used in it is also very nice. It always contains so many healthy vegetables. This time I found a new version of that. How about a chinese paratha? Give it a try. Trust me, you will fall in love with it.

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friedman_colorful_antipasta_bread_02 Colorful Antipasti Bread

Colorful Antipasti Bread

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This Colorful Antipasti Bread is a delicious, beautiful, and most importantly fun bread to make!

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Contest 2012 March

Contest 2012 March

contest of the month,

This month’s contest is to make bread! It can be any kind of bread (for appetizer, desert, etc). The specific rules for March are the following: Any type of bread recipe. It must be vegetarian and also egg-less. Please submit only ONE recipe. Please see my bread recipes for examples. In general I will only consider recipes that I feel are […]

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Banana Puri (Kela Ke Puri) Recipe by manjula Banana Puri (Kela Ke Puri)

Banana Puri (Kela Ke Puri)

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Banana Puries are delicious fried Indian puffed bread. Puries have richness of banana flavor enhanced with cardamom. Banana Puries are good for festive occasions and holidays. These can be served for breakfast or as a snack. Puries are especially good for picnic or to take for travel.

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Satya Nivas - Delightful Bread Swirls 03 Delightful Bread Swirls

Delightful Bread Swirls

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These bread swirls are a healthy delightful appetizer. In most of my parties when kids are invited they need something that is easy to hold and filling too. Kids don’t like to carry their food on plate so I got this idea for them but it became a party hit with adults too!

Potato is a versatile veggie that can be eaten in different forms. These bread swirls are crispy on the outside with a soft and cheesy potato stuffing.

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Matar Kachori Mattar Ke Kachori (Spicy Pu...

Mattar Ke Kachori (Spicy Puff Pastry)

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Mattar Kachori is delicious, fried puff pastry filled with spicy green peas. Mouth watering snack also can be served as part of main meal.

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Corn Bruschetta Corn Bruschetta

Corn Bruschetta

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It is easy and delicious. Serving creamed corn over toasted bread makes a great appetizer. This can also be served as a side dish.

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Aloo Naan Aloo Naan (Stuffed Potato N...

Aloo Naan (Stuffed Potato Naan)

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Naan is very popular bread. This recipe is a tasty twist to naan stuffed with spicy mashed potatoes. Aloo naan can be served by itself or any gravy based vegetable dish.

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