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Apple Crumb Pie

Apple Crumb Pie is simple, delicious, and easy to make. This desert is perfect for fall and winter months. Hot apple crumb, topped with vanilla ice cream – my kind of a dessert, and popular with my family.

Apple Crumb Pie almost finished.

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

Yesterday, we went out with my younger son and his wife for a movie and dinner. We saw Slumdog Millionaire and we liked it very much. The movie is about social awakening of the poor in India. My younger son always likes to tease me about how much time I like to spend with him and […]

Apple Jalebi (Apple Fritters)

Apple Jalebis can be best described as apple wafers dipped in the flavorful sugar syrup. This is a modified version of Jalebis, taste best when served hot.

Baked Apples filled with Cinnamon Muesli

Baked apples are wonderful desert for a cold winter day, it warm up our body and the cinnamon apple smell that emanates when the apples are baked creates very cozy atmosphere in the house.

Contest 2011 April

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

April’s contest will be a fresh spring appetizer using two or more of the following ingredients: carrot cucumber celery banana apple As usual, you will be judged on creativity, and presentation (in addition to the recipe as a whole). Most likely, I will be selecting the top two winners myself for this month. Below is […]

Contest 2011 December

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

Happy holidays from Manjula’s Kitchen!! For this month, I thought a dessert is a good idea for the holiday season. The recipe can be any dessert made with at least one of the following fruits: apple, berry (any), pineapple, or pear. You may make any type of dessert, hot or cold. The specific rules for […]

Contest 2011 December Winners

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

I received many really good recipes this last month and I had a tough time deciding on the winners. Thank you to everyone who participated and you all did a great job. Of course, I can only select five, so here they are and two top winners from those: 1st Place: Akhila Bhatt (Pineapple Kesaribaath) 2nd […]

Double-Decker Burfi (Apple coconut and Pineapple Burfi)

Apple coconut and Pineapple Burfi is a simple and yummy fruity burfi with no fat and also looks great with two different colored layers. Ingredients: for Apple Coconut layer 2 Red Apples (Roughly grated) 1/4 Cup Grated Coconut (Packed) drop of Coconut extract (Optional) pinch of Red food color (Optional) 1/2 Cup Sugar for Pineapple layer Crushed Pineapple […]

Slice Salad

Slice Salad is a unique looking salad that is both sweet and refreshing. You can easily vary it by replacing / adding other fruit.

Upcoming videos

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

I am behind schedule in producing video recipes. Today, we finally recorded the video recipe for Moong Dal with Spinach. I am hoping the video will get uploaded to You Tube later tonight. Last week I was really busy entertaining guests that were visiting from out of town. Also we had a wonderful baby shower […]

Veggie Pops in Cucumber vase with Green Apple chutney

Recipe Submitted by Sita Badrish These veggie pops are served in a cucumber vase with Green Apple chutney. I have used an assortment of veggies (carrot, celery included) to make the veggie bites. Served at the tip of a carrot stick they make great veggie pops that go perfectly with the green apple chutney as […]

Wonton Cups with Spicy Carrot and Cheesy Apple Filling

These pretty little wonton cups are perfect for a delicious springtime appetizer. A spicy carrot and potato filling is delicately balanced with the taste of cheesy and crunchy apples. The wonton cup adds just the right amount of crunchiness to this zestful mix of flavors. Serve these for your next party and watch the plate getting emptied out as quick as a wink!