Indian Vegetarian Recipes

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Latest Recipes:

  • Moong Dal Ladoo
    Moong Dal Ladoos are traditional Indian festive sweets. Ladoos are made with different roasted fl...
  • Aloo Lacha Chivda (Spicy Potato Sticks)
    Aloo ka Lacha is an all-time favorite snack in my house and I will show you how easy to make this...
  • Cabbage Pakora (Bhajia)
    Cabbage Pakoras or Crispy Cabbage Fritters are a great any time snack. They especially taste deli...
  • Masala Paratha (Besan Ka Masala Paratha)
    Masala Paratha is a flavorful flat bread. This paratha is a combination of whole wheat flour and ...
  • Mango Shrikhand (Amrakhand)
    Mango Shrikhand is a refreshing yogurt based sweet dish. Shrikand with mango makes it a very deli...
  • Stuffed Bell Peppers (Stuffed Capsicum)
    For these mouthwatering Stuffed bell peppers, I decided to make them into rings, which makes it e...
  • Vegetable Cheela Rolls, vegetable Wrap
    Vegetable Cheela Rolls is a healthy and delicious any-time meal. Cheela Rolls is a treat for peop...
  • Falooda,Delicious Dessert Beverage
    Falooda is best described as a dessert beverage which is really corn vermicelli. This is a delici...
  • Gatte Ki Sabji (Rajasthani Cuisine)
    Gatte Ki Sabji is a traditional dish from Rajasthan. These steamed gram-flour dumplings are cooke...
  • No Bake Cheesecake
    This  Cheese cake recipe requires absolutely no cooking or baking. This is a delicious and perfe...

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