Indian Vegetarian Recipes

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  • Spicy Corn (Tasty Snack)
    Spicy Corn is a very enjoyable snack and not only that, but this is a quick and easy recipe to ma...
  • Lauki Vadi Ki Sabji
    Laucki is also known as Bottle gourd. This is a healthy and wholesome lentil and vegetable main d...
  • Aam Ki Dal (Toor dal With Raw Mango)
    Kacche Aam Ki Dal is a very simple dal recipe but delicious. This is Toor dal with raw mango. The...
  • Makhana Matar Curry
    Makhana Matar Curry is a delicious gravy-based dish. This can be a tasty side dish for formal din...
  • Idli Chaat (South Indian Appetizer)
    Idli Chaat is a tasty twist to traditional South Indian Idli. This can be served as an appetizer ...
  • Achari Mathri (Masala Mathri)
    Achari Mathries, is a traditional staple snack in North India. They are usually served with spicy...
  • Sabudana (Tapicoa) Bhel, Chaat
    Sabudana (Tapioca) Bhel this is a delicious appetizer or also can be served with afternoon tea. S...
  • Spring Quinoa Fruit Salad
    Spring Quinoa Fruit Salad just perfect for the start of Spring! This is a vibrant, fresh fruit sa...
  • Mojito Moctail (Non-Alcoholic Drink)
    5 from 1 vote Print Mojito Mocktail, Non-Alcoholic Cucumber Mojito is a very refreshing drink tha...
  • Gur Para (Punjabi Sweet Snack)
    Gur Para is a traditional Punjabi treat. This is made in preparation for festivals such as Holi, ...

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