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Pani Puri

Pani puris are a great snack, served as chat and found on roadside food carts all over India. They are served filled with spicy water, chickpeas and potatoes.

Makes about 60 puris.

Pani Puri


  • Pani (Spicy Water):
  • 1 cup mint leaves (Pudina)
  • 2 to 4 green chilies (adjust to taste)
  • 3 tablespoons tamarind paste (Imli)
  • 3 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon black salt
  • 1 teaspoon salt (adjust to taste)
  • 1/4 teaspoon ginger powder
  • 1/8 teaspoon asafetida (Hing)
  • 1 tablespoon roasted cumin seed powder
  • 1 tablespoon sugar (adjust to taste)
  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
  • 4 cups water (adjust to taste)
  • Puris:
  • 1/4 cup All Purpose flour (Maida or Plain Flour)
  • 3/4 cup fine Sooji (Semolina Flour)
  • 1/2 cup water (as needed)


  1. Pani (Spicy Water):
    Blend everything except the water together to make a fine paste. While blending, add water as needed to blend.
  2. Taste to adjust the green chilies as they can be mild or hot. Add more lemon juice, sugar, and salt as needed to your desired taste. Remember you will be adding more water to dilute so paste should be spicier. Strain the paste using water as needed.
  3. After straining mix the paste with remaining water or adjusting to the taste.
  4. The pani (water) will taste best if refrigerated for a day.


  1. Mix the flour and sooji. Add water as needed to make firm dough. Knead the dough until it is pliable. Cover the dough with a damp cloth for about ten minutes.
  2. Damp two kitchen towels, spread one damp towel over a cookie sheet or plain surface, close to where you are going to fry the puris.
  3. Divide the dough into about 60 small balls. Keep them under a damp cloth.
  4. Start rolling each ball to about a 2-inch diameter circle. Place over a damp towel and cover with another damp towel. Do this for all 60 puris. TIP: Placing the puris between damp cloths helps the puris to puff evenly on all sides.
  5. Heat the oil on medium high heat. Oil should be about 1 1/2 inch high in frying pan. To test the oil, put a little piece of dough in the oil. The oil is ready if the dough comes up right away and does not change color.
  6. Start frying the puris, starting first with the puri you first rolled.
  7. Put one puri in the oil and press lightly. When it puffs turn over and put another puri in the oil. Keep adding six to eight puris at a time. Fry the puris until they are golden-brown all around by turning a few times. You may adjust the heat as needed while frying.
  8. Take the puris out and place over paper towel, so the excess oil is absorbed. TIP: When taking the puris out of the frying pan, make sure to tilt the skimmer so that the excess oil is drained before placing on the paper towel.
  9. Fry all the puris. They should be crisp and puff like a ball.

How to Serve:

Pani puris are served by making a small hole in each puri. Fill the puris with boiled and chopped potatoes, or boiled chickpeas. Finish by filling each puri with the spicy pani (water). Enjoy!

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285 thoughts on “Pani Puri

  1. Hai Manjulaji……….

    oh my god……..ur receipes are mouth watering…..more over i like chats very much…i tried pani poori…it came out very well..
    ….thanks for your all information ….and please let me know about making buiscuits without ovan.

    Waiting for your reply

    Shwetha, jlr

      1. Your question is a little confusing. Would mint and coriander chutney be 40% of the mixture and water 60%? Any spices?

        Best thing is to just try it and see what happens.

        1. Hi Jaya ,

          thanks for reply , I am sorry actually my question is can I use mint chuteny for making water insted of fresh mint & then add tamarind pulp & other spices according to taste.

  2. I tried panipuri , it came out very well. Thanks Aunty for sharing your recipies. I have decided I am going try all of your recipies.
    they are to cook. Thanks Again.

  3. hi manjulaji,
    i tried making panipuri but unfortunately it did not turn good.i followed your video step by step the dough for puri was very hard i had problem in rolling too and the puri was not fluffy.
    I would really appreciate if you point out what i did wrong.

  4. Instead of rolling them one by one we can roll it once big in diameter and then use a round shape, sharp mould or some bottle cover and press and make 20 puris or may be more at a time.That saves a lot of time.

  5. i did cover them with moist cloth and the puri dough did not dry it was(puri which puffed)were soft and some of the puris did not puff at all.
    thanks reply soon.

  6. hello manjula aunty,i tried ur recipe but it did not workout as my puri did not puff.when i added a little bit soda then it puffed but were soft.plz tell me where i made the mistake.reply soon.anywayzz i love ur recipes.correct me so that i can make puri correctly, as i love pani puri
    lots of love……manjula aunty

  7. Dear Manjulaji,

    Nowadays, we are regularly watching many of your recipes, trying them & enjoying them. Thank you for your recipes. In preparing Pani Puris, we have a suggestion which you may try & suggest to others also. Instead of pressing small puris individually, we may press one big puri & then use a small lid to cut them into small puris to save time & energy. You keep presenting new recipes, we contineu watching. Thank you.

  8. Hello Manjula aunty ,
    I am very new to ur site , ur recipes are too good u explain everything very nicely. I have a request , please post the recipe of Bhakarwadi if u have. I have seen many recipes of this dish but if u actually see somebody making something in front of ur eyes it gives u more confidence. so please post the video of the recipe.

  9. hello Manjula Aunty

    I tried ur pani puri recipe. i was able to roll them small and thin.they all amazingly puffed too.but after i finished with my 25 puris which i rolled most of them turned soggy in just 15 mins.Can u tell me what to do,to remain its crispiness.

  10. namaste Manjulaji

    thanks for panipuri recipe. i made it and all were puffed and hard just right. i was surprised. it was my first attempt to make it. we all enjoyed it and now confident in case guest come. thanks.



  11. Hi manjulaji,

    I made panipuries but for puties i have used the tortilla maaker. The pani was excellent. Thanks for the recipe

  12. Hi Jyoti.

    most important thing is ur dough shud be very well knead .

    also dont try to make the puris very thin and too small.

    this will only make it difficult to roll properly, as a result it will not puff up.

    when i tried to roll them thin and small, half of the puris became papadi.

    But when i rolled them a little bigger and a little thicker 90% puffed up.
    it hardly makes any difference ……..they were also crispy.
    U should be able to roll them comfortably.

  13. Hello Manjula Aunty,
    Your Pai Puri recipe is really very good.

    I did the same procedure while making puris, but all the puris did not puff.
    I tried it for 3 times, but the same thing happened.
    Can you tell me what to do?

  14. Hi Monica,
    Make the mint chutney like I have a recipe for hari chutney usine half mint leaves and half cilantro (hara dhania) and freeze it.
    May be you will like to dry some mint but mint should be dried in shade.

  15. Hello Aunty,
    ur recipes r awesome. i tried lot of them. But my puris did come out so good. some of them didn’t puff and they r not very crispy inspite of me frying it for a long time on a medium heat. my dough was very hard, much harder then we have it for rotis. where did i go wrong. i want to try it again asap, as my parents r coming to visit me. Pls help

  16. namaste manjula aunty…..u r great…from u only i learnt cooking….after marriage i came to Singapore,before marriage didnt get time to learn….but fond of homemade indian food….my husband also prefer homemade food…with the help of ur videos and recipes now i am enjoying cooking and my husband thinks i very good cook……i arranged small party ,cookd sum indian food everybody liked all dishes but choosing dishes for menu was little bit difficult…..my mother(in india) is happy too that i started cooking…pani puri recipe is the best as per my husband & me TOO ….THANKS A LOT AUNTY….KEEP HELPING ME πŸ™‚

  17. Hi Hema,
    See Aunty’s recipe for Papdi Chat under the Appetizer category. You can put store bought bhel mix in place of the papdi and do everything else the same in the recipe and you will have a tasty Bhel Poori. Only change is you can dice the potatoes instead of slicing them.


  19. pani and puri turned out wonderful.after coming to US,we miss these foods very much.Preparing at home gave us immense satisfaction.And they came out perfect. My husband and i together ate the 60 puris. So instead of pani puri eaten as snack,we had it for dinner.Thank you very much.My next target is to prepare Samosa.
    It would be very kind of u if u can post the recipe for chinthapandu pulihaara.

  20. You will usually use the regular sooji, also called fine sooji.

    The coarse sooji is used for dishes like “upma”.

    Black salt (which ironically is more pink in color) has a flavor that is unique and although it can be omitted, once you start using it you will appreciate the flavor it brings out in the dish. It’s worth trying to find.

    Some Chinese/Asian grocery stores do carry Indian supplies so it’s always work a check.

    If you cannot find hing or black salt, search the web for an Indian grocery store that does mail orders to get your supplies.

    Things like hing and black salt keep well for a long time in an airtight glass jar in the cupboard or dark, dry place.

    Put your sooji into an airtight glass jar too. Only keep it in the plastic package if you will use it fairly quickly – like within a couple of months.


  22. 1) Sooji is “semolina”. You could probably use Cream of Wheat or Farina is sooji is unavailable.

    2) Asafeotida is “hing” in Hindi. I don’t know if you know Hindi but any Indian grocer will know what hing is. You use just a tiny pinch of it.

  23. Dear Monica,
    Many Indian grocery stores also do mail order. Go on-line and search out some of these stores. You’re missing too many important ingredients and these are “dry” ingredients so they can be mailed easily without concern for spoilage.

    If you need more help, please reply back here. Jaya πŸ™‚


  25. Hello Manjula Aunty Ji,

    We tried your recipe and pani puri was awesome. We had never prepared it before and were skeptical about it. But thanks to your ingredient list and inputs, it was superb and tasty. Great feeling to enjoy pani puri in genuine taste here in a small town in UK πŸ™‚
    Thank you.

    Mandar and Kalyani

  26. Hello manjula aunty.
    Thanks a lot for the great recipes that you teach us. I made these the other day and most of them puffed but 20% of them didn’t. So would you be able to tell me the reason for that please? And I used the unpuffed ones for chat.

  27. hi,aunty i tried panipuri recipe,its all puffed,thanks to teach me panipuri,my family loves it.i used for rolling rolling pin but i have the question for rolling,can we use tortilla maker or chapati maker for rolling instead of rolling pin.so we can roll easily and fast?

  28. i tried first time they were gud but 2nd time puffed all but they are too hard and not that crispy i mean ther are like stale bread what shud be the reason..?

  29. Dear Auntie,
    I tried pani puris today and they really turned out great.I used to make them with a different recipe but yours is better than mine.Also I rolled them like you did in the video instead of rolling a big roti and cutting out circles (thats what I used to do),but what you did is far better than what I used to do.
    Thanks again.

  30. Hi Manjulaji.
    thanx for answerng my query.
    yesterday i again made pani puri using ur recipe n puris turned out
    just great ! 60% puffed up. rest i used as papdi chaat πŸ™‚
    last time the heat was may be toohigh n my dough was very soft. this time i made my dough a bit stiff n fried my puris at medium heat. Thanx again……….

  31. Hello Nafisa, Jaya has good answers, try one more time, test oil putting one puri oil should sizzel and press the puri lightly witch should help puffing, let us know what happend next


  32. Hi Nafisa,
    My first thought is that either the oil was too hot. Despite reducing the heat, it may not have cooled down enough before continuing your cooking. Another thought is the puri dough was too dry. There needs to be enough moisture in the dough to create steam to puff the puris.

    Aunty may have other suggestions, but these were the ones that came to my mind. Hope it goes better for you next time. πŸ™‚

  33. Hi Manjula Aunty,

    I ‘ve tried your pani puri receipt. The pani turned out just fine, but i dont know what went wrong with the dough? Somehow the puris wont puff, they go golden brown instead, and remain flat. They also become very crispy.

    I’ve tried using thinner,thicker,smaller,and larger puris. I even tried reducing the heat of the frying pan. But nothing works.. πŸ™

    Please help me :((

  34. Hi Manjula ji..

    i tried making pani puris
    but my puris were not crispy like pani puris. Instead they were soft like
    normal puris. Is it bcoz my dough was not firm enough?

  35. Hi Meettu,
    Lucky for you Manjula already has both the recipe and video for tamarind chutney.
    Look at the categories list to the left above and click on the Chutneys/Pickles. You will find the recipe and video for tamarind chutney there.

  36. Hi Aunty,
    Your recipe was wonderful!!!!!.I tried making pani puri, the puri was fine.My family prefer sweet pani .I tried to make tamarind chutney,but it turned out to be sooooooo sour.Can you please suggest a recipe to make just tamarind chutney.

  37. Hi Aunty,

    Thank you so much for your recipie. I made pani puri, badam burfi and samosas on my Husbands birthday. Out of 50 puris I was able to get 40 properly and the pani also was really good. I could make his day a little specials as this time I tried out all the puddings myself instead of going to a restaurent. Thank you so much once again.

  38. thanx aunty very much the gol gappe were really fentastic we like it and they are really really very tasty….i used hot water to kead them the result was very gud.thanx

  39. Yes I’m getting the pressing in the oil better now. This time I got about 37 out of 60 to puff up really nice. Thanks for everybody’s help. Now I just hope my family likes them! πŸ™‚

  40. Hi Tam, a tortilla press or “puri belan” in Hindi is great IF it is well made.
    I had the misfortune of purchasing one that pressed the puris unevenly – too thick on one side and too thin on the other so I couldn’t use it. If it presses the puri evenly, then the press is good and you can have a second person help – even if they’re not a cook. They can press the puris while you fry them.

    Just make sure your dough is rolled into a round ball, place it in the middle of the press, and apply pressure. They should come out perfectly round. You may need to keep a thin layer of oil on the press if the dough sticks. The puris should still puff up fine.

  41. Hi,

    I have a query :-
    if we use a chappati presser or tortilla presser instead of rolling each one of them.Will that work well in terms of puffing up & shape of the puri??

    Thanks in advance .

  42. Dear Manjula Auntie,

    I really enjoyed making Pani Puri (Gol Guppa)

    My family really enjoyed them, but there was one problem when I opened the Puri it suddenly all cracked I am not sure why what did I do wrong Auntie please advise me.

  43. Only in a perfect world does every puri puff up! But it sounds like you did well. Thanks for the temperature measurement. That’s something I’ve thought of doing but never got around to purchasing the themometer. You just reminded me!

    Some of the half puffs can be because of small cracks in the puri. Once the air escapes, no more puffing. That’s a more likely explanation than how you rolled them.

  44. Okay, second try and it came out better. Out of the recipe I got 32 good ones that seem crisp and puffed all the way up. I haven’t tried them, but the non-puffs are much crisper than the last batch. For those who don’t have the touch yet, I had a thermometer in the oil and if I kept it around 350-370 F (175 – 190 C) that seemed to work well.

    This time I had far fewer no-puffs. But many of them kind of half-puffed. Could that be that they weren’t rolled out evenly enough?

    At this rate I might be good at this in a year or two! Thanks for all the help.

  45. Hi Rothrock,
    Good for you for trying! Frying things like puris improves with experience. You start to better understand how to tweak the stove temperature up or down depending on if the puris are frying (ie browning) too fast or too slow.
    I always factor in some “test” puris – the ones that usually are cooked in the beginning before you know if the oil is too hot or too cold. Those usually get put aside and not served. Then there are puris that turn out perfect and you have no idea why they did and the others didn’t. Who knows? But it’s fun to keep trying. πŸ™‚

  46. I wanted to serve paani puris to my family at our big family gathering. The grocery stores (4 of them!) didn’t have any prepared puris. I found your video and it helped me to try them.

    About half of them didn’t puff and about half the ones that did puff weren’t crispy enough. After reading the responses here I think I might have had the oil to hot and not fried them quite long enough.

    Over all you gave me the confidence to try and I think it wasn’t a bad outcome for my first time. Not bad for a gora’s first try. I will try it again — I still have 5 days until our family dinner. Thanks you very much.

  47. Hello Aunty
    I reallly love ur recepies just had a look today and cldnt resist posting here , i have a question regarding Panipuri , i have coarse Suji can i grind it and make it fine powder and use it for Puris , pls clarify me as i m in hurry to mae it.

  48. Hello Ma’m , I treated all my friends to panipuri today , it was yummy. I like all your tips which are very helpful during cooking.

  49. Thanks a lot for sharing the recipe…and the video really helped to follow the recipe properly.
    I tried making pani puri once…but didn’t come out that crisp..I will try it again now…hope it will be better this time.

  50. manujala gi golgappas were good
    i tried immediately after seeeing your video
    but i dont know where i went wrong
    its pluffy but
    its very soft not crispy,,
    can you suggest me wehre i went wrong

  51. Hi

    I made raj kachori by adding 1 more tablespoon of maida to the existing measurement as mentioned by aunty & 1 teaspoon red chilli pwdr in the dough.The raj kachori shells came out awesome !!!Stuffing is of your choice n taste.Try it.
    Happy cooking πŸ™‚

  52. Hi Tam,
    Just wanted to share my that if pooris are not khasta you can pop them in the oven for a while and it really helps.
    Thanks a lot for your comment I really appreciate it.

  53. Hi jaya,
    I got a round shape on rolling out the pooris & nt map of india thankfully..I wish i could post a snap here .Anyways,good luck guys.will update ya soon on naan bread.

    All the best.

  54. Hi Tam,
    Making puris the “old-fashioned” way of rolling them individually is still the best. Using cut-outs is a second option if rolling the puris into rounds is not going well.
    I’m sure we’ve all made rotis/puris that look like the map of India!
    Happy Cooking πŸ™‚

  55. Hi Jaya & Shehla,
    I have already tried doing the way as suggested using a bottle’s round cap & cutter.They came out well & puffed too BUT they didnt remain crispy/khasta after a while.Whereas the rolled ones remained crispy the next day as well.
    Also,it doesnt help much in saving time bcos we roll out bigger portion of dough ,cut it into puris & redo the process with remaining dough.

    Just wanted to share my experiance .Hope its of some help !!
    Happy Cooking !!

  56. Hi Shela, I have done it this way before, I just use a kathori or large drinking glass. The shape is perfect and they should fry as normal and puff, but with practice it’s actually quicker to pinch off pieces of dough and quickly roll them out individually.
    Good Luck

  57. Dear Aunty,
    I have a question regarding the pooris,can we roll a big roti and then cut small puris with a circular mould?
    Will there be a difference in the texture and puffiness on frying?I think it will be quicker.
    Thanks a million.

  58. Dear Aunt,

    You are such a blessing for my cooking!!! My husband loves all the food I cook and if it taste good is because of your wonderful recipes and your videos.
    You are truly an amazing lady and cook. Thank you for sharing all your tips and recipes.

  59. Hi Manjula ji,
    Thanks aloot for your guidance. I had no idea that the dough effects puris smooth texture. It was sooo sweet of you to let me know of my mistake.
    Tried again n it was perfect this time.
    You make things so simple for us that otherwise won’t be that easy.
    Many thanks n best wishes for u n this gr8 website!!

  60. Dear Manjula Aunty,
    Why do you make your puri with maida and sooji instead of whole wheat flour?
    I am asking because maida and sooji for puri is not familiar to me. I usually use whole wheat “atta” for all my roti without even thinking about it.

    Thank you for your advice.

  61. Hi Ashuu, make sure puries are fried to light brown color. Keep puries out till they come to room temrature before putting in container. There is no other reason for puries to ger soft.

  62. Helo aunty ji.
    I have made pani puris a couple of times before, and all puris came out fluffy &crispy at first but they got really soft the next day and dont stay fresh.. i was so annoyed that i didnt bother making again. But im tempted to try it out again.. could you please tell me y my puris dont stay fresh. πŸ™

    Kind Regards & many thanx once again. πŸ™‚

  63. Hi Manjula,

    Thank you so much for sharing your recipe for Pani Puri. My friends and I really enjoyed it. I appreciate the fact that you provide us with your techniques in cooking various Indian dishes. Once again, thank you!

  64. Hello Manjula ji!
    Love your cooking. Thanks alot for this long awaited recipe.
    Tried it n it came out really really good except for one mistake that i made somewhere.

    The outer skin wasn’t as smooth as was yours. It was rather blistered. Can you plz guide me how to make their surface smooth.

    All the best for this wonderful website.
    Regards, Anna

  65. Namaste Manjulaji..

    God Bless You Very Very Much!!

    Thanks very Much for this Great Recipe explained in such a Easy Way, After seeing this video we immediately tried as we were missing Golgappa here in US very much.
    I want to tell you that we were able to make this successfully without any problems

    In India we use to eat Golgappa atleast once every week and now we will be able to prepare here also

    Thanks again for this great recipe

    With Lot of Regards,
    Manish & Varsha

  66. Dear Manjula ji
    i m really thankful to u for all the recipes u have shared with us. I am fond of cooking and love to cook new dishes. I was trying to find out the recipe of pani puri and cottage cheese and this is only u who has helped me out. I tried yr rasgullas, pani puri and many other recipes and they all turned out gr8. My 5 years old son “Raahim” loves u and always sits beside me watching u when I visit yr website.(Actually the reason why he loves u is that u look very much like my mother.)
    i will b looking forward for yr new recipes. Thank u once again and God bless u.
    Erum Asim (Saudi Arabia)

  67. Namaste Manjula Aunty, tried your recipe and golgappas(puris) turned awesome. You are great. Keep posting your recipes, you are a good teacher.God bless you.

  68. Hi,
    Water to knead the dough should be lukewarm or normal temp??
    & How can we store the remaining puris for later use???

    Kindly reply as i want to prepare them asap.
    thank u .

  69. Hello Manjulaji

    Morning after watching your recipe i immediately rushed into my kitchen to make Pani Puris. They came out excellently. Earlier i tried making them but never i was successful. Thank you for showing this recipe. But i have a question. My puris did not turn red. Now by evening they are some what raw. Please tell me where i went wrong. Please answer this question . Thank You.

  70. Auntyji,
    This looks YUM!!
    I will definitely try this soon..
    Thank you for all your effort.
    I also want to learn to make Malpuas & Rabdi..
    Please teach us..

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