How To Use My Recipes

The aim of this website is to teach the basics of Indian vegetarian cooking and provide you with delicious Indian recipes that your family and friends will love. You won’t need to know much about Indian cooking to use these recipes. To start, it is always good to stock up your pantry with some ingredients you will be using often.

I do suggest that at least for the first few times you follow these recipes step-by-step. With that being said, I hope that you will feel free to experiment and make these dishes uniquely your own. Half the fun in cooking is experimenting.

Indian cooking is geared for flexibility. My recipes are designed so that you can be creative and make variations according to your taste.

To guide you in your experimentation, I make suggestions as to what you can add or substitute and where and when it is best to make these changes. Everybody has different taste preferences, so feel free to follow the recipes as shown or to make changes as you wish. With each change you make, you can create new recipes. For example, different vegetables and fruits are available at different times of year, so you may choose those based on seasonal availability.

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Here are a list of common grains and spices that are used in Indian cooking: