Getting Ready For the Wedding

My nephew is getting married and the whole family is really excited. The bride-to-be is a daughter of my very close friend, which only doubles the excitement. We will all be going to North Carolina for the wedding, arriving two days prior to the big day.

Traditionally Indian weddings have many ceremonies involving different family members. It is not just about the bride and groom getting married but also the joining of the two families. These ceremonies start before the actual wedding day. As always, it will be a lot of fun. My grand-daughter is really excited and looking forward to wearing her Indian outfits and performing a solo dance at the wedding reception.

I am busy cooking for the Godbharai ceremony, where the groom’s family welcomes the bride and her family. I am making three different sweets Gujia, Mohanthal, and Gulab Jamuns and will be taking them with me.

Following the Godbharai is the Sangeet ceremony which consists of music and dancing, late into the night. The families of the bride and groom tie a sacred thread with seven knots on the couples’ wrists. Each of the knots has a unique significant meaning. The bride and groom will open each others wrist ties just after they are married. These are just a few of the ceremonies as the list can go on and on. All of these events are a lot of fun for everyone!

I am looking forward for this trip. I will keep in touch.

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6 thoughts on “Getting Ready For the Wedding

  1. Hope you have fun, Manjula!! I would love to see some of the wedding pics if possible. Wonder what you will be wearing? Any way, best wishes to the bride and groom!!

  2. Hope you have a good time with all your family at the wedding and let everyone enjoy delicacies made by you Aunty, wish we were there.

  3. Best Wishes to you as well as the bride and groom! 🙂 Thanks for all the wonderful recipes. Love watching your videos. safe journeys.

  4. My husband lives in NC, I had no idea there was a significant Indian presence in the State; I’ve never seen it.

    Have fun Manjula!

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