How To Make Yogurt

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…let it cool down to 110 to 120 degree. You can use a candy thermometer to check the temperature, if the milk gets too hot it kills the bacteria in the culture. After milk cools down pour the milk into a bowl that you want to make the yogurt in. Add 2 tablespoons of yogurt from previously home made yogurt or use the dry yogurt starter. Package will tell you how much dry starter to use. Don’t follow the other directions from the dry starter…

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Shrikhand – Sweet Flavorful Yogurt

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…ain the yogurt – Put a muslin or cheese cloth over a strainer. Now pour the yogurt over muslin cloth to drain. Place a bowl underneath the strainer to collect the excess water. Next gently squeeze the excess water from yogurt. Make sure not to squeeze out the yogurt. Move the yogurt with strainer and bowl into the refrigerator for at least six hours to drain excess water. Yogurt will become thick in consistency. Dissolve the saffron in…

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Yogurt Sandwich

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…nced green chili, optional Also need 1/8 teaspoon mustard seeds (rai), for seasoning About 2 tablespoons soft butter Method Put the yogurt in a strainer lined with muslin or cheese cloth. Gently squeeze excess water from the yogurt. Make sure not to squeeze out the yogurt, and leave it at least 4 hours or more. Before removing the yogurt from muslin cloth squeeze one more time. The yogurt will become thick in consistency, this is known hung…

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Dahi Vada

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…es, until golden all around. After you have made all of the vadas, place them in lukewarm water and soak for about 20 minutes. Squeeze the vadas gently to remove the water, being careful not to break the vadas. Set aside. To make Yogurt topping and Garnish: Mix two cups of yogurt until smooth. Add a little milk as needed to make the consistency similar to pancake batter or lassi. Add about one teaspoon salt, to taste. Soak vadas in the yogurt

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Yogurt Rice (Curd Rice, Mosaranna)

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…ping making them mushy; if rice is dry add little more hot water as needed. Mix should be consistency of portage. Let the rice cool down to room temperature, add the yogurt and mix it well. Adding the yogurt to hot rice will make yogurt sour and watery. Next add cucumber, carrot and ginger and mix. Prepare the seasoning: In a small sauce pan heat the oil over medium high heat. Add the mustard seeds and cumin seeds as seeds crack add red pepper,…

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Contest December 2009 Winners

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…or. Put the yogurt into a bowl and mix with a fork or whisk until very smooth. Use some milk as needed to make a consistency similar to pancake batter. Add salt to taste and a pinch of sugar.. Keep aside Dip the papdi in the yogurt and place them into serving plate. place one bread vada on each papdi. Pour remaining yogurt on the vadas . Sprinkle cumin powder and red chili power according to your taste. Add cilantro and tamarind chutney . finish…

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Contest February 2010 Winners

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…ter from it and keep aside. Divide the dough and carrot mixture into 6 equal parts. Roll the dough into 3 inch diameter circles. Put the carrot filling in the center. Seal by pulling the edges of the rolled dough together to make a ball. Proceed to make all six balls. Each ball needs to settle for two minutes before rolling. Heat the skillet on medium high. To make it easier to roll the balls, first roll them in dry whole-wheat flour. Lightly…

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Mango Shrikhand (Amrakhand)

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…s (pista) Method Preparing yogurt – Put a muslin or cheese cloth over a strainer. Pour the yogurt over muslin cloth. Place a bowl underneath the strainer to collect the excess water. Next gently squeeze the excess water from yogurt. Make sure not to squeeze out the yogurt. Move the yogurt with strainer and bowl into the refrigerator for at about four hours to drain excess water. Occasionally squeeze the excess water. Yogurt will become thick in…

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Finger Sandwiches

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…ead. Tips You can easily prepare these finger sandwiches with yogurt if you prefer. However, you need to remove as much water as you can from the yogurt before using it. Place a muslin or cheesecloth over a strainer and pour yogurt to drain the water. Gently squeeze the yogurt to remove excess water, making sure not to let the yogurt drain through. Place a bowl underneath the strainer and place in a refrigerator for at least 6 hours to drain…

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Menu Suggestions for Lunch/Dinner

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…ad the entire menu before and make a shopping list for the ingredients you need. Plan to do your shopping the day before you cook. Lunch Menu: These are great at home or pack in a lunchbox for the office. Chickpea Pulav with yogurt Yogurt Rice (this recipe is also good using leftover white rice) Vegetable Frankie (you may use the ready made tortillas and they taste good warm or cold.) Carrot Moong Dal Salad and Tomato Soup Quinoa Vegetable Pilaf…

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Dahi Baingan sautéed Eggplant with Yogurt

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…-3 minutes. Turn them over, some of the eggplants will have grilled charcoal color. Cover the pan and let it cook for another 2-3 minutes. Check the eggplant they should be soft and tender add the remaining spices coriander, fennel seeds, and turmeric. Stir gently all the pieces of eggplants should be coated with spice mix. Add yogurt stir gently and let it cook for 2-3 minutes. Notes: Adding the besan to the yogurt is essential as it prevents…

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Vegetable Raita (Yogurt)

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…llow bell pepper finally chopped 1 tablespoon chopped dill 1 teaspoon salt adjust to taste 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper 1/2 teaspoon roasted ground cumin seed Pinch of paprika 1/2 teaspoon sugar if needed Method: Mix the yogurt well. If yogurt is thick like pudding add milk as needed to make the consistency of a yogurt drink. Add salt, chopped dill, black pepper, roasted cumin seed and paprika. Add sugar if yogurt is sour. Add chopped…

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Orange-Yogurt Mousse

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…the juice and mix, simmer for 5 minutes for the agar agar powder to completely dissolve in the juice. Let the mixture cool down but make sure it doesn’t start to solidify. Add the agar agar powder-orange juice mixture to the yogurt mixture and mix well. Lightly fold in the yogurt mixture into the whipped cream with a spatula. Pour the mousse mixture over the cooled ginger snaps layer and place it in refrigerator for at least 4 hours. For Sauce…

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Yogurt Chutney

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…r-fry the red chilies until become a dark color. Add asafetida, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, and fenugreek seeds. Stir-fry for few seconds until seeds crack. Next, grind the chana dal and spices to a powder and blend with the yogurt. Add salt and lemon juice if needed. Suggestion: Before mixing yogurt, chutney powder can be store for few months in airtight jar. Mix the yogurt just before serving. Mix the chutney powder with cream cheese and use…

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Kidney Beans Salad with Minty Yogurt Dressing

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…iander if mint is not at hand. But adding mint makes it unique and so very flavorful! Try using dried mint instead but you will lose on the flavor. Yogurt should not have extra water; else the salad will go runny. Instead of yogurt, you can make a simple cream/sour cream dressing as well but that adds to the calorie count too! You can use sprouted moong, moth instead of kidney beans but it tastes great with kidney beans; you will have to take my…

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